Izella Yxa
map-marker Chicago, Illinois

Returned personal dvd by mistake. Need it returned

Had a dvd from public library. Put it in Netflix sleeve and sent back. If not found I will have to pay for 7 seasons missing 4 episodes. Going to return licorice pizza with other dvd return
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Angel Julio R

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No machine for movie returns

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I check out some movies yesterday on may 13th 2021 at the Khourys Market on Spring Creek Parkway in Spring Creek Nevada went to return movies next day May 14th 2021 and the machines have been removed, so now I dont know wherever to return movies cause I dont want to purchase or be charged more than what the rental was which is $1.75 per movie rental which I have 2 movies rented which is a total $3.50 for one night rentals please contact me at (209) 581-**** so I can return movies please thank you
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  • No kiosk to return to

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

User's recommendation: Put up signs that your going to be removing your dvd machines the next day please thank you


Poor Quality Control (review from an end-user)

As an end user, DVDNow is a very poorly designed system which has failed to dispense the DVD titles we selected. I tried to rent several DVDs from our hotel kiosk, and none of the titles the machine dispensed were correct. This mismatch seems to be because DVDNow does not actually track their DVDs (e.g. no barcodes). The system just assumes that whatever DVD you return with one rental card was rented by the same card. In a venue like a hotel in which families get 2+ cards at check-in, the DVDs apparently get very disorganized. (Note that these rental cards are indistinguishable and the kiosk doesn't even advise trying to keep them straight.) All of us who try to use the kiosks afterward can't get the proper DVDs out.
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Reason of review:
Bad quality
map-marker Loveland, Colorado

DVDnow - Dvd Kiosk Review from Loveland, Colorado

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I bought a DVD kiosk from a franchiser in Canada and they didn't tell me there was another owner in my area. Every good location was already taken or in negotiation and I am ready to remove my kiosk from its current location and take it to a recycler so I don't have room or want to store it because it makes less money every month and I have not in 2 1/2 years recovered even the initial cost of the movies, much less the cost of the kiosk. I may as well have thrown over $20,000 out the car window. The the expense of running the kiosk software and credit cards processing ($120/month on average) is more than I make monthly from it. Red Box won't place a kiosk in any location with less that 10,000 customers daily. I paid $1600 for the DVD company's marketing Dept. to help find locations and all they did was send out mailers. It was a total waste of money. And with all the online movie rental companies now, not many people want to walk to the store to rent movies. My opinion is that DVD Rental kiosks are dinosaurs. If you want mine after all this, I will give it to you but you would have to pick it up or pay shipping yourself. It is in Denver and works flawlessly. I believe there is a $2500 transfer fee for licensing, software, etc., but I haven't checked into it yet.
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Reason of review:
Problems with payment
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Are your kiosks still available. I'm from GJ and would love to come pick them up. I'll even pay some money is that helps.

map-marker Shavano Park, Texas

These *** are a rip off

Me and my girlfriend rented two movies from this kiosk and she went into labor the night we rented the movies it took us 7 days to return the movies and by the these *** had already charged us for the movies and the charges us 35 dollars a pice for the *** fu*king movies. Do not rent from here they suck and are total rip off artists I would have never done this had I known I am completely dissatisfied and with my new so I plainly can not afford this bull ***. So *** you DVD now weather it is a private franchise or not there is no reason to screw over good family's barly getting by you are all pieces of ***
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Redbox would have charged you $50 for the same incidence. Enjoy the discount!




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Jon M Zoa
map-marker Fort Lauderdale, Florida

DVD Now is a terrible company and kiosk

I want to take the opportunity to back up Fuhrme1 on another post on this site, look for it. DVDnow isn't a scam but the company and the technology are so horrible, you might as well place it in that category. DVD Now makes you believe they are the manufacturer of the kiosk but all they really are is a company that buys a kiosk from Asia and resells it to you. When you take a look behind the veil, Scott and Co. are just marketing wizards trying to lure you in by the success of Redbox and sell you a machine that really is poor technology. If the kiosk was great, Scott would be placing the machines himself. Not reselling them. The fact is that Scott's machines are terrible, just look at them. Their website and marketing materials are slanted towards the high pressure sale...limited opportunity! act now! type of thing. It's all ***. Do you really think they are going to limited their sales? Come on! By the way, Does it at all look high tech to you? By all means call the company and do your own research, but beware...If you fall into the DVD now trap you're buying a $20,000 paper weight. There are many other companies that offer very high tech DVD kiosks and wonderful support that you should be looking at and make DVD Now look silly. Let's see how Scott respond to this. This information is based on the fact that I bought one (for that reason, I am pissed!) and realized the mistake and moved to another company where I am now very happy. The machine *** out on me and I got no support, my customers hated it, and it really doesn't look impressive at all. All the best! My suggestion is to avoid my mistake. I'm sure Scott (the founder of the company) will follow up to this by saying I'm not an owner blah blah blah but just do your own research and you'll see.
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Yeah its bull ***, DVDnow cost 20k, I have a friend that bought some kiosks and he found all his for about 2 or 3 granda peace here and there, and they only make $5 to $10 per day, so even at that price its still not a great investment.


Yes, could you please advice of the alternative. I have an appt with an account manager tomorrow and am ready to sign up with them but now, I'm not so sure. Thanks!


HI, Could you give me an alternative DVD Kiosk to look at.

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Adam F Say
map-marker Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Dvdnow scam. The scam of a life time!!!

This company is only looking to sell kiosks and could care less about the customer after buying them! They say that they will help you place their kiosks and make sure you get into a profitable location, but once you pay them their $20000+ for a machine they no longer return your phone calls. I have never worked with a more worthless bunch of criminals in my life. Please do your self a favor and look into a legit company before wasting money with these numskulls! I even had a location set up to place the machine and they contacted this location and offered them a better deal so I had no place to put mine. There are plenty of other dvd kiosk companies that you can get involved with for less money and I would suggest you do just that! I mean they buy these machines for $6500 and sell them for $20000+ that right there should tell you something. They act like they are experts in the dvd kiosk business, but ask the sales person how many they personally own. NONE!! if it was such a good money making opportunity why wouldn't they own any?? Do your research and please don't waste your money on these crooks!!!
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I bought two DVD Now 250 machines for almost 40k. I moved both machines a few times before closing the business and selling both machines for a 12k.

I gave it close to two years before calling it quits. The machines do work well but the business model is dead! Redbox locked all of the high volume stores up and you will fail in a grocery store unless it is a major market place. Between the high cost of the machine, the inventory cost each week of new releases, RFID tags, DVD case stickers, 10% to the host store, credit card expenses, customers that rent and when the return the movie they do not have enough money in there debit account to collect, customers who vandalize the disk because they do not like the content (political type movies will be subject to), and not to mention dead beat customers that will beat you up for a dollar.

Does all of this sound appealing? I still owe $10 k on a loan after a few years of closing this business. Oh, I almost forgot about the technical assistance guys from DVD Now that are rude, condescending, and speak down to you unless you are an IT person. After spending all of this money on a business that is designed to be impossible to sell due to the $1000.00 transfer fee from opener to owner (per machine) Aldo contributes to your ultimate failure.

Read between the lines....DVD now is focusing there survival on selling $20k tv monitors so you can work wedding parties.

I would have made a better investment by purchasing a $50.000.00 Mastercraft boat. At least I would have good memories with my family and something to show for my debt.

My advise.....buy a boat.....it will make good memories for you and your family and at least you will have that pis utile experience to show for your debt.




Seems like most people know your full of *** I started with one DVD kiosk four years ago and now have seven. DVDNow has been an okay company to work with.

I have my complaints, but they are small in the big scheme of things. DVDNow is definitely not a scam. I have purchased one machine brand new, two demo floor models directly from DVDNow, and 4 used. One frustrating thing is the $1000 transfer fee for a used kiosk (which they tell you about up front).

God forbid a company try to make a profit around here!

What an unspeakable evil! My advice, stop crying, get out of your parents basement and do something proactive.

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Agree. It is a lot easier to make money if you aren't buying the kiosks new.

Also, there is a new software package out there for DVDNow 250's that will allow you to get a 66% (typical) discount on the merchant fees.

Ok, and no transfer fee. See www.focusintense.com

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-688356

Want to buy mine? I have been to and called dozens on locations and not one has agreed to place a machine.

Mine was 21k. You can have it for ten and I will tell DVDNOW to deliver the kiosk to a place of your choosing and set it up for free. Done deal!

Call F. Lovette at 501 563 **** or email me at congophredd60@***.com same deal applies to anyone who might be interested FL...


Since when does a founder/CEO of any company care about some small fry ranting on a blog site.. smells a little fishy to me


Mike B is on many of the blog sites as the only one supporting DVDnow. Leads me to believe that yes you do work for them lol not many people would take the time to do that unless they were paid to


It brings me great joy to see people know this is a scam. The company is terrible and the founders are complete ***.

I hope they fall miserably. :grin


Having been one of the first owner operators, I can say confidently that this is a legitimate and good business. I bought my 110 kiosks back in 2006 and they are still running well today. The only issues I had were in the early goings with connections, but those were fixed quickly and with great attention on the side of DVDNow.

While I am sure that there are dissatisfied customers who have different success levels than what I have experienced, I echo what was said above, that like any business you get out what you put in, and that isn't simply in relation to dollars.

I found my sales person, Zamon, honest and upfront, and found that there were no "hidden costs". The support has been great and worth it. The Connections software is invaluable to running the business, and I have been very pleased over all.

Like any business investment, I recommend doing your due diligence, as each opportunity isn't for everyone in every location. I checked out many other DVD Kiosk providers and ultimately settled in with DVDNow. I have found it a worthwhile business venture, with a company I have found to be worth doing business with.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-566348

110 kiosks? At almost 20 grand apiece??

I don't think so..I HIGHLY doubt it!!! That is $2,200,000...yeah RIGHT

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-633313

He didn't say he bought 110 kiosks he bought 2 110 kiosks as in he bought 2 kiosks that hold 110 DVDs

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