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Simply Fit Board - Dvd doesn't play in the dvd player attached to tv

Bonanza - DVD is OK works good

Redbox - Disc wont play

Disney Movie Club - I was charged for something I don't want


Was it possibly for a Featured Title that we did not hear a response from you on? We have a Featured Title program as part of your membership agreement with the Disney Movie C...

1 comment

Trying to contact wish since 2 months for defective item.

Disney Movie Club - Double order


Oh no, you certainly don't want that, I agree! Please let me help you. Email me directly with your contact information, Membership number and details about the order and I wou...

1 comment

dvdhaven - American Dreamer


Same thing happened to me. Very dodgy mob. They claimed there was nothing they could do about it. Ebay refunded the lot including mail. Here's the real slezzz tho... They remo...

1 comment

Redbox - 2 Of the 3 movies I rented won’t play entire movie, they are frozen and skipping

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