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So I have made payments to Easyhome in Saint John NB for months now. I was promised a huge discount of 50% off all my stuff from a scratch promotion they had going. My discount was never applied. When I looked into it, they said I had to own the furniture for 3 months before it is applied. 3 months goes by and nothing, now they tell me 6 months. I am paying out the *** for this stuff and then I had a car accident and fell behind and they...
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Easyhome in Bristol Va./Kingsport Tn - Horrible Company!! Very corrupt and VERY dishonest, to the customers and his employees. Will run your credit card without approval, will lease furniture back out without cleaning it and even steals from their employees. Do not give these crooks your money for old ratty nasty bug infested furniture. If you are looking for RTO, Aarons is your best bet. I have worked for them and seen it all first hand. Pretty...
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I didn't like
  • Liars
Easyhome calls and bugs you before payments are due. My husband and I were out of state due to his father passing away and easyhome could not understand we couldnt come in to make a payment that it would be a couple days late. Mind you we have never missed a payment.They tried to make threats of pressing charges for theft. They pissed my husband off so bad that he wants them to come get their stuff because he will not pay another dime to a...
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Easyhome Furniture Leasing Review

The Room Place is a bunch of liars they are very rude it don't make no sense they told us we can switch our couches for a sectional been waiting 5 months to to replace a back on one of our couches they told us we can switch for a sectional now all of a sudden we don't get a sectional they just fixed it back why do you tell people you're going to do something if your not that don't make any since