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Out of sheer desperation I bought DryBuddy’s bedwetting alarm for my son, though I was not so confident about my son’s recovery, I thought of giving it a try. But man seriously, this piece of alarm started doing its miracle within first few months, yea my son he responded so well to this alarm and during the 9th month of its usage I could see him gradually coming out of his bedwetting accident, within 1.5 years he’s completely alright now. Am...
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I liked
  • On time delivery
  • Drybuddyez because it works
  • Because my son recovered fully from bedwetting accident
I can't believe I got sucked into purchasing this product. Don't believe a thing the company says. They lie and lie through their teeth. For proof, I have attached product photos as well. This is such a poorly made product that the manufacturer should think twice before selling it to the public. They only intend to cheat parents by charging them dollars for something that costs a fraction of the price to make. Poor business practice and very...
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