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  • Nov 22, 2015
  • by anonymous
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DVDSEA Entertainment complaint 98901
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I ordered SOA Box set after the end of season 5 and luckily for me it arrived Christmas Eve. The discs came packaged in separate sleeves inside one box with a sliding lid, totally acceptable. The quality of the discs were perfect and it's been almost three years with multiple viewings. I have since bought seasons 1-7 and the first box with the 1-5 seasons have become my loaner to friends

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  • Dec 13, 2014
  • by anonymous
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I ordered the box set for Sons of Anarchy season 1-5. It was obviously not from the stores as it was all in just little sleeves but it was $60 for all 5 seasons and they all worked fine. No complaints here. Although after seeing reviews now I won't use the site again.

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I had placed a order with them. It never shipped and they gave me a run around and they said they would give me a refund well that was 2 years ago and I still havent gotten it. I have called and called and called and they still haven't 100$ down the drain. What a scam

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  • May 31, 2014
  • by anonymous
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I ordered 1 complete set of the sons of anarchy on dvd and 1 complete set of season 6, and was charged for 2 complete sets of sons of anarchy dvd set, cannot get a hold of no one to speak with also it comes in subtitle, did not state this literally sucks I had gotten scammed and still have to pay 77.12 plus international shipping fees on my credit card I don't know what is going on with this place and wish they would take all this *** back and...

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Ordered 3 box sets (Family guy, House and Supernatural). All were definitely bootleg. Many misspelled words on packaging, each disc played required you to turn off subtitles(every time you put another disc in)as well change your screens viewing format(1 disc would show well in 480P, another in 16:9, etc.) Some discs would not allow you to go directly to "disc menu" when you first loaded the disc in the player, you were forced to watch all of the... Read more

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My complaint is identical to the others already posted. I was searching for a good deal on a Sons of Anarchy DVD boxed set and came across their website. They claim to provide brand new merchandise sealed from the factory. After inspecting the product it is clearly counterfeit with misspellings all over the box along with scratches and smudges. They are shipped from china and have Chinese lettering all over the package. I had a feeling... Read more

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I ordered and received two sets of series on DVD for a total of 44 discs. They were obviously cheap knock offs; the cases were covered in spelling errors and each disc was pitted, scratched or blemished. Many did not even play in numerous players. I didn't even know they shipped from China until I received a tracking number. Their site claims each series is the original factory sealed item and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I now have... Read more

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I purchased a box set of 3 seasons of Boardwalk Empire from DVDSEA and received what appears to be a bootlegged copy. The package was shipped from China and the box it came in which has pictures of the HBO and Boardwalk Empire logo is filled with misspellings (for example A TLANTIC CITY instead of ATLANTIC CITY) - my first clue. Upon opening the box I see that each DVD is in a PINK protective sleeve and the inside of the box is decorative gold... Read more

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