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You can help us to be independent team regularly receives offers to remove consumer reviews for money. We value consumer feedback and respect consumers' rights. We do not remove reviews for money, whether positive or negative to keep the integrity of our website. Please support us to help maintain our independence and integrity.

How Your Donations Are Used?

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Web server support and maintenance

We want to make sure that our platform is perfectly operational and fully accessible to all users. That’s why we always protect our servers from hacking. At the same time, we update our equipment and upgrade our software on a regular basis.

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Administration and management

We hire and train people who ensure that our platform is fully operational and reliable. These are developers, content moderators, sysadmins, legal specialists and other professionals that make. Thanks to these folks consumers can share their consumer experience.

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Recording video interviews with consumers

Our users can share their stories via video interviews which are then published on our YouTube channel. We record, assemble and disseminate videos where consumers talk about their unique experience. We give every customer deserved media coverage.

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Help Center support

We provide consumers with useful tips through our Help Center. These tips include suggestions on what to consider when purchasing various products and services, articles about consumer rights, scam alerts, solutions to common issues and much more.

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  • Make a donation.
  • Interact with companies using our platform.
  • Suggest other ways to help us.

We would like to say a big thank you here to those regular consumers who make a daily contribution with their complaints, reviews and questions.

What Will You Get in Return?

  • A place and community for fellow consumers.

  • A platform that defends consumers' rights to speak freely and express their opinions (even in the courts, if needed).

  • A resource of good quality data about different companies, products and services. Our platform is free from cherry-picking of reviews that very often happens on websites that companies own and control.

  • A collection of actionable customer insights, which can help you make purchase decisions and communicate with businesses more effectively.

  • A way to influence companies’ understanding of how their consumers think and feel, of what they need and want.

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To honor our supporters who have helped us financially as well as contributed to our platform with some content we created a Supporter badge to display on our platform.

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