Excellent dentist and staff!

My family recently started going to Dr. Hatfield and we couldn't be more pleased. Everyone there, including the front desk staff, has been incredibly friendly and accommodating to my entire family. My 6 year old daughter has Sensory Processing Disorder and is hyper sensitive to any kind of pain or discomfort. Dr. Hatfield and his staff are so gentle that my daughter absolutely loves going there. I, myself, hadn't been to a dentist in a long time because of fear and after having a cleaning, a filling, and an extraction, I can confidently say that I am no longer scared of going to the dentist. Everyone, from Dr. Hatfield to the hygienists to the assistants, is very good about making sure you're not in any discomfort, and they explain what they're doing and why. I don't know why someone would complain about having to pay a fee for not giving 24 hour notice that they wouldn't be at their appointment. Most (if not all) dentist and doctor offices have the same type of policy. We have had to cancel an appointment in the past and have had no issues at all.
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Fairmont, West Virginia
Reason of review
Good quality


"0 STARS" METLIFE / TRICARE PATIENTS : AVOID THIS DENTAL OFFICE Scheduled consult/repair appointment. WALKED OUT AFTER CONSULTATION. Dr seen was not the same one I scheduled the appointment with. Office was cluttered/dirty. Consultation - YES, JUST THE CONSULTATION - was painful and unprofessional. Suggested treatment was ridiculous - TREATMENT PLAN WAS FOR THEIR FINANCIAL GAIN, INSTEAD OF PATIENT CARE - which should be priority. Office staff was rude. Attempted to collect payment before insurance was billed - WITH NO COPAY REQUIRED - and no "exceptions" to that policy. DO NOT GO TO THIS DENTAL OFFICE. PERIOD. Review posted on Google / YP / Health Grades Worst dental experience I have ever had, and will never recommend this office.
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Fairmont, West Virginia
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Horrible business practices

How someone could allow such a disastrous office manger to run their business into the ground is beyond me. I heard complaints from people in the past while going there and thought they were nuts until his office screwed my families accounts up. And I believe he is practicing billing fraud also. And never mind the fact he had to file bankruptcy for business as well as personally. I moved on and found a new dentist in Dr. Bonasso who is a far better person than Craig is. I don't know if your office manager is a relative but you better get a hold of the situation before you have to close your Fairmont office just like your Morgantown office.
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Clarksburg, West Virginia
Reason of review
Problems with payment

Dr. Craig Hatfeild is unprofessional

Dr. Hatfield of Fairmont WV is rude and unprofessional and needs to take classes in business management and consumer relations. His staff needs overhauled! His form of payment is pay pal... can't he afford to get a credit card machine in his office to take payments? The paypal will not accept benefits debit cards given to you by your insurance to pay for meds, office copays ect...Get a new system Mr. Hatfield and stop screwing over patients. Your office system is juvinile and you need to have respect for your patients or soon you will have no patients.. I don't expect him to last long in Fairmont!!
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I've had several issues with payments/scheduling and I agree one of the front desk attendants is very rude…I think dr hatfield is a wonderful dentist but I switched due to his office staff (excluding dental hygienes, they r wonderful)


I'm so angry with Dr. Craig Hatfield's office that I could spit nails.

Last week, before being admitted to the hospital, I called his office and made an appointment to get my mouth looked at. They scheduled me for Thursday, even though I told them it was bad. I was in the hospital for 5 days because the antibiotics weren't working. Therefore, I missed my appointment at Dr.

Hatfields office. Imagine my surprise, on the day I was released, to find a bill for $25 in my mail for a missed appointment fee. I called and explained my situation, and the woman stated she would leave a note for the billing woman. No problem, right?

Wrong! I received another letter from them today stating I still owe it and that it was just too bad. I will NEVER use this dentist again.

This is a horrible way to do business. I could understand if I was just messing off and forgot, but I was hospitalized, couldn't really talk, and was on IV antibiotics and pain killers.


I have been a Patient of doc hatfields for years. He has ran my credit card every time no problem.

I have been there 10 times or better. Some people need to get their big boy shoes on before publicly calling out a great doctor like doc hatfield. My entire family goes to him and have never and I mean never had one problem. Billing is honest and fast, work is state of the art, how can u complain about this guy?

Doc if u read this, this is Jason, I am still loving my flapper u made!

U said I would prob put it in a drawer and not wear it, but I wear it 24-7!!! U did great man.


:cry Listen, this is the same pt that is constantly moaning about us. We took paypal for a very short time because our ge money credit card machine that I have had for years went down.

If you don't like coming, please just find another dentist. I have tons of pts, most that really like me, you take up their time they could be seen. You need to grow up and accept responsibility for your actions. You acted up, and got kicked out of our office.

YOu don't see me running my mouth on you so please keep your comments to yourself. One more outbreak, and I will contact my lawyer for all the lies you have spread across the internet on me.


Maybe it is you that needs to grow up Hatfield. I went to you for years until your office screwed everything up.

And speaking of accepting responsibility, maybe you should have thought of that before you filed bankruptcy, both professionally and personally. Pay you bills like an adult!

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Fairmont, West Virginia

Rude and unprofessional behavoir by the front desk staff and dentist himself

I was a patient at Craig Hatfield in fairmont WV and had appointment to get my teeth cleaned. When I entered I was told of a previous balance I had with the office. $64. when I gave them my insurance benefits credit card to use, the said they use pay pal only and it has not been taking patients benefits debit cards, which is a visa. I pay all my office co pays and balances to all my medical and dental bills with this card and it is accepted by all, except for this particular dentist. When I complained they said to have a seat and they would get the office manager. while waiting another patient was complaining about her insurance verification and how they had screwed it up and when i heard this I commented to her that they apparently did not have their act together and that i will be going somewhere else to get mu teeth cleaned. I then told the front desk I would be making out a check for the balance ans would not be back. the office manager heard my complaint and went to get the dentist who then came out and asked me to leave in a angry confrontational way. He threatened to call the police if I did not leave. I was dumbfounded. What has just happened...what is going on? No..let me see what we can do to satisfy you..or who was rude to you..just leave. I left and went to the car and cried. Since the incident they have since sent me an invoice with a charge of not cancelling my apt within 24 hrs. even though I was there...
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To the One Time Patient, you seem to know more about how the office works, and less about how to pay your bill on time. You actually sound like a disgruntled ex-emoployee who needs to get a life and move on.

Stop being a loser and pay your bill. If you don't pay what your insurance company tells you to pay, that office can report you to the insurance company and they will terminate your coverage for breach of contract.


:grin I have NEVER had a problem with him or his staff. My daughter shadowed there for dental school, and loves them. I have seen Dr. Hatfield many times, and he is by far the best dentist around. To the "one time patient" How does he treat his staff? I know two of the girls that work for him and LOVE him. They have been there for years.

You say "He pays them for lunch but they aren't permitted to leave" Have you ever ran a business? I don't know why he would ever pay for a lunch but if I am paying for someones lunch, i wouldn't allow them to leave either!

VERY BRILLIANT - He installed a device so none of his staff can get cell phone service inside his building.

I want one of these for my office, if there is such a thing. You know how many people lay on their phones and STEAL company time?

Who cares about his son? You seriously seem like an old hag that needs to get a life! Grow up!


I too was a patient of this office and found the staff very rude. As for the dentist, he didn't even tell me if I needed to come back and have any teeth filled, never mentioned the 2 teeth they were broken.

I had insurance which paid my cleaning in full as well as the bitew wings I had done. I will never go back to this office again. I later learned how he treated his staff, no wonder they were all so rude.

He pays them for lunch but they aren't permitted to leave. He installed a device so none of his staff can get cell phone service inside his building, he had manadotory staff meetings and doesn't pay his staff for attending and he has his son who is under the age of 5 running around the office.


Hello, first let me explain the "real story" She did not pay her bill for several months, and we sent her statements that she ignored so she was past due on a balance. If you owe someone money, you should pay it before you rack more of a bill up. Secondly, you were cursing in front of a 5 year old child and thats why I was angry and asked you to leave. You acted like an 8 year old whiny baby, when paypal didn't accept the card. Our main credit card machine was down, and it was fixed right after.

You seriously need a life before you get on a public website and start bashing someone. I don't think you even remember the entire story as you were so very rude to my girls in the front, no one wanted to even deal with you.

If there is a problem, hows about next time, be a "grown up" and pick up the phone and call, instead of being a little baby and posting *** *** on the internet that no one really gives a rats *** about.

:cry :cry

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#237917 Review #237917 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Fairmont, West Virginia

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