map-marker Bayville, New Jersey

Dr Cheri Mys Curtis Review from Bayville, New Jersey

Horrible perverted woman! My husband feels uncomfortable with people looking at his body, so he asked me to come with him to the doctor. She rushed in like a flake, all unorganized and flustered about something, did a weird thing when my husband was telling her what was wrong... She stared at him blankly while she typed on her computer, it was really *** Most doctors will actually look at you, and listen, and then type on the computer. Then when it came time to look at his privates, she kicked me out! My husband wanted me there for that very reason. All of my alarm bells went off... Why would this doctor kick me out in order to touch and look at my husbands private parts? She must be some kind of sick ***. If she would have explained why, and was more personable and kinder about it, it probably wouldn't have been a big deal, but she just looked at me and said "you, get out" I couldn't believe it! Every single time that I have gone to a doctor to have my *** examined, not once has my husband been asked to leave. Never! There is something not right about that cow of a doctor.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Had very high blood pressure. Never rechecked before I left office..

never put on blood pressure Medications..

Went to another Doctor she put me on immediately..was too late I blew a clot and had a stroke.. Get away from this lady..


She did the same thing to my husband and did a rectal for no apparent reason


Do you even know where you are? We're not in New Jersey!

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map-marker Burton, Michigan

WARNING horrible doctor

Unfortunately, i had the misfortune to have this so called physician treat me for a serious condition which she could not manage properly I too am lucky to be alive. I have a serious heart condition for which she had me on coumadin and was supposed to be managing my pt/inr levels, she had me walk around in atrial fibrillation for over 6 months because she could not adjust my dosing. She has a bad habit of blaming mistakes on the patient due to her incompetence. She does not tell it like it is she is just simply rude, uncaring and inexperienced and now my once moderate affliction is now a serious and permanent condition in my life. I dont think she could even pass veterinary medicine let alone get a degree in pharmacology. I would discourage anyone to seek out any type of care from this so called physician. She also gets bad reviews from my current physician and his 6 partners. For those who are in her care now, get out while you are still alive.
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Reason of review:
Bad quality
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I had the same problem with her with my,afib which is now persistent because I was in a fib for a year due to her poor Coumadin management she used to be a pharmacist for farm animals

Breelle Flb
map-marker Plano, Texas

Do not use this doctor located in Burton, Michigan

I only write this to warn you. I haven't gone to this doctor in over a year and I am thankful I got out alive. For over a year I went to Dr. Cheri Mys-Curtis for continued bladder infections. Every month! Each month I asked to be sent to a specialist. She refused saying it was "normal" for women to have bladder infections. Finally the last time I asked for all of my medical records - she said she would send them to me in 2 days as she needed to make copies. The next day I received a call that I had an appointment with a specialist. I never received the records however. The specialist informed me that 2 bladder infections a year was serious! I had one every month! There is more - but I don't have the room here to go into all the details. The above is only a sample of her negligence. Please do not go to this doctor. She is not only rude and lazy, but could possibly take your life.
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something tells me "linda" may be ms. mys herself.



Drama is right, *** and loose some weight is what it sounds like to me. Act like a grown woman and stop expecting to by coddled by Doc's.

This is a very GOOD doctor who works her butt off to help people. Truth hurts.


Hi Cheri ;) aka Linda


This doctor completely lacks empathy for her patients. Some will say they like how she "tells it like it is", but she is rude and will dismiss your feelings completely.

I've actually cried after leaving her office because she is that mean, and I'm a grown woman. I'm 145 pounds and she keeps telling me I'm so out of shape and my asthma and depression/anxiety problems will be solved by exercise (WHICH I DO!!

I even told her I have a gym membership I usually go to 1-3 times/week). I am not surprised by anything the OP said and do not think she was being unreasonable since I know how this doctor is.


This lady who is a "Pissed Consumer" sounds like someone who expects Doctors to be miracle workers. This doctor tried, this patient sounds unreasonable.

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