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I purchased a Doro 626 in April 2016. I had trouble with the phone right from the beginning. The phone would take a charge sometimes. When it did take a charge, the charge wouldn't last a day. I made numerous calls to customer "service" After being put on hold, sometimes for 20 minutes, the "help" I got was nothing but self help. Use a different plug, try the car charger, over and over. Well I finally got fed up. On October 11 2016 I went to...
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I didn't like
  • Service
  • Non response to my irritating problem
about problems with my Doro phone which was recently upgraded. The phone can be recharged in the morning and dead by nighttime. I told them that the old phone worked well for years but this one loses vocal; voice message light stays on tho I delete them; at times when trying to make a call I get a streaming message that says 'emergency calls only'; and when the icon of the battery appears it always shows 25%, whether it is recharged or...
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