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Worst Customer Service and Buying Experiance Ever!!!

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My husband and I decided to full time for 6 months while we saved up money to build a house. We looked for a camper for a long time and finally found what we wanted at Dodd RV. We set it up with Dodd RV to have it delivered to our land weeks before we were to move out of the house we were renting. They kept delaying the time and when we would call them no one could give us a firm answer as to when they would deliver the camper. It was coming down to the time we HAD to be out of the house we were renting. We finally got them to deliver it 3 days before we had to be out. We needed it to be put on a very small hill for us to be able to hook it up to sewage and electricity. The driver would not do it and said he was told by Dodd RV to just drop it off and not put it on the hill. We spent two nights in the Camper and the first rain happened. It flooded in the camper like a waterfall!! We discovered a really bad patch job was done. They sold us a leaking camper and tried to patch it up hoping we would not complain. We complained and after much haggling, they decided they would fix it. It took them 3 weeks to fix this. All the while we had to stay with family. After they fixed it we set up another time to have it delivered. They did not meet that time it took two more dates before they finally delivered it. Did they set it back on the hill that it needed to go on to hook up sewage and electricity...nope. The driver said again Dodd RV told him to just drop it off and not set it up on the hill. BAD BAD customer service!! I would stay far far away from Dodd RV unless you want to be treated like this. Once they have your money they could care less!
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Tax,tags,on the road out of state buyers beware

Purchased camper from salesmen Scott Huggins deal ways tax,tags,on the road over the phone for $20500.00 well we get there he talks us into giving him the deposit up front before we looked at the contract,then of course he gets my keys to hook the camper to the truck then they know they got you,well next step is the paper work done by Jamie the owner he's the type that does alot of talkin and does not listen anyway he changes the deal now the camper is $21500.00 keep in mind we drove 4 hours to get there ,my mistake I should have walked out then but we were excited and it was still a good deal ,also if your out of state be prepared to inspect and pay for that yourself when Scott and Jamie say tax,tags on the road price that's bull *** ,took them two months to tell us we had to pay for inspection they sent us temp tags and kept saying we are working on it,also told us they installed a new battery which was dated last year,Jamie even has his mechanic tell lies,last but not least when Jamie could not get us to buy the extended warranty he was pissed he ripped up the paper work never looked up as we walked out,no hand shake,or thank you any way watch out and don't make deals with Scott Huggins he won't stand by them.
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My husband and I had finally saved up money to buy a travel trailer, we were so excited. We went to Dodd RV in Newport News, VA. We got a great deal and very very happy with the sales staff. Well, the honeymoon ended shortly after. One year later the manufacturer of the trailer we purchased went bankrupt. And of course a major problem surfaced. The side wall of the trailer started delaminating after one year of ownership. We immediately contacted Dodd RV and brought it in two hours from where we lived. The service staff told us that they discovered a window had been cut too big and therefore every time it rained or was washed, water ran down that side wall causing the delamination. Then they told us it wouldn't be covered because the company that build it had filed bankruptcy. So they suggested going through our insurance company. I didn't think this was a good idea. I asked why wouldn't Dodd stand behind the product they sold me and fix it? They said because it's been a year and two months. What?? But wait, what about that expensive extended warranty that you convinced me I had to have? Oh, it won't cover this problem! Of course! They suggested I lie to my insurance company to pay to get it fixed. I wouldn't do it, I did call and ask for an adjustor to come out and check it out. The adjustor came out and agreed it was a manufacturer defect. This was in the beginning of May. The service dept then said they saw holes in the roof , maybe that was was caused the delamination, to send the adjustor back out. I called my insurance once again, the adjustor went out. The service tech who suggested wasn't going to be there that day, so I asked a few days in advance for someone that could show him the roof and what they saw to meet with him. Sure they said no problem. The adjustor went out, no one met him, he went on the roof and saw nothing. The trailer had now been there 3 weeks. We had a camping trip planned so we had to pick it up. They sealed the leaking window and we brought it back after our trip to have the fiberglass repaired...which by the way the delamination has now spread 4 feet because it's been a month. So we brought it back. Mind you we put down a significant amount of cash to purchase it you would think they would just pay for the repair so they could retain the customer. Now why would they go and do something like that? I don't know, maybe good business practice? Nope! Enter June...they have agreed to split the cost of the repair...which now cost thousands of dollars..for a 1 year old generous of them! They have now had the trailer for a total of 5 weeks. No work had been done except to seal the window. We have another trip planned in July, go up there pick it up and bring it back ...yet again...4 hours round trip. Enter August...they have taken the trailer apart...and find black mold. Of course! Again I suggest to them to make it right and stand by what they sold me and pay entirely for the repair. Not going to happen. At the end of August the side wall has been fixed and now we are on to waiting for a fiberglass estimate. 1 week, goes by ...2 weeks. We have our last trip of the summer planned. My husband was livid that he had to make another 4 hour trip totaling now 12 hours of driving back and forth before this was going to finally be fixed. 4 months and several thousands of dollars later it is finally repaired. It's funny how when you are buying something everyone is so nice and attentive. The minute you get your money it takes days sometimes weeks to hear back from anyone. You get a *** product that is now your problem...well I sold that problem after it was fixed and went down the street to another dealership. I got an awesome deal, and better yet I am still getting awesome service! So please, protect yourself and buy somewhere else! No one should have to spend 4 months and thousands of dollars on something they've owned for a year to have a problem fixed that wasn't even their fault!
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I will explain the story on this Max Sport travel trailer made by R Vision. This camper was purchased brand new from Dodd RV of the Peninsula.

It came with a one year warranty from the manufacturer (as most do). About 14 months after the owner had it, the camper was brought to Dodd RV because it had delamination on the sidewall and interior damage from water. (wall damage from water entering) R Vision did in fact go out of business after it was purchased. Dodd RV did stand behind all warranty work for any new RV that was purchased from Dodd RV that went out of business.

many top RV manufacturers did go out of business from 2009 to 2012. (even though Dodd RV did not have to as the factory warranty comes from the manufacturer, not the seller).

Upon inspection of the roof of the camper, voids (openings in the roof caulking) were discovered in various places on the roof of the camper and above the damage on the sidewall. Roof voids result in water entering an RV and the water travels and will cause major damage.

Roof maintenance is the responsibility of the owner and is not covered by any warranty or any extended warranty. If you own and rv or plan to buy one, you should inspect your roof at least every 90 days to look for voids and once a year do a roof treatment to it. RV owners need to inspect the roof every 90 days and fill voids if discovered. To make a long story short, Dodd RV paid 100% of the cost to repair this wall damage to make this camper like new again when there was no factory support.

This was around $5000 of "goodwill work" paid for by Dodd RV on this camper after it was out of warranty.

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I have documentation that the roof was in perfect shape, no voids or leaks. If you spend $20,000 on a product and in 14 months of ownership you find there was a manufacturer error causing costly repairs...

Do you think you as the consumer are responsible? That's ridiculous... Furthermore... The manufacturer was still in business and had been for over 20 years when I made the purchase...

So yes I did my research and even purchased out of pocket and extended warranty. Dodd RV came through after a lengthy battle and stepped up and did the right thing well after I wrote this review.

Why? Because it was the right thing to do.


Sounds like you did not do your homework or personal research on the brand of camper you purchased to begin with. And the dealer sold you the camper yes, but the manufacturer built it.

So you want a dealer who sells the RV to take a loss and waste time/money on a problem that occurred on the assembly line. Do you ask your car dealer to do that as well? How about Walmart, after a product you bought there fails or becomes useless after it runs out of warranty?

Yes, RVs are expensive, that is why no RV owner should make an on the spot purchase. Any potential RV owner should do extensive research on any brands that they are considering buying.

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Craig please read my response above to both comments


First Williamsburg is not 2 hours from Newport news, at the most 25 minutes. If you had delamination, Dodd RV also sells max guard to protect the paint...Dodd RV would also never tell a customer to lie to their insurance company to cover a loss, I know most of the people that work/have worked their and NO ONE would put their job on the line and ask a customer to lie. Get your story straight if you are going to tell one.

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We traveled back and forth from NC "first of all". The delamination was caused by a window being cut too big during the manufacturing process...furthermore I have documentation that my insurance agent came out twice and found nothing.

Bad things happen to good people all the time...this matter was resolved one year later after this review. Thank you Dodd RV.

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