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| map-marker El Cajon, California

My Account Number

I called and left a message. Hopefully someone will get back to me because I was trying to submit a payment to you. I noticed that a payment was debited from my checking account yesterday, I am unsure if that was the payment of which I was supposed to make today??
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Margaretmary Irz
map-marker Miami, Florida

Do not go through them

In this case the testing center in ft Lauderdale Florida e mailed fraudulent results however they used their name as the testing company so one will be just as guilty as the other. It's a sick
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Reason of review:
Fraudulent results

Preferred solution: Criminal charges

Sharmayne Fqd
map-marker Charlotte, North Carolina

Nicole is a horrible CSR

I was so excited to order a sister to sister dna test to see if we have the same father. I ordered and then I get an e-mail for dns solutions stating they are sending me a complete siblings test which is NOT what I ordered. When I called them, "Nicole" who claimed to be the Customer Service Manager got VERY indignant, stating they sent me the e-mail in error. I asked her to send me an email to that affect so that later, if they send the wrong stuff to me, I will have proof that I tried to resolve the issue. Nicole told me I "didn't have to talk like that and that if she will just cancel y order" WOW! All that because DNA Solutions is processing orders INCORRECTLY!
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  • Nicole
  • Your csr manager
Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered

map-marker Edinburgh, Scotland

False results

I requested a dna test to prove the father of my son and I got a call with no letter sayin the result was not a match. I no for a fact that who my sons father is. So for the past 3 years my son has now missed out on his birth father because this test was a fake or a dud test. I would like more info on this as I will be speaking to my lawyer tomorrow about this matter. If I hear no reply from yourselves I will be reporting this to the papers. As you have ruined my sons life so far.......
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Going through the exact same thing with these idiots my ex had 14 perfect matches tell him he isn't the dad but didn't figure on the fact my daughter has UPD so the other non matches are exact copies of my dna. Thanks alot for distroying my family next time ask for a mother to be tested to


I am having the exact same problem with this lab right now. They gave me a false negative. I will be speaking to a lawyer.


You ruined his life by sleeping around and not being responsible.TELL YOUR ATTORNEY THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do you work for dna solutions because that is the exact thing i was told by them


Yes the person does it is the exact same line they used on me. By the way DNA solutions congratulations I'll be seeing you in court had another 6 DNA tests done from company's around the world they all came back with the same results your results was wrong.


I used DNA solutions in Australia tell me my partner isn't the dad sorry DNA solutions 4 different companies have said your wrong and shouldn't be testing DNA I now have to spend more money to get a legal test done to prove my child is his to bad my child had tried to harm her self over your false test results


You obviously work for them. How can you sleep at night when your name is listed on so many false tests.

Your one company that will be shut down soon. Complaints go back more then 10 years but this time you got the right one to mess with.

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mastinomama R
map-marker Coquitlam, British Columbia

DNA solutions

I ordered the grandparent testing kit on March 16th. The company immediately took $375 US from my credit card and promised the kits would arrive in about 5 business days. Two weeks later I phoned them again and was told my kit was "being re-mailed". Another phone call and again I was told the kit was on it's way. At the last phone call I was told to just swab the people involved with q-tips and put them in an envelope. It is now over a month since this group took my money and has provided no service. Refund? Nope!
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I know this is an old compliant but I am having problems with this company. I would not recommend them if you want accurate results. With DNA solutions you will be throwing your money away.


okay so is dna solutions ..the main office they say in oklahoma just a scam? cause i just spent 350 on a dna test and they said it was negative..and i KNOW that it isnt..and i went to the bbb and i saw a d as well


Same thing happened to me!! Will be calling my credit card company too


Sent (August 23, 2010)my DNA cotton swab samples with my "sister's" to DNA SOlutions, USA and was told that the results will be sent to me by Mail (as I requested) in 10 business days. It has been three weeks and we still have not received anything in the mail.

I called them and over heard the guy shuffling through papers. He then told me that it was mail September 16, 2010. It is now September 23, 2010. He then, surprisingly told me the results were negative withour knowing if I was the person that had sent the samples.

I thought this was very unprofessional and did not trust what he just told me. Went on the Better Business Bureau's site and there they were with a rating of "D"!

They earned the rating because of reporting and advertising. Apparently they were also using the BBB's emblem on their site without permission.


Thank you for your very excellent suggestion! I have just spoken with my credit card company


Contact your credit card company, explain what happened and ask for the charges to be reversed.

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