Duncan Wierman Real Estate Advertisement Review from Brookline, Massachusetts

This guy is a complete parasite his program is not worth the paper it is written on or the space it takes up on the web. He is full of promises but lacking on delivery. Every discount that he offers turns out to be him profiting from services that he is selling you....
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When someone purchased my course while it was still being sold. there was always a money back guarantee.

There was always my personal assistance with any deal or marketing needed. I have no idea who this person is complaining as there was no interaction or event in Boston that I sold to??

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Brookline, Massachusetts
Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised

Duncan Wierman Real Estate Program Review from Omaha, Nebraska

You have to be kidding right? I've been through several Real Estate programs and have to say Duncan is the by far the most responsive guy I've met in the industry and his program is nails! I went to his 3 day event and did a deal within 2 weeks and made $10k. Not really that hard if you work at it. Stop complaining and just put in the work! If you do, it will work and that's why we all either get into RE and make it work or wish we would but won't work it. C'mon, everyone can be a success if you work at it.
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Ok Duncan...you really need to stop having your family and friends write good reviews for you in attempt to change our terrible impression of your bottom feeder reputation. Karma will take care of your greedy ways and complete lack of integrity.


exactly correct, this guy is something else scam dude


We have MANY successful students who DID the work required to achieve the leads, and deals. Please make yourself know to the public so we can address your particular case.

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Omaha, Nebraska
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Reason of review
Good customer service

Class A Scammer and Crook...Don't trust this crook!!

He's a Douch Bag. Ripped me off and will take your money. Run from this Slease Ball. Duncan is a fraud, look at all of these postings, like MattPape75 from Jakarta Raya, seriously? Do you have a team of Indian SEO experts colluding with you in your mass rip off of...
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Friendly and helpful. He keeps you accountable. The people that complain dont do the work needed

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Kansas City, Kansas
New Reviewer

Scammed by Duncan Wierman, Conned by Duncan Wierman

This guy Duncan Wierman of rapidoffergenerator.com is a total scam Artist, he (Duncan Wierman) has scammed tons of people and continues to do so...Just look at all the people Duncan Wierman has conned!!! If you deal with this guy you will have a lot of problems and no way are you getting your money back either! Please spread the word!! Duncan Wierman/Jillian Sidoti promote scam artist Charles Dobens http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rz3pVihVveQ http://bank-reo-property-deals.pissedconsumer.com/duncan-wierman-master-scam-artist-201303****6208.html http://karenhanover.info/duncan-wierman-scams-hanover/ http://duncan-wierman.pissedconsumer.com/duncan-wierman-master-scam-artist-201102****0772.html http://www.ripoffreport.com/duncan-wierman/brokerage-companies/internet-internet-da0a8.htm Some of his companies include: http://www.duncanwierman.com http://www.RapidOfferGenerator.com http://www.OnlineLeadFinder.com TheWiermanGroup.com 20 W. North Street Greenville, South Carolina 29601 Phone +1 88*-811-****
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I've known Duncan and Charles for over a year for Charles and 2 years for Duncan an if anything they do the "outing" of the frauds not the other way around. As people both of these guys are decent people.

As tool and system providors you're better off with these guys than with Dave Lindal...


I meant to say: as tool and systems providors they have excellent tools. I own and use Duncans full suite and there's no similar tools that I know of. Charle's multi family system is the best in the multi family space and is beyond my means right now but plan on getting in asap.


I just saw this, gees don't you think you are going overboard. This software program is a trial basis, which you had every opportunity to cancel during that time. This certainly is not SCAMMING people.

Listen to what other people are saying:

Duncan Wierman – Incredible Value

AWESOME!!! The information they provide for investors just starting out or seasoned investors is unbelievable!!! Other so-called “GURUS” would be charging an arm and a leg for the pragmatic, innovative, low cost marketing info these guys provide. Phenomenal investing info!!! Thank You!!!

Duncan – You are the man!

I must say that you are the man! I have learned so many things from your Platinum Site and have repeatedly seen that you have been so far ahead of other so called “GURU’s”. They are just now beginning to talk about what you taught on your seeing site called “Virtual Investing” a long while ago.

D. Billingsea

I can’t say thank you enough

You are a blessing. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The main reason I wanted to join you is you offered to do joint ventures with us, and that is what I was hoping for. Getting your program is one thing, but I also feel that I want to BELONG… Again, THANK YOU doesn’t seem quite adequate enough for this wonderful surprise, so may I say…. Blessings on you! -Lillian Poletti

We had an INCREDIBLE Year!

I would like to let you know that I have really enjoyed your training system and have had an incredible year last year in investing. We are purchasing properties on a regular basis some of which we are rehabbing with my construction business and some we are wholesaling to cash buyers. Thank you for all of the training – W. Kennedy.

Thanks for your gentle guidance and support!

Thanks, Duncan, for your valuable time today and for the variety of options you have provided for me to test. As a software designer, you truly think out of the box! - Miriam

Incredible Training!

I wanted to thank you for the incredible training you gave us that has helped us get more leads, better leads, more often. I just closed a deal we bought for $1,500 and sold for $20,000 on owner financing. The landlord buyer will do the rehab and we will collect his monthly payment stress-free! This is my best deal yet and I know that getting the lead was due in part to your top-secret marketing tricks.

Thank you, thank you!! - J. Glidden

Great Information and Instructions. The Best!

Thank you ever so much for the all the great information and instructions. I have ordered quite a few real estate courses but yours is the BEST!

- V Williams

I am finally successful!

I feel really successful for the first time in a while. Duncan, your system is my FUTURE and I am very serious about it. Thanks for being here for me.

- G. Conner

We have LEADS in our very first week!

Our voice blast successfully went out at 7 pm. Out of 103 calls, I received 9 leads. I’ll be researching each deal individually and presenting all options to the homeowners over the next couple of days. Overall all , VERY successful just getting the phone to ring. If we keep it up there’s no doubt we’ll get more deals then ever before!

-D. Walters


Duncan has never been anything but forthright,honest and helpful. The education Duncan provides is awesome! If you want to get lots of leads, and do deals.. his course is the best.

Duncan has a blog that reports on the B/S *** in the real estate info marketing business. I am sure there are many people that he reported on, that only trying to get revenge. I think this complaint no meat behind it, as no specifics are mentioned.

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I am not happy, do NOT buy this program, see caveat

Duncan came to the local REIA in Atlanta. he had a great pitch and was very persuasive. He spoke about his kids and family etc tec, likeable guy, nice smile. He was selling a program that was expensive ($1200.00) and promised to automate my real estate world. I was lead to believe that there was no upsell ( i asked speficially) and that this was complete and that it would totally automate my real estate investing business (flip houses etc). The program came with a single CD, the CD was essentially a key thats all, it allowed you then to go to his website which was loaded with tons on information that you could access and study. ahh ha the catch, after 30 days or so he is hammering you now for $97 bucks on a monthly basis, (and had an fee for setting you up with some great website, more money) keep in mind i paid $1200 bucks and got nothing in my hand, its all on the website. so if i decided not to go further, i suppsoeeldy didnt have to, well thats correct, you dont and now you cannot even view the info that you paid for so you got nothing. I told Duncan that i was somewhat computer literate but by no means did i intend on becoming a IT guy and re inventing the wheel. My business is construction and trying to profit from turning real estate deals NOT becomeing an IT guy. I was lead to believe that i could grasp the information in a timely manner and be up and running in no time, with calls flooding in and inquires also into my website and the phone would be ringing. this program that he prescribed was very very intense in my opinion. i have a fellow student who is an IT guy, he does this for a living. he said no doubt that this was a very difficult program to grasp and institute even for him,( he is an IT guy) he mentioned that he was still not able to get a scraper program to do anything and this is now after many many months. is Duncan a smart guy?? i dont know, he got my $1200 bucks and i got zipp, (with the exception of disappointment and the feeling i had been ripped off) is the program good, i dont know, you would have to be an IT specialist to make any sense of it. the purpose of this was to make my life easier and to attract alot of business for flipping homes.I T automation. what i got was a bill for $1200.00 and alot of disappointment. I comnplined to Duncan and i have not seen a dime back, and its NOT going to happen. unless you are VEEERRY I T savey, i would save myself a lot of headache and a lot of money and avoid this guy and this program. Education is gfood, this was not the education i was looking for. Duncan will have to live with Duncan, wont you buddy.
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lol, i thought i wrote this complaint, Exactly correct, cant believe this guy is still out there. some folkes ...... just sayin.


I have this program and it has works very well for me. If you read everything word for word and take some time to learn everything and run the ads as suggested and keep up with it everyday it definitely works.

In order to direct traffic to your properties that you have for sell you would have to get a website. But you can get one from anywhere. The one that Duncan offers will allow you to keep up with all you business with little effort and have everything all in one place. It would be very hard to have to email all your properties to each person.

Besides with a website you can pass out your business cards and people can just go and look when they want. Also with Duncan's website people can respond to your properties and you can email updates automatically from the website. Its so easy and keeps everything together for you. It does take some time to learn how to work everything.

But that is with everything in life.

I wish you luck and keep with it, IT TRUELY DOES WORK!!! :zzz


Here is one of the emails - Allen was happy to work with me

From: Allen Krebs [mailto:allen@***.com]
Sent: Sunday, May 13, 2012 9:48 AM
To: duncan@***.com

Good morning Duncan,

I enjoyed the time spent with you yesterday and really look forward to working with you to improve my internet exposure/presence as well as going to the next level with this in real estate. As mentioned I feel stuck, very stuck……. I know the buying selling game, I know the game of OLD. In coming to the REIA meetings over the last 3 months I realize the game has changed, I am way behind the curve even though I have experience in land development ( I have built and sold subdivisions) and buying and renovation of homes. your sales pitch on moving forward with real estate and using the internet to automate this is has been one of the most progressive I have seen in a long time. It makes a lot of sense. I am ready to commit the time because I do believe that you can help me go now to the next level. Even though $1,300 is a lot of money in these times, I am not wanting any refund, I want the knowledge 100 times more. I have a lot of hopes for the success with you and this program. I will send you another email with some website info of mine and the domains that I have. My business that are on going, www.stbatlanta.com is my high end gc business that is pretty dead right now. www.roofrescueatlanta.com is a roofing business that I have a lot invested in. www.mybarefootpools.com is a seasonal business that sells fiberglass pools. They are all construction related so its not like I have a pizza biz also. I want to develop the landing page with I buy houses company and then also a renovation biz for the rehab market. We can discuss all.
I know I can buy homes and rehab without any reservation. Buying the right home is challenging it seems now, a lot of competition that seems in experienced driving cost up and diminishing profits.. Showing up late to the party (27 offers on homes within 4 days) necessities a different approach, I need people coming to me with the homes to buy . driving around and becoming discouraged is not the answer, ok so I get it , I buy ugly homes etc. etc. that is what we will work on and then also I don’t have the cash flow available like I used to . I need private money.
I want a plan though that is strong and shows sustainable growth. I eventually want to do commercial properties and or multifamily if that makes the best sense for me. the ultimate goal is to make a lot of money. I desire $500k a year income, I enjoy creating value most of all, but I need cash flow and security ultimately at this point in my life. So that is my desire. I am going to be an open book and sponge, I will commit the time with you make this work.

Ill review the cd and go to the site and also send you some info to help evaluate more where I am and my dilemma, or let me change that to challenge. I have to change my thinking and also what I say and how I say it.

Thanks again, I have a lot of hope for this success.

ALLEN KREBS General Manager

{{redacted}} (404) 343-6857 (office) (404) 273-4649 (cell) (678) 804-6915 (fax)


I am very sorry for this users experience. I have an idea who this is, but he has chosen to post anonymously.

Firstly, yes he did get a CD that contained only a security code to UNLOCK the online content. There is no need for boxes and cd, dvd and work books. This is an internet business model so all material is found online.

I provided at 60 day money back guarantee and if this person contacted me during this period, I am sure there would be no issue. Approaching me 5 months after is not exactly fair.

To address the 97 dollars a month issue. This was stated FIVE times prior to purchase and also again when activating access to my material. This fee is to allow him to have direct contact with me, email, phone, skype at any time as questions arise. Did he ever use it ? No. But he did agree to purchase this level of service.

I did however offer Alan a considerably amount of help consider he did state his lack of IT skill. I suggested to him to get a Virtual Assistant to do the online line work, so he would not really need to bother except to provide "his content ie Unique Selling Proposition" and direct the Virtual Assistant to get it out across multiple channels.

Alan did not even do Day 1 of the 30 day marketing plan I asked him to do. Since he had no websites to begin with, the Atlanta Reia provided those to him for just a small hosting fee.

If he would have applied some effort and just made it to day two, where he could have installed and ran the "Online Lead Finder software, along with the Voice blast, and sms text campaigns.... he would have had plenty of leads. I sold many units in Atlanta that evening and many people are succeeding.

The problem comes when people here the word system... they think it means push a button and checks appear like magic,.. Wrong.. it takes work. Alan simply did not do the work.

As for trying to up-sell Alan in to other products.. I disagree. I am very aware of peoples budgets and running cost to do business. IF you cant spend 100 - 300 a month on marketing.. then maybe you should get a job until you can afford to run a business.

You do not have to be IT savvy to use my course, but you do have to APPLY it. Real Estate Investing takes work.. Its not wishful thinking..

Duncan Wierman

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Los Angeles, California

Duncan wierman master scam artist

what ever you do don't buy anything this clown has to sell.He markets his garbage in a silver briefcase!! Why? and It's about $1400 for realestate marketing scheme. I'm not kidding he has you paying for a cheap silver case w/ a combo. lock on it !! He...
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I've met Duncan a couple times and I never got the impression that he's a fraud. I have a family member that does well in this business and she loves the guy.

Successful people look within.

Unsuccessful people look out and blame others. Maybe Valnorse should look at what he's doing wrong.

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Waltham, Massachusetts

Real Estate Expert Talks

What Do Property Management Companies Do @ Interview with Property Management Expert

Nov 27, 2020

Colby Hager, a a real estate investor and home remodeling expert, talks about property management companies, what they are, and how to choose the right property management company.

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Colby Hager
Colby Hager

Colby Hager is an experienced real estate investor with Capstone Homebuyers. He has years of experience in renovating houses, home remodeling, and property management.

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