Another addition to Alleghany regionals wide variety of quacks!

ANOTHER ADDITION TO ALLEGHANY REGIONALS WIDE VARIETY OF QUACKS! Like the title says DR.Jeff Henderson is a wonderful addition to the VERY poor staff that you will find at Alleghany Regional hospital.My father fell and broke his hip on july 12 2010 and had surgery on july 13 2010 something happened to my father during surgery that caused him to be bedridden,incontinent,and sleeping 22 or 23 hours a day.My father before surgery was a functional man he walked,talked,fed himself,bathed himself,dressed himself,and went everywhere I went vacations,restaurants ,stores etc.My mother and I were told by DR.Clare D Weidman and his son Cory that the surgery my father was having was a very simple and routine surgery and would only take about 40 mins.My father was gone for over 2 hours including recovery.My mother asked several times if everything was ok since he was gone longer than we were told.My mother was told yes everything was ok.When my father was brought back to his room in ICU he was asleep.The next day my father was asleep most of the day also only awake for maybe an hour.I asked DR,brown as did my mother why is my father still asleep to which DR.Brown replied "I do not know why".Never once did DR.Brown or DR.Weidman offer to refer my father to a more experienced DR.or a better hospital such as UVA.Never once was a neurologist mentioned.I had to ask that my father be given an MRI and CATSCAN to which DR.Brown acted as if this was a waste of time.My father continued to sleep 22 or 23 hours a day for months.My mother and I had to keep him awake long enough to feed him 3 meals a day.After about a month my father had to have a feeding tube placed because he could no longer swallow.My family and I were never once given an answer as to why my father came out of surgery this way.I asked NUMEROUS people in many different medical positions both inside and out of the hospital if my fathers condition was normal and I was told NO.I was told by one person that worked in the hospital that they had seen in their job people come into the hospital with alzheimers and dementia so bad that the patient did not know who or where they were and that these people had surgery and came out in better condition than my father.This person said SOMETHING OBVIOUSLY HAPPENED TO YOUR FATHER DURNING SURGERY.My father lived for 8 months after this botched surgery.I called HCA's corporate office in Nashville TN and Richmond VA about the (so called) care my father received at the hands of Alleghany regional and the DR's there.After this complaint I had a meeting with Alleghany regional's CEO and head nurse which did not really amount to anything.I was told by these 2 that "this is not the way we do things here".When I heard that I almost puked as I have had both friends and relatives that have worked at ARH over the years and I know exactly how that hospital is run.My mother was also called by DR.browns office and asked to come down for a meeting to talk about my father.DR.Brown told my mother he wanted to talk to her because I had complained to their corporate office about him.During this meeting DR.brown asked his nurse to go get a copy of my fathers MRI the nurse brought one from 2001 my mother said this is from 2001 DR.Brown said nothing and my fathers MRI was not mentioned again.I do not believe they even did an MRI after my fathers surgery as we asked.My father died on march 30 2011. Before my fathers death DR.Brown had resigned as my fathers DR and Let the DR who works for Sentara Home health on main street in covington take over.This is where DR.Jeff Henderson works DR. Henderson never saw my father once he was only going by Dr browns "doctored up" records on my father.My family received a letter from Dr Brown saying that he would no longer be my fathers Dr.The day my father died when the nurses from sentara were in my home the funeral home employee said who is going to sign the death certificate to which the nurse said SCOTT BROWN AT JRI.I said no he is no longer my fathers doctor.The nurse looked at me and said we never got a letter saying that did you I said yes we did.So the nurse said get Jeff Henderson to sign it.On my fathers death certificate it says cause of death END STAGE DEMENTIA which is barely legible.Yes my father had been diagnosed by Dr Brown as having dementia but that did not cause his death his death was caused by what ever went wrong during his surgery and was covered up by Dr Brown and DR weidman.Any person off the street knows a walking talking man does not have a 40 min surgery and come out in this condition unless something happened during surgery.My father only had mild memory problems but could still function as a normal person he was most certainly not bedridden or any of these other problems until after this surgery.My family called DR Hendersons office and told his nurse what we wanted to speak to him about (my fathers death certificate)the nurse said she would give him the message.We received no call for days then one day we received a call once again from Sentara home health.The nurse on the other end of the phone had been asked by DR.Jeff Henderson to call my mother since I suppose he did not have the professionalism to call her himself.This nurse just went around in a circle with my mother on the phone.This nurse actually said she would defend DR Weidman as a DR because "he prays before every surgery".This "nurse" said she did not believe DR Henderson would change my fathers cause of death but that she would ask.DR Jeff Henderson still did not have the decency to call my mother back and give her an answer.My father died of complications from surgery not end stage dementia.DR.Jeff Henderson is only trying to seal off avenues for a malpractice case.I feel as do many others that there are numerous people that know what really happened to my father during surgery.The surgeon,his son/assistant,anesthesiologist,nurses in the room,DR Brown and several others I feel know the truth.I was even told by one nurse that she believed my father "coded" during surgery.Instead of being decent people and health care PROFESSIONALS these people have tried their best to hide the truth and allowed a man to suffer and die as a result.
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Finally a valid complaint!

So sorry about the loss of your father, but I agree something is not right here. I would recommend you seek legal representation and pursue legal action against the physician and hospital involved. At the very least, you may get some answers as to what went on. You may also want to contact the Medical Records department where the surgery was performed and request a copy of all medical records. Don't mention anything about a lawsuit or you could find yourself in a battle just to get the records. I work in the medical field and if I were you I would take the following actions:

1. ASAP complete the paperwork and pay the fee to get a copy of your father's medical records from the facility where the surgery was performed. Tell them you want the entire record, including surgery documentation, physicians notes, diagnostic test results...all of it. Be prepared to pay for this.

2. Cease all communication with the facility and physician's office. Do not contact them again and especially do not mention a lawyer to them.

3. Contact a lawyer to discuss the case and hire him to represent you in discovering what caused the sudden change in status of your father after the surgery- not an expected result of this type surgery.

4. Do NOT discuss the case with anyone outside of your lawyer's presence and only discuss what he/she advices you to.

5. Lastly, do not seek care from this doctor/ facility- obviously there are some issues going on and I would not trust my life, or my loved ones life with them.

Good luck. I pray you are able to get some answers.

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