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BEWARE of Douglas County Bank of Lawrence KS trust department banker/ attorney J. Michael Davies

Mr. Davies filed a PROBATE COURT petition in Douglas County Ks, Lawrence, KS to remove all legal rights from his customer Georgia Hess and subject her to becoming a ward of the court so that he can control and profit from a large trust account she placed with this bank. Mr Davies also appointed a conservator bank and guardian to take and profit from her estate in addition to the trust funds per his own testimony currently valued at $875,000 named as the Helen H Page Smith Trust that Georgia H Hess is lifetime beneficiary. Debts remain outstanding and unpaid such a caregivers at the sole discretion of Michael Davies since he is the "TRUST OFFICER" /"TRUSTEE" of this account. Michael Davies is not only an officer of this bank but he is also a member of the KS BAR ASSOCIATION and lawyer. Common knowledge is attorneys in this area and KS do not SUE another attorney or member of KS BAR ASSOCIATION. Two judges were also involved with the petition filed by this banker! One reappointed the attorney Georgia Hess had legally dismissed to represent her? Georgia Hess dismissed CREWS LAW FIRM in writting for breeches of contact and no accounting of a $5000 retainer. The other Judge refussed to accept representation and documents of her legal powers of attorney and evidence under KS LAW! Georgia Hess has legal rights to not only appoint her legal powers of attorney but also does have a will to support her decisions regarding settlement of her estate. In 2009 when Georgia Hess made her final decisions regarding her property and estate Georgia Hess she was declared and deemed "FULLY COMPETENT" by her medical doctor and Lawrence Memorial Hospital and all legal attorneys and cousel she sought through 2011! MR DAVIES asked MR ROBERT BARNETT PHD ,whose spouse is one of the listed beneficiaries of the trust after Georgia Hess is deceased, to become involved in evauluations to aid his probate case seeking appointments of conservator bank and guardian making her a ward of the court and MR DAVIES in sole control and final decisions of the TRUST FUNDS and ESTATES of both Georgia Hess and Helen Page Smith deceased daughter of Georgia Hess. FAMILY members are restricted and people owed money for work done and hired by Georgia Hess personally are still threatened with continued non payment by Mr Davies? ACTIONS taken by all parties involved in this ordeal have been totally ignored by the Attorney General and Governor of the state of KS and no effort of stopping it or enforcement even when formal complaints were filed with no results. Stories were released. Would you feel this is ethical business practices and in anyones best intest other than Michael Davies?
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In this court case 2012 CV331 Final n July 18, 2013 and recorded in Douglas County Kansas on July 19, 2013 you will find the truth about this Anonymous granddaughter. She took her grandmothers money, and her personal belongings, even bought property for herself with her grandmother's money.


Ask this delightful person what the judge ordered her to do. (Note: she was hammered). Mike Davies was entirely vindicated.


Davies was not anything but did lie on the witness stand several times and nobody was hammered! I did not see you there?


I am very aware of this situation and it is true that Michael Davies withheld payments due to agencies involved with Georgia Hess' care. Georgia is unfortunately paying the price of living past 100 years old and having no one to be her advocate.

The one granddaughter is not mentally stable and was removed from the facility her grandmother was living and was banned from there.

Then Georgia Hess was moved to another facility in Lawrence, Kansas. No one should have to put up with these bankers and attorneys profiting from our elderly as they have in this case.


This is more false information as the Granddaughter has no history of any type of mental illness! however it is rumored that the Inverarity side of the family to Georgia H Hess are known liars and shady business alliliations. They also suffer from extreme mental illness and drinking problems for many generations.

They have no respect for justice or facts and believe they can buy justice and do as they like to people for a price


This is a complete lie. Mike is a good guy, and one of the most moral bankers I have ever met.

It sounds like greedy family members were trying to manipulate the situation so they could control the trust. Mike was probably just protecting the trust so that selfish people couldn't exploit the situation for personal profit. Its sad you have to drag his name through the mud on this website. If anything really illegal or unethical happened, I'm sure you could have found better places to publish your problems with Mike.

Anyone who reads this, Mike is a good man, and too good to be working with people like this. Sorry you couldn't exploit the situation for that big payday like you were hoping.


Exactly, the granddaughter was sued by Georgia Hess and now owes her grandmother more money than she has made in her entire life time. By the way the Granddaughter is 63 years old and a crook.

She has ripped off other elderly people with the help of her husband. He is nothing more than a security guard yet his wife tells everyone he works for the govt. and has a high security clearance. HA HA HA.

these people are ***!!!

Not Mike, he did a great job! These These people should be in prison!!!!!


Wrong information! Georgia Hess name was used but Georgia Hess would never sue her Grandchildren so obviously you do not know her.

If you knew the facts there were counter claims filed for far more than the alleged gossip represented by an attorney who had represented the previous TRUSTEE and "Mike" lied as he knew Georgia Hess had appointed POA and had given him notice prior to the legal theft of all property of Georgia Hess who is still alive. Obviously you do not know Georgia Hess or the family you comment on as your comments are total BS! John Inverarity and his sister Vena Zook should be in prison or sued....There is a history of horrid greed and mental illness and drinking in the Inverarity family and alleged MOB connections or shady business. You should be sued for defamation of character with your lies and evil gossip here.

Were you involved with lies in court by chance?

When does John Inverarity intend to pay for the six years of no accounting for funds in the HELEN PAGE SMITH TRUST? Is it possible you are related?


Good guys do not take advantage of elderly trust customers and use being a member of the KS BAR for legal theft? There is a track record for this guy doing this to elderly trust customers for an alleged nine years or more.

This probate petition had no legal service or due process!

It was done after she legally informed the guy she was taking her business to a financial management company and to TRUMP her appointed POA.


He has not been a "nice guy" or doing ethical business or he would never filed a probate petition after given legal notice!

Did you think it is ethical business practice to be a Trust Officer and member of the KS BAR and use that to disinherit heirs and steal every cent and personal property and real estate of elderly TRUST customers? Good for you as you obviously did not know he has been involved alleged over nine years....For the record Georgia Hess is alive!

IF he is so honest why does he have to hire other attorneys to file his petitions? This was not even done to Georgia Hess by due process of law as nobody was even given notice of this until after time had expired to answer. Georgia Hess had the legal right to dismiss Mike Davies! He filed this petition after she gave him legal notice and now he has stolen everything while she is still alive and she did have legal attorneys throughout this entire ordeal....WAS DEEMED COMPETENT in 2009....The bank was given copies of POA and he lied in court.

If that is reputable and a "good guy" may your family be blessed with him or one like him .

He has taken everything from Georgia Hess and her family and still never paid the caregivers SHE HIRED!

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