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DO NOT Drive Here!

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On April 29, 2014 I went into Drive Here with high hopes of purchasing a reliable car for myself and two children. I met with a salesman by the name of Devon. After a short discussion about the cars that Drive Here had to offer me the salesman pointed to a 2004 Saturn Ion which he highly recommended. So with good faith, I decided to test drive the 2004 Saturn Ion. While test driving the Saturn Ion I noticed that the coolant light was on which I then pointed out to the salesman who reassured me that the problem could easily be fixed. After pulling back into the lot and inspecting the car I noticed that there were a few other minor issues; the hood handle was broken so we could not properly open the hood to the car and the car was in need of an oil change. I was notified that the car had an open recall on its ignition switch and that it would be taken care of free of charge by GM. After being promised that Drive Here’s Service center would fix any and all of my other complaints I decided to go with the 2004 Saturn Ion. I was told that I was signing a 2 year lease agreement with the option to buy at the end of the contract.

After signing for the vehicle I then made my first appointment with the service center to get the issues fixed with the car as I was promised. After sitting in Drive Here for several hours with my two children I was told that the coolant light was on due to a temp sensor that needed to be replaced. I was then told that they would order the parts for the sensor and the hood handle and that I would be notified when the parts were in. After a week of no phone call I decided to call and check on the status of my car parts just to be told that they would call me when they received the parts. After several phone call and visits to the shop to get the car repaired my request were still ignored. In the month of February 2015 the heat in the car stopped working. I notified Drive Here that the coolant light was still on and that now my car was also beginning to overheat. I was then able to bring the car in for repairs but before I could even drive off the lot I noticed the coolant light was still on and I notified Drive Here once again. The car was taken to Drive Here 3 times during the month of February with no resolution to my coolant light issue.

During the beginning of April 2015, while driving home from work the car began to smoke/ overheat and I noticed a leak in the driveway coming from under the car. I notified Drive Here and was told to bring the car in. After stopping to fuel my tank and replace the coolant fluid, the car would not restart again and I was forced to leave the car at Wawa until Drive Here could get their tow truck driver out to get it. The car stayed parked at Wawa for 3days and after several phone calls with Drive Here I was then told that the tow truck would not service me because I was out of their jurisdiction. I was then notified by the service center to go get the recall fixed before bringing it back to them. After paying for my own tow to GM to get the recall repairs done the car still would not start and was towed to Drive Here for further service. After Drive Here finally repaired the issue I picked up the car and once again the coolant light was still on. I was instructed to drive it a couple miles by Drive Here’s service techs and that the light would eventually go off on its own. At the end of April 2015 I took the car back to Drive Here for a state inspection. At that time not only was the coolant light still on the check engine light had come on as well, but Drive Here let my car pass state inspection regardless of those two very important warning lights being on

In the middle of May 2015 after a long day at work I returned to my car to drive home but the car would not start. I tried getting a jump and after several failed attempts I called Drive Here to ask for a tow and for the car to be serviced. The car sat in the parking lot of my place of work for 2 days before eventually being towed. The next day I was notified that my car was fixed and ready to be picked up. At that time I was stranded in New Jersey with no way to get to the car. I made Drive Here aware that it would take me several hours to take public transportation to get to the car and that I wanted the keys to be left with the customer service center since their repair shop closed at 7:00. After a cab ride, a bus ride, a train ride my fiancée and I finally reached Philadelphia around 7:30 but we still had about a 3-4 mile walk to get to their location. I called Drive Here twice during my walk to let them know where exactly I was and that I was coming to retrieve my car. When I arrived at Drive Here at 8:05 the lights were off, the doors were locked and there was a security guard patrolling. I noticed my car was parked out front and I approached the security guard to try to retrieve my keys. I was then told by the security guard that my car was a repo from New York. I assured the security guard that I had never missed a payment nor did I ever live in New York and that the car was simply there for repairs. After an exchange of words he refused to call his manager/store owner and threatened to shoot my fiancée and I if we stepped foot in the car. My fiancée called the police who arrived quickly and after a long altercation the security guard finally called the store owner who then allowed us to retrieve the car. The following day I was so distraught by the night’s event that my fiancée and I took it upon ourselves to go down to Drive Here and speak with the customer service manager Shantel who in return gave us no comfort or resolution to our ongoing problems with Drive Here.

In June 2015 not only was the check engine light still on, the battery light came on. The car broke down once again. I was able to get a jump to start the car but the power steering went out and the service vehicle light came on. I was told that the car needed an alternator. I was able to get the car over to an auto shop where they then fully charged the battery enough for me to drive it over to Drive Here. When I did park the car at Drive Here it would not start again. I made Drive Here aware that it needed an alternator and I was told the car would be ready in a few hours. I waited several hours before returning to Drive Here to see if my car was ready for pick up. When I arrived there I was told that they were still waiting on a part for the car. While talking to the service reps I noticed that their mechanics were installing a new glass window on the left passenger side of my vehicle. When I asked why I was getting a new glass window I was told two different stories before the Service manager, Juan finally said that they accidentally broke it. After the glass was installed I was told that the car was ready and that I owed Drive Here $40 for a used battery with no warranty. After arguing with the service manager Juan and refusing to pay for a battery that I did not ask for nor agreed to install, I attempted to reach out to the customer service manager Shantel. After the two mangers laughed about breaking my car window the service manger Juan then came up with the idea to then charge me for a $60 diagnostic fee instead of the battery fee. I refused to pay once again because I knew that Drive Here had not resolved the issue at hand. He then told my fiancée to not bring the car back to Drive Here for anymore service issues. After returning to my car and starting the car I noticed the battery light and check engine light were still on which indicated that once again Drive Here did nothing to resolve my issue. I went back in to make the managers aware of the issue but I was once again ignored and forced to drive back home. The following day the car broke down. Drive Here towed it back to their shop and after several attempted phone calls to get the issue resolved I was told that they would call me when the car was ready. It is now July 3, 2015 after 2 weeks of not receiving a phone call from Drive Here I went to check on the car. I was told by the customer service reps that there was no open file on the car and that it had not been serviced. After several failed attempts to work with Drive Here I have concluded that I can no longer afford to continue with my lease.

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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
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Drive Here Posted My Name and Address On The Streets

This company has the worse customer service around. They are unreasonable and unprofessional. The children answering the phones barely know what they are doing and have no phone ettiquete at all.

If you are two days late with a payment they will harrass you by posting you name on your car and your house with bold construction paper colors for the entire neighborhood to see. Even after you make a payment the harrassment will continue. While one person says you can make an arrangement to pay in a couple of days another person will tell you that is unacceptable and the practice continues.

Do whatever you can to avoid this company, once they get you any customer service goes out the window.

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My contract with them was a 2003 Chevy Venture. The first day I bought the car and took it home was the first sign of how this company is so UNPROFESSIONAL. I had to bring the vehicle back because they put the tags on the vehicle. They informed me it need to have a truck inspection tag on the vehicle( still to this day I never seen a Chevy Venture van, needing three inspection stickers, even on trucks, I only seen two inspection stickers), they gave me some BULL that it depends on the cargo weight of the vehicle, so to save myself a mind blowing headache, I agreed and took the vehicle back. I also mentioned that the driver side door was off track, and the ABS sensor came on( all this within a few hours of taking it home, I don't even think it was a full 24 hrs yet at that point). They told me for the door, to take to one repair shop, when I got there, I had to wait because the mechanic for the door was not there yet, and was informed to handle my ABS Sensor first, and then return.So I did just so. I went to this FILTHY, little HOLE IN THE WALL GHETTO shop, to get my ABS sensor fixed. When I got there, there was already three people waiting on their vehicles to get fixed. As I sat there waiting, we was talking among ourselves, and the horror stories they were telling me was MAD CRAZY! One woman was In the same situation I was in, she just got her car, and the engine was overheating, and something was wrong with the radio. Another woman, said ever since she had her car, every week she has been back at this shop getting things fixed. Honestly, I forgot what the third woman was there for, but I do know she was there for about 3 hours and counting. That was the second red flag for me. Needless to say, I waited for 4 hours, for the ABS Sensor to get fixed( DID I MENTION THE SOFA/COUCH THEY HAD FOR PEOPLE TO SIT AND WAIT ON WAS SO DISGUSTING THAT I WOULDN'T EVEN LET A PIG/SWINE COVERED IN *** ROLL ON IT!!! IT WAS SO FILTHY, THAT I THINK YOU WOULD HAVE TO CHISEL THE FILTH OFF OF IT!!!). THE ABS Sensor was fixed at no cost to me( I think that was the only good this company provided). I went back to the shop to fixed the door, and I was informed that the mechanic had left for the day and for me to come back on Monday( did I mention I live 30 miles away?). A week later my ABS sensor light came back on.(POOR REPAIR SERVICE- I didn't want to deal with this company`s BULL!). I went to my mechanic and got that fixed.

I continued to make timely payments, and keeping routine checkups. A little over a year the alternator went, without warning, while I was on the expressway with my children! I replaced that. A few months later the engine started to over heat, and I had a mechanic to take a look at it, he told me to take it back to the company and also informed that that the transmission is messed up as well!!! So I call Drive Here and informed them of the problems. After getting passed around the world( about 3 weeks later-POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE)someone in customer service told me that, I would have to pay for the engine to be repaired, and that they would finance me for the transmission for get fixed. I told her I would sign off for a voluntary repossession. That I would give the vehicle back. ANYONE THAT HAS OWNED A USED VEHICLE KNOWS THAT THE MAJOR COMPONENTS THAT MAKES A CAR OPERATIONAL IS THE ENGINE, THE TRANSMISSION, and THE ALTERNATOR. THAT THERE IS NO WAY IN LESS THAT A YEAR AND A HALF, WITH ROUTINE CHECKUPS, THE VEHICLE SHOULD NOT BE THAT MESSED UP!!! I understand usual wear and tear, but that is not usual! The customer service rep sent me to which was suppose to be the owner.

The owner was concerned that I was a good customer and never missed a payment( in fact I called them when they was late getting the payment from me-POOR PAYMENT SERVICE!)(During all this, I had to go out and purchase a vehicle to get back and forth to work). He asked that I come down there, to select a new vehicle, and that there was so many cars to choose from. I made an appointment, like an ***, and went down there a few minutes before my appointment, and viewed the lot. The selection of cars was the WORST!!! ALL LATE MODELS AND ALL HAD HIGH MILEAGE!!! The car selection was mostly 96 -99 Saturn, Malibu`s with off the wall high mileage. I think they had a 99 Jeep Cherokee, which I would possibly be remotely interested in. My husband was furious at this point for the insult. A woman of my word, I kept my appointment. I was a few minutes early, and waited patiently, until the owner was over 20+ minutes late( VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!) !I walked out pissed! He called my cell phone about and hour later and apologized for being late and had the NERVE to ask why I left?! I informed him that I looked at the selection, and let him know it was the WORST!!! He asked me to spare him few minutes as he went thru a list of "new vehicles." The new list was even more INSULTING. I told him I will be down to sign the voluntary repossession papers-( THEY *** THAT BAD!!). I WOULD NEVER EVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE!! THEY ARE FAR FAR FROM PROFESSIONAL!!! EVERY DEPARTMENT WAS UNPROFESSIONAL AND GHETTO AS ***!!!YOU SEE THIS NAME YOU SHOULD RUN!!! :(

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