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Dr kit slocum neutered my cat 5 days ago and now he is dead

Met a lady who feeds stray cats all around Tempe az. I mentioned to her if she knew how to get a voucher for neutering. A couple of weeks later she called me and explained to me that she traps 7-8 cats a month and takes it to a vet, she had an opening for my cat to go with her at no cost not fully explaining to me the lies about to arise. So on Sunday november 11 2012 I met her on the strip mall and loaded him into a bigger cage then my pet carrier. I wrote my name, number, my cats name, breed, age etc. Monday afternoon she brought him to my apartment and I took him inside. He looked groggy from being put under. Hours later he was still the same, the next day...same. He tried to walk and moved slowly dragging his right back leg. He had the look of confusion in his eyes and had no more ***. He wouldn't eat only drink a little water. I called the lady who took him to the vet and she said he is probably is in pain and to keep an eye on him. On Thursday im frantic and called the lady again for the number of the vet. I waited another day got the number for the lady who has the number for the vet. I called the vet explained who I was what my problem was and what do I do. The vet tech proceeded to tell me he was considered a stray along with the others she brought in and wasn't any different. They clipped an ear to identify him as neutered. She asked if he was eating I said no and she suggested baby food through a syringe. If he is not better by Monday bring him in. I kept telling them there is something wrong with him he walks like he had a stroke. So late Saturday night I came home after being gone for 45 minutes to find him dead. When I told the person who took him to the vet she told me they don't do blood tests to strays only put them under spay/neuter the animal bring the stray where they got caught and release them groggy,sick, or in pain. With the tragic death of my cat it makes me leary of what does happen to these poor helpless animals because they have no one to care for them. This whole procedure sounds so inhumane or cruel. No one can explain to me why my cat suffered this awful way of simply being neutered as so many are. Does anybody have any input on how to shut this program down? No animal should be trapped, tranquilized, medically altered, and then released without conscious of how they are or what will happen to them thereafter. Please help me help these poor creatures not end up living a short life to gain popularity to the community for keeping the population of strays down.
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Well, people don't need to be mean to people who post things like this. I do agree that you should not have a cat if you cannot afford to have it "fixed" but, you people could have a modicum of respect.


To h faithfull - Anesthesia is a SERIOUS affair, which is why only licensed professionals are allowed to do it. It is possible for pets, just like people, to have a bad reaction to any of the drugs used, or to have an underlying medical condition that makes anesthesia worse for them.

It could also be that your pet is painful & needs some pain medication. You need to contact your Vet ASAP & have your pet examind to make sure she is OK & that this is nothing serious.


well beleive it or not I too had my cat fixed 5 days ago not by the same doctor but something is wrong with my cat as well. I did pay for services unlike this person and 5 days later my cat is still throwing up.

I am very concerned. My cat is 8 years old but only 7 pounds. Being small makes it even more concerning.

She has become very skiddish and can't even hold down water. I wasn't expecting this outcome!


The blame is on you here not the Dr.

Why didn't you fully find out what would be involved before putting your pet in someone else's care? If your loved your pet that much why wouldn't you just go to a regular vet? Now at a regular vet bloodwork would be recommended to check for any pre-existing conditions that might make the surgery risky, such as any kidney or liver disease, any anemia etc. ? Let me guess why you didn't want to do this - you wanted to save some $$$

Since stray animals have no-one paying for their surgeries a lot of Dr's do them in their own free time or at heavy discount & a financial loss (doesn't cover the cost of the drugs/anesthetic equiptment/their time & what they could be making if they were seeing their normal patients). Obviously with them already doing this at a loss they in most cases CANNOT afford to run expensive bloodwork on these animals, they simply wouldn't be able do them anymore if they had to cover the cost of this as well. Not only that but cheapskates like you who take advantage of their time by lying & having them see your pet as well only adds to the problem by further reducing the resources/time they have to spend on the actual stray animals.

Population control of stray animals is VITAL to try & reduce the number of animals that end up being killed by shelters every year. A cat can have multiple litters a year once they are several months old - adding hundred more unwanted & unfed animals to an area. These animals either starve to death, get hit-by-cars or get caught and taken to the shelter where 99% are to ill/feral to be adopted & just get euthanized straight away. Look at the statistics for the numbers of cats killed in shelters every year. It's horrifying! These vets are trying to help reduce those numbers, and while one or two animals may have adverse anesthetic reactions the vast majority will be back to normal within 12 hours.

How about you help out by volunteering at a spay/neuter programme or donate the money you should have spent on your cat to one instead of moaning about it.


Now your concerned AFTER YOU WERE TOO CHEAP TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN CAT!!!!!!!!!!!As long as people like you allow this to happen poor animals pay THE PRICE!!!!!!!!


The first thing that comes to my mind had your cat neutered for free in a strip mall. Without pre-op bloodwork...what did you expect?

Most of the low cost/free clinics are not available for post op problemsand if you signed an anesthesia waiver, it probably states this. That same anethesia waiver most likely said if there are any problems to call a vet hospital ASAP.

Meaning ANY animal hospital. So, its your own fault that cat died.

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