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The don't deliver your food, and compare their menu with the actual menu of the restaurant and you'll see the price markup on their end.Sometimes it's an extra $3. They also don't honor the coupon codes they send to u. When you try to chat with them, you're ignored. When you reach out to them on twitter, you're ignored. When you email them, you're ignored. Then when you try to call them, they don't have a phone number. Stick with eat24,...
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I didn't like
  • Mailed promo deal not honored
  • Lack of consistency with correct orders
  • Blaming drivers for issue in app

I used a coupon for free delivery and $5 off first order for new customers.I did not notice before I submitted my order that they did not give me the coupon value. I have now been trying to get my refund for over 2 weeks. Since there is no phone # to call it's a big scam and they keep lying to me by email telling me my refund is coming. Then I tried to get my credit card # out of their site which was almost impossible to do. I finally had to...
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