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I am actually thankful this appointment I had scheduled didn't work out because after reading the reviews, it sounds like this company starts out bad and just gets worse...I had an appt. scheduled a week in advance. I took off work to be home. When they didn't show up I called and the receptionist at first said I had nothing scheduled and that she wasn't there the day I scheduled it so she couldn't help me. Nice. I then called back to see if... Read more

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Spent over $10,000 to have foundation repaired and I can't even get them to replace the small tree they killed. They keep telling me it will be replaced "next week" and then they never show up. Of course, this is pretty minor considering the doors to the house still don't close properly which is why we called them on the first place. The additional $5k we had to pay to repair the damaged sewage lines they left us with wasn't exactly appreciated... Read more

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I have all kinds of cracks in my walls, tile, floors, windows and the brick cracking on the outside. They came out and said they repaired it but my house continued to have additional cracks. I hired a structural engineer and he said they needed to come back and do the job right. DuWest came out and told me the house needed no additional work and it would only hurt the foundation if they leveled it and they wanted me to sign a contract stating... Read more

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I would not reccomend Du-West Foundation, I would love to go into details at this time however I can not. but what I can say is if you value your home, and your hard earn money contact an structial engineer not a foundation company they are shady. Also you can contact Rob Orr Our State Representive of Texas who is working on a law that prevents these foundation companies from cheating us the home owners... I agree with most of the complaints on... Read more

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Du West advertises to call them for a "Free Consultation". When I contacted them I was told by the lady that they would charge a fee to come out. This fee to come out is what they call a "trip fee". They say the estimate is free but they have a charge to come out. If I pay someone to come out, then in my opinion it's not free. If someone will give you credit for the estimate if you have them do the work then it might end up being seen as... Read more

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I made an appointment with Du-West foundation repair 3 weeks ago for Monday, August 8 for 4pm. That was the soonest appointment they had. No one showed. No call. No explanation. I spent 3 hours home waiting and had made special arrangements to be there. Extremely unprofessional behavior. Probably representative of the company. Poor business practice. Highly do not recommend the company. They sent a DVD to my home with typical marketing... Read more

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Du-West Foundation in Houston, TX advertises free estimates on foundation repairs. I set up an appointment to have them do an estimate on a house I am trying to purchase. I also had my realtor call the person (Lettie) at Du-West who made the appointment to arrange to provide access to the property. Everything was set or so we were told. Lettie assured my realtor that they would be there at the scheduled time to do the inspection and provide an... Read more

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