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No Insurance! Can't cover theft of Harley!

Eagle Globe And Anchor Transportation - No Insurance! Can't cover theft of Harley!
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I wanted to post this letter that I wrote to the owner of the Harley, the gent from Australia. I wanted him to know that I am willing to help in anyway. I know he has been frustrated and feeling like it\'s hopeless since he\'s in Australia. Thanks for the support of other people who have responded to this. Any futher advice or info is WELCOME!


Feb. 12th, 2012

Hello Harry, I have not heard from you in a long while so I thought I would try to touch base with you and see what progress you have made on recovering your money from the theft. I have always been very motivated to try and help you get to the bottom of this!! What is happening with it? Have you ever been able to settle with Wolverine?? I posted our/your situation on Pissed Consumer.com, it is a website that people can spread the word about dirty business dealings, no matter what the product or situation. You might be interested to talk to me more about what is going on, or go on the website and read up on all the comments regarding Eagle Globe & Anchor (Terry Barnhart) and Wolverine Transport.

I have always blamed Wolverine for what happened and I still do hold them responsible for hiring Terry to pick up your bike, but it definetely points toward EGA as being the crooks here. Terry has done this to other people as well, shipping the bikes with no insurance. Some of the bikes were recovered and some werent. Have you been in touch with the Kansas City police ever?? Did Wolverine ever give you the information you needed to go farther in getting your bike or money back? Did you pursue any of this to see who got their bikes back and who didn\'t?? If this were my bike Harry, I would NOT STOP until Terry Barnhart was made to PAY. He is a shady, crooked, cheating liar...and he probaly had something to do with this whole thing!! He still has 3 rigs on the road! How does he continue to do this when he carries no insurance and has the track record he does??

I really believe that if you would pursue this you would get your money back for the bike. An atty. from California read the posts about the thefts and they said they would be willing to help if they had all the info!! I know we were conversing alot on this but after this long it seems we lost touch and maybe your giving up. DONT GIVE UP. Maybe you have settled this or maybe you haven\'t but if you could let me know where it\'s at, I am WILLING AND ABLE to help!!

I would be willing to go to court in your place from here in the states as a witness. I still have the paperwork that Terry left here after he picked up the bike too. He is still in business, GO AFTER THIS GUY!!Why should they get away with this?? Other people who had their bikes involved in this theft has also responded to this posting and you would prolly get their support and help too. Did you ever get THE TITLE FROM WOLVERINE? Last I talked to you you had not received it from them.

Can you drop me a line or let me know if you want my help?? If I dont hear from you I will assume you are ready to let this go and are okay with the outcome. I know if it was me I would have a lawyer totally get the people involved with this to pay for the loss!! I\'ll wait to hear from you, Sincerely, Juanita

Original review Feb 09, 2012
Terry Barnhart, owner of Eagle Globe and Anchor out of Michigan, Transport Company. BEWARE! This guy has no insurance to cover what he transports. He picked up custom Bikes, including my beautiful shovelhead(which was going to a new owner in Australia), and his whole rig went missing in Kansas City on 9-20-2010. He represented himself as a responsible transport company, but that is a LIE! The bike was never recovered. The new owner is out 12,600. Some of the bikes were apparently recovered...some werent. Since this theft, Terry has gotten himself a new truck and trailer. Pretty good for a guy who said he had no insurance to cover the thefts of these bikes!! Liar,Loser, Scammer!! Beware! Dont Use EGA!! Read the stories on Pissed Consumer about EGA and Wolverine Transport!
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Sean E Xyx

PS: I'm in Phoenix Arizona. Not New Jersey.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. And PS: I don't care for hypocrites. Barnhart is a hypocrite. I did research.

Read a lot of his post etc. And he did have insurance at one time prior to the theft.

It was canceled shortly before the theft. And just cause he lost everything doesn't mean it makes it right that he screwed others and that we should feel sorry for him.

Sean E Xyx

I was one io Barnhart's customers who had there bike stolen in 2010 in Kansas City. A super clean low mileage Voyager XII.

He had no insurance. You don't get arrested for not having insurance. He has hurt a lot of people. I was lucky.

Progressive covered my bike. They are still to this day trying to get my deductible from him. I've seen his posts complaining about shippers with no insurance, and what a proud Marine he is. I'm my opinion he's a *** blowhard.

His word is *** and meaningless. He does the Marines a disservice with his company name.


Due to some instability issues and hormone replacement therapy I am unstable.


It may interest you to know that the time to file notice of claim has expired, so no amount of legal advise can help now, but from what I've read it seems Eagle, Globe and Anchor would have been liable under Carmack. However it's all a mute point now.

IF what some of the other posters have written is true, and arrest have been made for these shipments, if you knew about the arrest and are accusing companies online of being involved without any evidence you may be liable for defamation. So definately hire a lawyer for yourself, and take his advice.

Finally any suit involving cargo loss or damage is limited by federal law to the actual value of property, nothing more can be collected in a lawsuit. For example carrier liability does not extend to loss of use, emotional distress, ect. This is a firmly set and upheld with legal precedent.

Hope my information helps you some. I am friends with a guy who suffered a loss in this situation. He was referred to Terry off a motorcycle web site forum. He decided not to sue Terry because quite frankly it's wasn't worth the cost. It's important to understand that winning a judgement and collecting on one are seperate. It is even more complex when parties are self employed. I wish you would have posted sooner, before the claim deadline ended and I maybe you and my friend could have joined cases, but even then it would have been costly with little reward.


Fact: Terry picked up the Harley.

Fact: Terry Lied and he had no insurance

Fact: The Australian man who bought and paid for the bike DID NOT hire Terry, WOLVERINE DID.

Fact: Terry should not be posing as a professional transport company, because professionals carry insurance.

Fact: I am trying to help the guy from Australia who owned the bike at the time of the theft.

Fact: Noone else should have to be ripped off by Eagle Globe & Anchor.Wolverine is responsible for hiring him and sending him to get the bike.

Fact: The only reason I am involved is because I CARE.

Fact: Im not sueing Terry but I would fully encourage the owner to!!

Fact: You are an UNINFORMED,OBNOXIOUS *** and I will not acknowledge your ridiculous comments.

Fact: I will continue to inform the public about Eagle Globe & Anchor.

Thanks for all the support to all the other people who dont want to be ripped off by companies like this.


Not trying to pick on anyone but as of March 2011 carrier for-hire are no longer required to maintain or file cargo insurance. Just because he did not have cargo insurance does not mean he was doing something illegal.For your information:49 CFR Parts 365 and 387[Docket No. FMCSA-2010-****] RIN 2126-AB21


Hey Juanita, you probably stole the bike back as much as you love it. Here you are posting about Terry when in one post you claim that your friend instructed you to give the bike to another company, yet YOU gave it to Terry.

In another post you say Matt stole the bike and in this one Terry did. Terry had everything stolen from him--EVERYTHING!!! Yet you have the audacity to want him to pay for a bike you were already paid for. Your the only one that made any money off your friend.

You and the theives in MO. Hire a lawyer *** because you're the only one that has said they did something they were not suppose to with someone elses property and it ended up STOLEN!!

LEAVE TERRY ALONE--HE DID NOT STEAL THE BIKES. Call the detective, he has the names of the *** heads arrested--***


I find it odd that your post claim you are doing this for your friend and yet you have to use this site to talk to him? Why your sudden interest?

Maybe you have found out that YOU are just as liable as Terry for the stolen bike and now you just want to get payment so your not sued?

Why are you attacking this guy when it was stolen by someone else? Don't you have your own life and problems?


Here is what I want to know:

Why didn't the police go after the guy for transporting illegally, if that is true?

Why weren't any charges filed on him?

Unfortunately, and I'm not saying its right, but If his company left you paperwork, regardless of if he had anything to do with it, then he is liable for the property. This is positively accurate legal information.


Well if you hire a Private Eye, I will bet he could find some connections to a club . If the guy is dirty in this, it makes him a co-conspirator and then you have Federal Laws regarding Trucking , County Lines and strict log book entries.

I would try to dig around. Maybe you will get lucky and at least get him if it turns out he was on the inside. Its probably worth a shot. If nothing else try contacting Dept of Trans. Or the Regulating board for Truckers.

That is a sad thing for the poor guy out the money. I had a great experience selling a car and having it shipped back to Mass. from CA. This guy was like my grandpa.. he was not releasing the car until he got the okay the funds were sent. I realized afterwards selling a car on ebay if it isnt local was a *** I actually had some dork try to sell me a vehicle I spotted on autotrader. I google everything and everyone these days. I was hoping to set her up.. as the car was advertised for quite a long time. So I played along. She musta caught on darn it!

Good Luck with your case! I dont trust anyone these days. Every professional I have dealt with pretty much since moving to the Southern Riverside County area has been an absolute liar and crook, Slumlords, greed, theft, and not once has any authority helped me. SO Now I help myself.


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