Im only giving a one star bc I have to to wright this review other wise I would give no stars. I am VERY disappointed and unhappy how they handle things with my 2006 Honda accord. They rebuilt my original transmission and not even 2 months later it blew AGAIN. They picked my car up and had it for about a little more than a week and without even asking me what they wanted to do they just put a used transmission back into my car. I would have preferred they did not do that because I would like to keep my original transmission. So they called me and told me my car is ready to be picked up. I would have thought they would have brought my car back to me since they didn't fix my transmission right the first time. But no I had to go out of my way to go pick my car back up. And when I get there the customer service was horrible. Whoever was at the front desk was so ignorant. I tried to ask them what happened to my transmission and they kept saying I don't know. So I asked if there was anybody around that I could talk to to see what happened with my transmission and the guy said we didn't tear it apart we just put another one in for you. Again that's not what I wanted but I was pissed off and stormed out. The next day I called them to see if I can have my original transmission back because I wanted it stay with the car they told me no and it's got all *** about it I told me that there's a core charge and if I want to come see the process of what went on with Transmissions that I can come down and watch it I wanted to. I said how much for me to get my own transmission back. He said $800. Now the mechanic where I originally took my car to said probably around $250 - $300. Now to come to the warranty. When I got my car back from my auto mechanic I asked what the warranty was. They told me two years. So when I went to pick up my car the second time I transmission blew I asked if there was still a two year warranty. I'm an *** behind the desk said there was never a two-year warranty it's a 12 and 12. I told him I was told that I had a two-year warranty so what happened to the other year. He says they never do to your warranties. Be there at 12 and 12 or 3 year warranty depending on which option I choose to do with my transmission. And I told him I would have never went with a 12- month warranty my pick my car up and like I said I was told two years and he kept arguing with me so I got pissed and left. I will never deal with these guys again because of how they talked to me as a customer and the quality of work they did on my transmission and how they didn't even care to ask me what I wanted to do since they *** my transmission up the first time. So like I said I had to give a one star just to write this review otherwise I would give no stars. Very very unsatisfied.
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Swatara, Pennsylvania

4 weeks to have car returned

Today it has been 4 weeks since I had my 1971Plymouth Valiant towed to Don’s Performance Corner. They were recommended because there aren’t many mechanics left who are familiar with carburetors. For some background I purchased the car in March with the understanding that it had a carburetor problem and needed a front end alignment for inspection. I brought it to a mechanic friend who does work on the side, and he rebuilt the carb and set the float, among other things. It appeared to be running fine for a day after I got my car back from him, but on the second day the carb massively flooded and was unable to start it, so I had it towed. I made sure that Larry the Service Manager understood that I needed the car as I planned on using it as a daily driver. Nevertheless, my car sat on their lot 1 week before they even looked at it. When they did, it was determined that my carburetor would need to be soaked in solvent and rebuilt again, that I needed rear brake shoes and a parking brake cable. I was also told that I needed a front right tire as the inside was chopped due to poor alignment (I was aware of this problem). I asked Larry to swap the bad tire with the spare and perform the alignment. There was a delay as the parking brake cable had to be shipped from New York. Understandable, as my car is 44 years old and sometimes parts are hard to locate. When the cable arrived on the day I was informed it would, I had to call late in the day for an update. I was told that they reinstalled my carb and it appeared to run fine. Several days later, when I again called for an update, it was then that I was told that it flooded again, and it was felt that there was a casting flaw in the carb. I was quoted a price of approximately $180.00 for a rebuilt carburetor. When I informed Larry that I wish I had known that I was going to need a carb, as I found a vendor at Spring Carlisle who had brand new Holley 1 barrels for around $120.00. Larry told me he would try to do better on the price of the carb he would have shipped in. On the day that it arrived, I again had to call later in the day for an update. Hoping that my car would be ready, I was disappointed to learn that the rebuilt unit did not have an idle circuit. It would run fine but would not idle. So there was another delay while another rebuilt carburetor could be delivered. Once again on the day of arrival, I was waiting for a phone call hopeful that my car would be ready. My wife and I were down to 1 vehicle, as my other car was dropped off at a restoration shop for needed repair. I had my wife call because if the car was ready, she had a ride lined up to bring her to pick it up. At that time we learned that the replacement carburetor was fine, but it was determined that the fuel pump was the culprit, as it “had pressure but no volume.” I was asked if I wanted Larry to order it. I replied that “I needed the car.” Now I was told by 2 other mechanics that typically when an older car has a fuel delivery problem one of the first things to be checked is the fuel pump. The carburetor that came with my car was no longer available for inspection, as it had to be returned for a core. So this time I unexpectedly was forced to wait for another part to be shipped. Today when the fuel pump arrived, I was called and told that my car is ready and that it runs great, and, by the way, they were unable to perform the front end alignment because the “bushings were tight,” and he was sure that I didn’t want to get into that. Well, no Larry, why would I want a front end alignment? I like having to replace tires due to a misaligned front end! As there had been so many delays waiting for my car to be completed, one wonders why there wasn’t a phone call made to ask if I wanted the front end problem resolved while waiting for parts. Naturally, when I got home from work this evening the first thing I had to do is jack the car up and put the chopped tire back on the vehicle. I will be getting my long wished for front end alignment next week. So what is the legacy of the service I was treated to at Don’s? First, disappointment and a little anger. The rebuilt carburetor that I was told would cost me around $180.00 or less? I was actually charged $236.75. My windshield washer bottle that was previously damaged and repaired to the point that I would have been able to fill it with washer fluid until I obtained a replacement is now not an option as Don’s finished the destruction of the bottle. When I had the car dropped off it had one small rip in the front bench seat and now it has a long second one along the where the fabric and vinyl meet. Granted, its 44 years old and subject to wear, but holy smokes, really? I brought my car to Don’s because I had seen muscle cars and Vettes in their lot as I passed it every day on my home from work. The reviews online didn’t seem too bad. I generally am not one to post negative reviews but felt compelled to after the experience that I had.
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Don got be a few years ago on a transmission rebuild. I picked up the car and it would not shift out of first gear(Turbo Hyro 400).

He took it back and then it would only shift up to 2nd gear. Took back again, waited a week and picked it up it drove nice. TOO NICE!! It shifted smooth as glass(i HAVE A SHIFT KIT AND A HIGH STALL TORQUE CONVERTER IN IT)--I took it back and found he switched my tranny with one out of an old Caddy--I complained ans as we were walking around the shop I found my old tranny sitting on a workbench.

I have a numbers matching muscle car, I complained he took it back and put my old tranny back in. I ended going to PIE trans shop in the area and he fixed it but noticed that Don's had cut opened by torque converter--I talked to other muscle car and street rodders in the area and they all said never go to Dons, I have nothing nice to say about that shop!!!

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Reason of review
Bad quality

Car Repair Review

high cost for a poor service a very poor service. I've been going to Larry at dons for sometime now and I always seem to be going back to fix the original problem. For your information that problem was never fixed in fact Larry himself told me he couldn't fix my car. I couldn't call them professionals. I payed for the same work to be done over and over, they don't seem to know what they are doing
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Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
Reason of review
Bad quality

Poked out the check engine light instead of fixing the problem

a coustomer brought a 2010 toyota camry there to have an engine replaced . the new engine set the check engine light and instead of fixing the problem . don himself proceeded to remove the instrument panel and poked out the check engine light and returned car to coustomer. and on another instance he charged a coustomer for a timing chain that he never put in the car ! i wouldnt recomend any person to take their car here for any type of service because they lie to the coustomer about what their car needs. i know first hand because i used to work there !
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Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
New Reviewer


I only ask that you review my letter that i sent to your Ofc. of attorney general's & PLEASE help expidite my request for , ive seem to of been put on a back burner. Since you department Has both the abilities & resouce to create & cause change,I'm in need of resolve & i want to challenge don's performance as to why there's still two fault code's showing. Since you dept. is related to justice, I"M LOOKING FOR MINE! THX! FOR YOUR TIME MY name is Kevin Pfaunmiller and I’m disabled and unable to work. I took my car to Don's Performance corner on 6/26/07 to have a rebuilt transmission installed. On 03/08 my serv. engine soon light came on w/ fault code indicating internal transmission problems. I did exceed warranty by miles, not the 12 months. I went there in good faith thinking I was purchasing a quality product and in fact I didn’t, I bought junk. I went back repeatedly and w/ no satisfaction .On 06/02/08 was my last time i was there w/ my car and that visit cost me $459.00.The original transmission cost me $2005.00 Why isn’t this transmission working. I have all my receipt and a report done by millers garage @ 432-****(robert)In the report it show there is several fault codes indicating transmission problems I have two receipts that reflect tork converter replacements, and that is what the problem is. If don's actually done the work they claim and replaced all those part that are on the receipts, Why are those fault codes displayed. Either the work done (or) the parts installed were of below standard .I feel as if this is a fraud because the evidence of the car not working is overwhelming .Don claims theres nothing else that he can do for me ,he never said he could'nt do the job. I learn that by the results, and that makes me a victim .The proof he even done the job is'nt supported by the codes displayed or the performance of my car.PLEASE notify robert @ millers auto ph#432-**** and he'll confirm the transmission is junk and needs replaced. I depend on my car for my Dr. appt's, an my wife has work .Please allow this forum to serve a purpose and permit me to prove my case before counting me out. I would appreciate any interest ,concern (or)co-operation in this matter. The current fault codes P0756/P1870 internal transmission forum to serve a purpose and permit me to prove my case before counting me out. I would appreciate any interest ,concern or cooperation in this matter. p.s. Don said he done his part, his part and parts damaged my car. Please INVESTIGATE DON'S PERFORMANCE CORNER, THIS BEHAVIOR CAN NOT CONTINUE TO HAPPEN . They need to be held accountable for there dishonest act's. The proof is in the transmission, how can don deny that. My situation is exausting & discouraging.I'm disabled,unable to work and not sure where to turn. This garage took advantage of me in my handicap and i feel used.I Pd. over $2500.00 for parts & labor not rendered and now my account is depleted & my car still is not working.I only want justice & what i'm legally entitled too,a re-enburstment (or) a transmission .I have all my receipts & a report done by a certified garage confirming whats evident.Please allow me to use this forum for me to present my proof & my case.I did send a complaint into your ofc. back on 7/8/8. Sincerely Thx Kevin L Pfaunmiller I sincerely appreciate you time taken,HELP PLEASE .
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I am taking dons performance to the better business bureau you should too


this place is *** i delt with them first hand when my car went there. hidden costs my car came out worse then it went in i had to have all work they did redone.

plus holy *** the lies with time lines and dead lines and fact the employee i saw drove peoples cars like they were race cars


wowee yous guys dont need a mechanic the both of yous need a shrink holy *** what is wrong with you people one guy wants a free tranny and the other wants a free ride lol just shows again americans gene pool is thining.

its all becomeing clear why americas major corporations are moveing to mexico


opened ear's,Why reply (or) respond w/ out further elaboration. ive been trying to affend the normal now for a while & your a difficult audience.thank you for your time!!!Atleast i still only have you !? ;)


To my new best friend open ear's . this is a vent site & i'm venting you freaking ***.


Open ear's,Closed mind & hidden face .Where is your sence of humor you complete waste of space.your the clown shoe's . Learn to express your feeling's & admit your really jealous & a closet ***?! Light-n-up & enjoy :grin :p :roll


To open ear's ,if you dont like the broadcast turn the station. it's only entertainment intended


This is just a vent site, who the heck do you think is listening here, BOZO the clown


My god the way you ramble, sounds like you are a fruitcake and should still be in that psychatric facility you talked about being in on the other sites. Maybe you should go back


I am a full time single father of one child. I use to be employed by Don's performance corner and was fired for no good reason and have been battling for my unemployment which I am not having much success.

I have witnessed some of the shady work that Donald Reem had his employees do. I was even told to clean and paint junkyard transmissions to make them look like new that went into customers and some government vehicles. I do know that Donald Reems shady business ethics

lost business with the Dauphin county Sheriffs department, the postal service, and few other consumers.

I am trying to put a case togethert against Donald Reem and would like to hear from anyone who had any type of bad dealings with Don's Performance Corner in Harrisburg PA. I can be reach at escrowley@***.net, please leave message and a contact phone number.

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Washington, District Of Columbia

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