Karl Arakelian - A very terrible dentist

He is one of the worst dentists in the world. He did not and he does not know how to analyze thoroughly and carefully, when there was a little loose debris where he should have flossed or cleaned between my upper teeth after he put a new bond behind one of my upper front tooth, even though I did not think about it, until later, when he should have flossed that debris when I realized it later, but instead he smoothed the tooth 2 times and it could be a possibility that the tooth may have started to cause a sharp edge or it could be a possibility that he did not do the bonding the right way of one of my upper front tooth that may have started to cause a sharp edge. It felt like that he left the debris a little bit of a mess between my upper teeth without cleaning any remaining debris around my upper front teeth after he put a bond behind one of my upper front teeth. It seems that he did not look to clean or floss between my teeth, if there were any loose debris and if he did clean or floss the loose debris between my teeth, then I would not have become confused, which I did. I noticed and it seems to me that he was looking at me, nervously or possibly angry, while I shook his hand by saying to him thank you and have a good day, while he was not saying anything to me and he stood there by being idle, before I left from the dental office that day, regarding the smoothing of one of my upper front teeth that it may have started to have a sharp edge, while a debris was, still, between my upper front teeth. The other times, he was irate and rude and he had terrible customer relations with me for the last 3rd and 4th times. His job performance showed me that he does not have the knowledge by not having a clue how to smooth my sharp edge upper front tooth that I still feel with my tongue a lot of the times. I remembered and I would say that it could have been the 3rd time, when I was there, he was trying to fix my sharp edge teeth, then he told me to rinse, and, at the same time, he was giving me a light hit on my right upper arm and it could have been that he was angry with me. The 3rd time when I was there, I was trying to see if I did not feel any sharp edge upper front tooth after he tried to smooth it, which he thought that he did. At that time, I was trying many times to be sure that I did not feel the sharp edge and I thought that it was not there anymore, even though, I still feel it sometimes. Maybe, it could be a reaction of the tongue. I told him that it was okay and he said "GREAT" and he walked away with rudeness. I asked the dental assistant why Dr. Arakelian did this to me and she said that he has to be get ready to work on another patient, even though, Dr. Arakelian was very rude to me. He has no analytical, no logical, and no comprehensive dental skills at all. I went to him 4 times and he still did not know how to find a solution. The last 3rd and 4th times when I saw this dentist, he was not pleasant to me and he was very rude to me. He had no patience at all with me. The last time when I was there inside the office, before going to see him, he was in front of me and he was asking something to an employee and he did not even say hi to me. He was ignoring me and he did not even look at me. Then when it was time to go see Dr. Arakelian, he asked me "how can I help you?", when he already knew the problem. I told him that I still feel the sharp edge and he said to me that he does not know what to say and he became rude and irate and he asked me if it was this or that and he, still, did not know how to analyze the upper sharp edge tooth problem, even though he tried to smooth my edge tooth and I thought that it went away, but I still feel it a lot of the times, after I left the dental office. Therefore, the sharp edge of the upper front tooth never went away. When I asked him if he detected the edge tooth, he did not answer me at all. When I apologized to him the last time before leaving, he said to me like this: "Say it the other way, have a nice day", which shows me how rude he was to me. It is like he was saying to me, GET LOST!!!! Then he shook my hand by saying have a nice day. He could not and he still did not find a clue to diagnose my upper front sharp edge tooth, which means that he does not know how to analyze the other logical alternatives to solve the solution. All the other people in the dental office are very nice, except him. He never cared to call by asking me about my tooth. Because, he showed me that he did not know how to have a clue by solving a dental problem with patients, like me, then he needs to either lose his license to practice dentistry or he needs to go back to dental school to improve himself or work for a reputable dentist. He does not care at all, but to make his lucrative profits. He is not interested to have feelings, understanding, and compassion towards patients like me. He showed me that he does neither have any wisdom, nor any caring at all. I was not thinking before, but as far as I know, he did not take the photo of my old crown to show proof to the dental insurance, so that I do not have to pay a lot of money out of my pocket and I paid a lot of money out of my pocket and he had me to call the dental insurance to explain about my old crown, so that the dental insurance would believe that I was the patient who used to have the old crown, to replace it with the new crown, but the dental insurance told me that they need a proven photo of the old crown and as far as I know, he did not take the proven photo of the old crown. He gave me his card and he wrote down on his card that the old crown has food stains and he told me that was my homework to do by calling the dental insurance to explain that matter and then to call Dr. Arakelian back, so that the dental insurance would believe that I was the patient, regarding to replace the old crown with the new crown. When I called them, they told me that they still need proven photo of the old crown, in order to pay possible full coverage of the new crown. He told me that if the dental insurance does not pay, then he said to me that it will come out of my pocket, which showed me how rude he is when he said that to me. It was his responsibility to handle the insurance and I felt that he did something sneaky and not right., but they told me that they still need photo prove of the old crown, in order to pay possible full coverage of the new crown. About the new crown, I paid $1577. WHAT A RIPOFF!!!! Where he put the new crown, I told him that I feel a lump on my crown and he told me that I have to get used to it, when he could have smoothed it, so that the tongue is not in its way, but I had someone to smooth my new crown. About not smoothing the new crown, I felt that he had something against me and, later, I feel to realize that he did this to me on purpose, so that he wanted to get rid of me, indirectly. Dr. Arakelian is a very evil dentist. I told him to put the crown under the upper gum where he put, so that the line between the crown and the gum does not appear and that the crown appears like other regular teeth and he did not listen to me and he does not care at all, which means that there is, still, a line between the crown and the upper gum. Also, a person told me that Dr. Arakelian did not do a good job on the filling of the tooth of a patient. Even my next door neighbor told me that someone told him that Dr. Arakelian is not a good dentist. So far, there are 3 bad testimonials and, possibly, more. Dr. Arakelian has 3 college degrees, according to his website, and he, still, does not have any dental logical skills. In his website, he says that he truly cares. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!! HE DOES NOT CARE!!!! PLEASE DO NOT FOOL YOURSELVES WITH HIS WEBSITE!!!! His website is www.karlarakeliandmd.com. AGAIN, PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT HIS WEBSITE!!!! IT IS A MYTH!!!!!!! I used to go to him for about 10 to 11 years and, all of the sudden, he became very rude and very irate with me after what he did to me, even though I was, always, kind to Dr. Arakelian. He is a very evil and distrustful dentist. He will give me nothing, but terrible and evil nightmares for the rest of my life. He put me into a very terrible, very frustrated and very confusing position. Still, I am having a very hard time to get over, after what he did to me. He made my life very miserable and he can, also, make peoples' lives very miserable as well. I will, never, trust him and I feel that Dr. Arakelian is very dishonest. A strong advice to people is to stay away from him as much as possible. He is a very unintelligent, very apathetical, very uncompassionate, and a very evil dentist. Go and seek a very good, very reputable, very honest, very caring, and very compassionate dentist.
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Dr A has done nothing but help me and his staff is great also. I have never had any experience like the ones mentioned here. My kids love to go to the dentist, that says something to me.


To Beth and Rose,

I guess you both are blessed so far that you never had problems with Karl Arakelian. If you both were in my shoes, then you will understand very well.

I wish you both the best, if you both never had a problem so far with Karl Arakelian.

You never know how Karl Arakelian will be later with people, like you both.


I have been a patient of Dr. Arakelian's for over 10 years and have never experienced anything but conscientious, meticulous care and professionalism from him and his staff.

In fact, my experiences with Dr. Arakelian have been so positive that I drive over an hour to his office instead of finding another dentist closer to my home or work.

I have frequently referred friends and colleagues to Dr. Arakelian and will continue to do so without reservation.


I don't believe a word of this. I've been taking my family to Dr.

Arakelian for almost 20 yrs and never experienced anything like this. He is kind and gentle and goes above and beyond for his patients (coming in during the off hours to help a person in need).

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Dr Karl Arakelian is a dental office that has been serving the area of Bradford, MA for 52 years. Dr Karl Arakelian offers a full array of dental services to help you create a satisfying smile. Among them are Digital Radiography, Bonding, Cosmetic Contouring, Crowns and Bridge, Specialty Dentures, Cosmetic Fillings, Implants, Veneers, Whitening, Painless Injections, Sealants, Root Canal Therapy, Extractions, Scaling and Root Planing, Dentures, Cosmetic Dentistry, CEREC (Single Visit Crowns), Laser Treatment, Laser Caries (Cavity) Detection. Dr Karl Arakelian offer convenient, timely appointments and multiple payment options. Dr. Karl and his staff strive to improve the overall health of patients by focusing on prevention. Dr Karl Arakelian provides patients education.

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