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Parents beware! The Eagle Idaho ATA Karate Martial Arts Dojo, at 1107 E IRON EAGLE Drive, is absolutely disgusting! The building constantly smells of body odor, feet, and bathroom matter because they do not use proper ventilation to air it out. Secondly, they have minimal staff that will not take the time to properly clean their facility and so the bathroom floors continually have puddles of *** all over them – especially in the boy’s bathroom. I’ve seen gas station bathrooms that are cleaner. This wouldn’t be so bad, but all karate students are REQUIRED to walk around BAREFOOT! Therefore, the kids go into the bathrooms and come out with *** on their feet. Like my children, many of the students are quite a bit younger and so they don’t have a clue that walking around in *** is bad. Furthermore, most of the parents never come inside the building. They just drop their kids off as if it were a daycare. To make matters worse, this urine gets tracked onto the actual gym mat where subsequent students are required to do somersaults, pushups, stretching exercises, and more. Basically, they are rolling around in human waste which can spread illness. After encountering this on multiple occasions, my kids and I left even though we’d already paid for a year in advance. I am out approximately eight hundred dollars, because they lock you into a contract like you’re buying a used car, but I’d rather that than subject my kids to constant filth and other children who are allowed to come to class sick! My kids were in the 5:30 class and they let two teenagers, who are not staff, (13 and 14 year olds) fight against the 6 and 7 year olds. How unfair is that? The staff and owners are completely unapproachable and do not want to hear suggestions of any kind from parents. God forbid any of us might have a clue. Some of the other parents are completely unaware of the lack of sanitary conditions because as I stated, they simply drop their children off and pick them up never taking the time to go inside and see what’s going on. I won’t even get in to the owners’ two to three FIFTY pound dogs they let run all over the dojo! And yes, I’m totally serious – fifty pound dogs that go outside to do their potty business and then, they too run all over the gym with who knows what on their paws! This place is absolutely gross! If you’re looking for a karate or martial arts dojo in Eagle Idaho or the surrounding areas, and you care about the health and welfare of your family - do not go to Eagle Idaho ATA Martial Arts Center, at 1107 E Iron Eagle Drive! If you think this is just a bunch of hype, then drop by there and see it for yourself. Take the time to ask the one or two parents that actually sit in the classes and have been there for over a year. Watch for the conditions I have mentioned. You won’t be disappointed. Eagle Idaho ATA YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES! This is not a third world country and my kids shouldn’t have to train in a barn! Clean up your act!!
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Absolute money grubbers. Their testing is so fake that most so called "black-belt" kids can't even break their plastic boards.

Some of their more advanced students that have been there for ages are allowed to stop and put on padded gloves when breaking their boards. What a joke! Like a violent person coming at you swinging a bat or a knife is going to give you time to put your padded gloves on before you hit them.

Eagle ATA teaches the kids a basic foundation but they're totally burned out and need to quit.

These students are getting a false sense of security because they're simply "just not prepared" to defend themselves. From what we witnessed, as long as the parents are paying on time they will pass any kid to the next belt, even if that student couldn't punch their way out of a wet paper bag.

I yanked my 3 kids out of there and we now pay twice as much at www.idahotaekwondo.com but they really do teach the kids so it is well worth it for us.


Clean, family friendly place our kids love it!!!


The original complaint is right on and you must be writing to try and help the owners. My 2 kids are in the process of leaving there right now as soon as they finish their next testing phase.

They don't really grade the kids on the 6 week testing events. They put 3 staff members at the front of the padded area and they pretend to watch up to 20 kids at a time while these 20 kids do up to 5 different form versions. No way can they see each and every mistake these kids make; as long as they get their money they are happy and they just keep passing kids to the next level to keep the money rolling in.

Proof of that statement is that about 60% of their so called "black belts" can't even break their colored boards during testing.

Funnier yet, the owners allow the kids to put on padded gloves just before breaking their boards and then the kids still can't break the boards. This gives them a false sense of security and that is a dangerous thing to instill in a child or teenager. Like a hardened criminal is going to let them put gloves on before they try and mug them.

What a joke. - D.


How can your kids love it, when your locations is Portland Oregon and they're in Eagle Idaho?


I read your review, but I still stopped by Eagle ATA to see what they had for my two young children since school is now out. You were dead on with your description of the place.

It is very big, but it smelled like dirty socks and it was overly hot inside. I won't restate everything that you did, but I can say that when I pulled up into the parking lot the male owner was in his white uniform and outside with the two large dogs for what seemed like a potty break. I went inside and sat just a few chairs away from the front door. In a minute or two, the owner came back into the building through the side door.

The dogs ran across the children's play area, one of them picked up a stuffed animal and spit it back into the kid's toys and then the owner herded them into and locked them up in a back room or office. Not once did anyone greet me or acknowledge that I was in the building so I left immediately. I could have saved some gas and my time had I just listened to your words.

A gross establishment. I felt like I was in a barn and my kids will not be going there whatsoever.

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