Terrible Business Ethics

Had Mr. Trevor come do a tree trimming job based on mutual agreed estimate. Buddy beaver shows up at jobsite 1:30pm. (5.5hrs late.) Starts packing gear & leaves tree Trimming unfinished. Loads his trailer full of assumed "free" would and becomes ignorant when questioned about the completion on total quoted job including professional cleanup. Comes across as an unethical person. Bully with a chainsaw. No brain. Charm school & Google/Arborist Facts might help this bonehead if he's man eNoUgH !!! Eager Beaver is a Lazy *** Attention, go elsewhere's for Tree Trimming & Stump grinding needs. User's recommendation: Anybody but the lazy Trevor Beaver
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Stay away from the Blenheim Ontario beaver boy Trevor. He preys on the vulnerable like the elderly and the physically challenged persons with large yards.

Gives one an estimate of what "he has in his mind of what he actually wants to do work wise" while withholding that info while he works he has conveyed to you something entirely different of what work will actually be done & you'll be shocked when he decides he's done his share of uncompleted work & what the area you thought would like like when complete. Complete Horror Show!!! You'll have wanted everything in writing. Dated.

Signed. Trevor has immediate cognitive amnesia. Will be taken to the wood shed one day.

Let's start with an audit & a phonecall to the CIRA Ottawa. Good Luck Beaver Cleaver


I too have had a similar experience with "Trevor" the not so eager beaver. Lots of time to tell you stories about his early childhood of chewing tobacco with his granpappie allegedly a fmr janitor at Imperial Tobacco Canada once upon a time.

Trevor has a terrible time understanding the concept of housekeeping and ensuring the area he has been contracted to have trees, brush, stump removal undertaken look as clean or cleaner than prior to his arrival.

I can handle the tobacco chewing John Waynes'que Cavilier attitude of his and being cross-eyed while operating both a chainsaw & urinating in our front flowerbed. At some stage soon, the guy needs to see a psychiatrist.


Trevor beaver stumper truck and equipment parked behind grocery plaza in Blenheim Ontario town. His website shows white house next to cemetary ridge road Blenheim Ontario as his business hq.

Is really a relative's property.

Phantom beaver boy has no-true-fixed-address for a plethora of reasons... Any guesses?


Never these plugs again!!!!!! Talks down to customer.

Comes across way too slick.

Annoying waiting forever for him to show up and commit to agreed upon date/time honoring the stump removal agreement. CRA needs to be contacted immediately on these jokers.


Ditto on most of what I have read about the eager beaver stump & tree trimming business. I know Trevor from my corn picking fall farm business.

He "laboured" on the property for a couple of summers. Just to do his parents a favour more or less. Trevor was unreliable worker then. Quite the imagination & perceived versions of the truth served daily.

Needs a qualified accredited psychatrist visit and assessment before arborist's University, College degree diploma. No chainsaw training till psychiatrist's clean mental bill of health.


And your real name is?


And what farm did I "labour" on for a couple summers?

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Davey Tree Service head & shoulders above "the pathetic eager beaver" when it comes to reliable quote, punctuality, actual service & work exactly completed as quoted/promised without the weasily** change in work order plans cause trevor-beaver too tired to complete the job as promised and just wants to take his saw & his now "free" firewood home in his trailer.choose

User's recommendation: Choose Davey Tree Service.

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