Not the greatest business to deal with after the sale in my opinion.

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
Had encapsulation done on my 700 square ft. Crawl space at a price of $10900.00 my highest quote,I chose Dry Guys because I believed at the time they were the best in the business.We had several cancellations through the whole process and one was one hour before they were to show up at my home. This is after taking days off from work.I have also not have calls returned or pacify was the motive.The silver back insulation was never cut 3at top for termite inspection and was told after installation that it could be cut but would not be straight where cut.l also had to have the 1st crawl space door replaced that they installed and another visit to fix 2nd door to tighten for air.Now my home is reaching humidity levels in the crawl space of 65 to 70% which mold thrives on.I went under to find that the dehumidifier they installed was off saying service which was just done in March 2020 3 months previous and low refrigerant.I called 2 times that day only to have my calls ignored.I called a third time and was told to call Kim.Our phone conversation was very pleasant but got me no where as Kim said she couldnt bring back all her employees because of coved,understood.My problem with that is l was told by the receptionist that they were very busy and couldnt get here till 07-24-2020.I have already paid $10900.00 cash to have my work done,if there is a problem on their end paid customers should come before new installs.Overall it has not been a good experience although l would give the installers an 8 and service after purchase 5.I paid $ 2200.00 for mold protection and at these humidity levels Im sure that was a waste of money it only takes mold a short time to start its growth.l was told by Kim they couldnt get here any sooner and l figured being its my home were talking about and not theirs it didnt seem to matter!l was told by her that another dehumidifier would be brought on the 24th if they had to repair mine.Like l said the 24th is more than enough time for mold growth,I have been in the drywall business for 42 years and know a lot about mold growth and that was my major reason for having this encapsulation installed.Now the people that sold me the system have put my home at risk for mold growth!Very displeased!
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Preferred solution: When there is a risk of mold growth address it immediately specially if a paid customer.da

User's recommendation: Speechless

Diane C Thd
map-marker Newark, New Jersey

Company installed bilco doors in my basement and installed them wrong

Updated by user Oct 20, 2011

Dry Guys LLC resolved my issue. I would like to mention, I am no longer a \"pissed consumer\" - Thank you so very much Kim, for taking time out from your busy schedule, to help resolve this problem.

It should not go without notice. Thank you!!!

Updated by user Oct 05, 2011

Did you get my e-mail?

you can always put a letter in the mail.

Updated by user Oct 05, 2011

Did you get my e-mail?

you can always put a letter in the mail.

Updated by user Oct 03, 2011

Thank you Daksto - I just e-mailed you - I am very interested in resolving this -

Updated by user Jul 30, 2011

7/30/2011 - had a major rain fall - i just had surgery on my foot and my furnace alarms were going off because so much water was coming down my steps into my basement. Oh BTW - when I first complaint to them that I had water in my basement they told me that the water was coming from under my floor and charge me $3,500 to install a sump pump.

After the pump was installed they told the BBB that my floor had so much sand underground that the pump would never be triggered.

So all this water pouring down my steps and me with a healing foot was shoving water into the pump to keep my basement dry. they guarantee their services but never stick to it.

Updated by user Jul 29, 2011

We went to court. I awarded monies to repair problem and they still have not paid up.

Original review Jul 29, 2011
Dry Guys Basement Systems. They replaced old rusty bilco doors with new plastic ones. They came by, measured and gave me a proposal to install. Well when they arrived the doors were way bigger then the originals. They told me that they longer made the size that i previous had. They blasted out the original lip around the basement and installed the doors underground. This brought water into my basement. (I just bought the house, I originally did not know where the water was coming from) I complaint, brought them to court and they told the judge that they were doing me a favor, and they had no experience with installing bilco doors. I expected the judge to see the signed proposal, but he did not. Problem never resolved.
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Kim Zak

Thank you Diane!

Kim Zak

Diane i have been trying to reach you concerning this matter, but i do not have an email address for you and the cell phone that was on record is no longer valid. Please email me your information Kim@***.com.

Id like to get this resolved to the best of my ability, but i need your contact information to do so.

Also, i am sorry to hear about your TripleSafe, GBlazier, and would like to apologize on behalf of the Company. Please also email me your information and i will do my best to promptly get the issue resolved.

Diane C Thd

Well more water in the basement after this weekend. I spoke to a builder about my problem and he laughed at the way the doors were installed.

It goes beyond a missing lip. Because the doors are so big and they blasted away the concrete, the right way would have been for them to rebuild the lip and then place the doors on top, instead they blasted out the concrete and placed the doors both on top of the concrete and under. So, why wouldn't the water go under the doors.

Well, I have no choice but to pay REAL PROFESSIONALS to do the job the right way or I will be bailing out water forever, because Dry Guys LLC, Dry Guys Basement Systems, Dry Guys Waterproofing, Gattuso Construction, whichever name you are or were using at the time, cannot live up to their promises. Come on everyone - let's stand up for ourselves!!!!!


Here is what I am going to write.

I wonder why DGBS is now defunct? Could it be there attempt to avoid payment of settlement. I have had dealings with this company before and I have posted complaints which the company somehow muscled the web sites to remove. That includes their vaunted BBB. Feel bad for Ms. Cortes because she trusted them to do the job right. Instead it sounds to me like they brought water into the house. Who does that? Not anyone with any kind of sense. The fact is that they were found deficient in court and owe her money and are not paying. That is part of the public record that anyone can look up for themselves. Kind of like I did. I am not sure I would trust what their response is since they do not seem to stand behind their work. I also wonder how many other people have taken DGBS to court and are still waiting to be paid by DBGS. Stand up and stop giving the poor woman the run around.

Another thing I found very strange. Who puts in bilco doors without a raised lip for a base? Not real sure about that one either. Kudos to Ms. Cortes for having the strength to take DGBS to court in an attempt to get them to stand by their claims of 100% satisfaction and A- BBB rating.


Thank you GBlazier - I agree - they advertise that that project is 100% satisfaction guaranteed - But they do not deliver on that promise -


We too have had issues with Dry Guys not returning phone calls to try to resolve ans issue with a faulty TripleSafe sump they installed a few years back. We wish the word would get out that they may seem to talk a good talk and seem to be very customer service oriented. But after they have your money and and their product fails, they find any excuse possible to shift the blame back to the customer so they are not held responsible for the damages.


Sorry - really? - you were not there and yet you are commenting on what was said?

I was told in court that DGBS was doing me a favor and that they don't normally install bilco doors. I am not a friend, I am a consumer, what favor? I paid for the service, it wasn't free - that is what a favor is - Yet I have a proposal that has a bilco door box checked off. If that is not what DGBS does, why was there a box there to be checked.

you go back and forth about not letting me let you resolve my problem and you state that it wasnt a finished project, yet you were not there. I went to court with all of my documents and pictures on the problem, in the end I was award funds to repair on my own - that is what I want to do. when i originally called to say I was getting water in my basement (which was coming from the bilco doors, i was told that it was coming from the floor. it is stated by your comments that I was swearing up and down that it was coming from the floor????

what is that - why would that be said? In the previous comments you stated that I was told that the doors where not manufactured and I signed off on it. Not true - from my kitchen window I heard and saw dust being thrown up. when I went outside they were blasting away the whole top of the steps which included the lip.

then i was told the door was too big, after the fact not before. When I did complain about water in my basement, it was after the bilco doors were installed. I called DGBS and they installed a sump pump. When I found out that i really didn't need it after all it upset me very much.

Bottom line again - to repeat myself - I was awarded a judgement to repair and so far nothing has been giving to me. So if you really wanted to resolve this you would have a long time ago. You say they the sales person should have walked away from the entire situation, what does that mean?

I didn't do anything wrong. I just wanted some doors replaced and spent more money then I wanted because of other issues.


that is really funny - you are commenting on an issue when you yourself were not in the courtroom. BBB says reads Dry Guys LLC - Not Dry Guys Basement Systems a Corporation - What does that mean?

I am open to listening - When I was working with Dry Guys Basement Systems back in 2009 - I had my Bilco doors installed first and due to poor craftsmanship with the final product water was pouring down my steps. I called D.Gattuso (which reads on the BBB back in 2009) that Mr. Gattuso was the President - Not Manager as you stated. The business had Gattuso Construction Inc.

Dry Guys Basement Systems and Dry Guys Waterproofing. I called many, many times to Dry Guys Basement Systems when the water was filling up my basement - it took forever for them to respond and then they proceeded to say they wanted to add more drainage in my basement- what??? just fix the bilco doors - that is all I asked. But they would not - you were not there you say, I was.

I receive a judgement to repair my bilco door install and the settlement lawyer says the account that was used to cash my check was closed. So, if you really wanted to fix my problem you would have settled and let me fix the problem and be done with it.

Kim Zak

I would like to correct you on what you misread. I said the HOME was built in 1958, per your statement, not that it has been leaking since then.

We do not have more than one name. Dry Guys and GCI were absorbed together in 2009. We are now, still, Dry Guys. I did not tell the judge anything, as I was not in the courtroom, so you’re, in fact, attacking a ghost.

However, the Owner was Kyle, the Manager was Dan.

We have the best guarantee in the business-Life of the structure warranty, which is why when we tried to repair your Bilco and you refused, we had no other option but to agree on court, and to pay someone else to finish the job on your home, which again, you refused to let us accomplish.

Continually repeating we “lied”, to judges in a court of law, to other consumers, and to the BBB is uncalled for, and incorrect.

We understand any mistakes on our end and were more than willing to have corrected the problem. But here is where we as a company need to be repetitive- YOU DID NOT LET US.

Diane C Thd

bottom line here - judge awarded me a judgement to repair the problem. Those documents and pictures do not lie - You have chosen not to pay nor own up as the judge awarded me the money in the end.

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