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Sofa complaint under warranty

The person has visited our place , kindly get the work done ASAP , the sofa is in bad condition in two years only.

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Rude crazy managers and employees

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Beware of Durian Durian located in Orlando fl. extremely deranged crazy people work here. Every time I calling to place an order I either get abused talked over or insulted. I called recently to place an order. A very sick bltch who claimed to be the manager talked over me constantly. Now I wrote a review many months ago with similar issues--they said its due to 'connection problems"--BULLSH*T?! its all due to the crazies who work there who abuse me EVERY SINGLE TIME i call in--not sure why me?? I've had relatives call for me in the past to place orders in order to avoid dealing with the nutjobs that work there.

every single time I order from durian durian, it is crazy on another level. The cockroaches that work there force me to repeat myself MANY TIMES, or just try to get me angry or make me suffer. Ive ordered from there at least 5 times at night and this is ALL that happens. It is so bad i never call there. I had my aunt call once and she had no problem. I called again today, and got a nasty woman on the phone. This psychopathic demonic woman would not let me talk!! she kept talking over me and psychos who do this do it on purpose..just ot be rude/crazy *** u off. she wouldnt let me finish or place my order. I finally told her MAAM you need to let me place my order- this is crazy. Everytime i call DURIAN DURIAN in orlando THIS HAPPENS?!!! they intentionally try to ANGER me to an extreme point why??? she did it on purpose for sure- just to be a *** and upset me..why? what do you get from 'angering' innocent customers calling to give your *** restaurants business?? im a very calm person and now im furious...i just wanted to get some thai food but have to be abused by crazy thai worthless *** like the manager here...

i asked for a manager and this demonic creature claimed she was the manager. I said i'd like to speak to someone who will let me SPEAK MY ORDER AND NOT CUT ME OFF. She gave the phone to a female who was nice and let me say my order. This "manager' needs to be thrown in a river..she is deranged. And yes im using these words b/c im so so angry and furious that i just call to place an order and get abused this way...this woman needs to be kicked upside the head...


durian thai *** what's your phone number, then name...

me: info given

me: i'd like to order a pad thai with...


IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT??? (really loud and cutting me off)

me: excuse me, but i'd Like to place my



durian thai *** talking over me WHILE im saying that...MAAAAAAAAM IM TAKING YOUR ORDER


but it was MUCH worse than this- this *** would cut me off then go off on long tangents talking REAL LOUD and not letting me talk at all. Then i'd be talking and she would talk while i was talking and never let me say what i wanted, until i finally got angry and told her i'd like to talk to someone who will let me say my order. This evil thing said "im TRYING TO TAKE YOUR ORDER."

what kind of sick world do we live in where people cant even call in to place an order without being abused by some deranged human on the other end of the line?? This thai creature i'd personally love to punch her

I order from take out twice a day probably- most places are ok- there are some rude people but the creatures from durian durian are sick and crazy on another NEVER able to place an order here without being abused by these sickos or suffering in some way. Everytime i call durian durian to place an order, some crazy thai *** ruins my night, *** me off and i dont even go and pick up the order!! this happened 9 months ago..i will NEVER EVER call this place again. I dont plan on picking up my order and will NEVER order from them again EVER. What do you get you *** thai *** from *** off customers calling in to give u business u worthless things?? you're HORRIBLE people

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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
Kell Mjn
map-marker Orlando, Florida

Awful awful service. Lying idiots force u to repeat your order five or six times for kicks.

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I think the people that work at durian durian have no care for customer service and they enjoy irritating customers to a point where someone has to write a bad review about them.

I had issues ordering from them before were they just gave me a hard time on the phone I don't know if it's my voice or what it is but this place is pretty disturbing.

Durian durian Thai food lake Nona florida

I recently called to place an order at durian durian ans the *** female literally had me repeat my order 5 to 6 times. she claims she couldn't hear me which was a load of ***.

You could tell she was lying however when I finally got angry and upset with her and told her I'm not repeating my order now suddenly she heard me. What kind of pitiful place is this that they literally enjoy treating customers like dirt and forcing them to repeat their order six times just for kicks.

I speak the most clear and perfect English and my phone was not messed up yet when I finally got angry then this twisted female could somehow hear me. Literally she just wanted to anger me upset me and drain me. Since this has happened in the past I guarantee it is being done it was done intentionally. I will never order from Durian durian again and just know that they enjoy upsetting and angering customers. Idiots and sickos.

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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

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