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I got an ipod touch from a family member at christmas, when she could no longer afford it i said i would pay the rest, this family member paid $600 dollars throught the past couple months before it got taken away, i really dont know why i didnt just cancel ot because i know this company is terrible with screwing over people, but i didnt have the money at the time to buy one from anywhere else, so i went back to pay the monthly fee, they told...
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I got an ipod tpuch and a speaker for christmas, the person who gave it to me cpuld no longer afford to pay it, i just got a new job so i said i would pay the rest.Well, this family member of mine alrwady paid probably $600 over the couple months before they took it away, they told me when i webt back to pay the monthly fee that i would have to pay for it starting from the beginning again. Basically the $600 already paid meant nothing. Idk why...
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Easyhome Electronics Leasing Review

I think Easyhome head office should keep there employees up to date with full information on all of there products speaking mainly inregaurds to the computers they carry in there locations as the products are not cheap and it is not fair to the customers nor the store employees