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Damage from Tire blowout

I did not know I was going through your website to call. DRV is a reputable company. This should not come up in a web search for their service number!
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Beautiful unit but can't get anyone to return my calls

Rain is entering on the top of the door onto a throw rug at the entry from the top in the middle of the door the repair guy stated after the 3rd attempt to fix he said the door is ware d and needs to be replaced
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User's recommendation: Don't buy beautiful u it but no one after sale wants to talk to you but then again I guess that is our future warranty but no service

Thoams Mkp
map-marker Memphis, Tennessee


Purchased and did a walk through and made a list of broken, missing and not working items, was told they would be ordered and fixed. First trip after setting up found a water leak and within a week over 5 leaks..was reimbursed for only 2 even after submitting records and pictures taken by mobile rv tech. After several calls asking about warranty work and parts it was about 3 months later the dealership said they had everything so scheduled a trip there after being there 3 days was told sorry they actually didnt have the parts to do repairs. More issues on the 4th trip i noticed 2 tires about to blow the axels have something wrong with them. I installed new tires before making another trip to do the warranty work this time the tires are already damaged. The dealership only attempted a couple of the things on the list like the lights not working, the dishwasher never worked day one..they intalled a new one but when you put slide in it dents the door. 3rd trip was told how they were going to repair the paint from damage that happened when it was in their care due to a bad hydrolic pump. The rig went all the way down and did something to the door so that its almost impossible to open or close..they said they worked on it to fix still doesnt work. The door key pad doesnt work since day one they said new one was in and they installed on 3rd appt however on the way home the key pad fell off at this 4th appt after verbally confirming everthing was there to finally fix everything they do not have that or the whole other list of things and now Its out of warranty and was told that drv told them the items werent submitted in time..what the list was made the day we purchased. The toilet doesnt hold water was told day one it needs a new seal but we dont have one come back in a couple weeks. The crown molding was broken and missing above refrigerator day one and was also told not to worry it would be fixed. 1st warranty trip was told trim had come in but now they cant find it. 2nd trip no it didnt come..4th trip it came wrong piece now sorry its out of warranty. Things ive paid out of pocket for are as follows Multiple leak repairs Front ac quit after 6 months. What still needs done The jacks settle and go out of level The controler to leveling system doesnt respond according to button pushed Axels are improperly installed Lights are blinking or not working at all. Light switces not working Missing crown molding trim Water intake only fills fresh water tank no mater what setting you put it on so only can use water pump This was supposedly fixed last week took it home same thing is going on. Pantry door will not stay closed during traveling and is missing door handle. The carpet under couch has a big gash in it was told day one they would order and fix a little over a year later was told last week drv said no to fixing it since its now out of warranty. I dont understand I showed them the day we purchased Dining room chair broke the first time I set in it so I called and reported it and was told they would look at it they did said they would order it and was even called and told it was there it wasnt and when asked about it again was told it was to late again I dont understand it happened in the first week of owning it. When purchasing we ordered a washer and dryer the first time we used it flooded the unit this caused a large stain to show up behind couch on carpet they offer to clean it and they did but the stain is still there. I was told the would see about getting it replaced. That has never happened. The exterior was washed day of purchase and supposedly a exterior protectant applied which was an extra 3,000 add on when we went to look the tech pointed out the decals on the front were falling off and not to worry they were already added to warranty list so after a couple of months a many calls asking about the status of things they didnt remember the decals and had me to send pictures. Two of the trips to dealership we were told they were going to do the decal repairs. 1st trip sorry we ran out of time. 2nd trip we forgot and will do next time 4th trip sorry drv sent wrong decal. There is paint chipping off. There are screw heads on the exterior that are missing paint and rusting. I asked about these items again this last trip to dealership and was told its too late drv said. I asked well doesnt the extra paint and interior warranty cover this and was told sorry man you just need to call drv yourself and see but it they are just not able to warranty stuff because of covid. There seams like more but a basic recap is its not safe to tow the electrical system is not working, the leveling system doesnt work properly, the water system doesnt work properly, the exterior paint is failing, the door doesnt close or open properly, the key pad is missing oh yeah i almost forgot when we got it home and tool off the decorative bed covers we found big yellow and brown stains all over so we immediately called and sent pictures so we had to purchase a new mattress in order to use it the first time..dealership said in explanation of why they didnt rplace it was because we already I believed all of their delays and lies all this time to get rewarded with were sorry your a week out of warranty now so all those things are null and void and we cant help you. I will tell everyone i know about this dealership and the lemon from drv! This is the worst service i have ever received and the worst camper i have ever owned..oh wait last week the dealership said yeah were sorry about the lights and electrical problems and don't know how to fix maybe you should trade it for the new drv we have on the lot we will make you a good deal... hahaha i will never buy from them again and im wondering if drv is famous for not doing warranty work or if the dealership is just a bunch of lying scam artist.
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User's recommendation: Stay away from Great Escapees rv sales

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This is My trailer brakes were not working when I picked excellent trailer.It is a well made trailer. My prv