Sydny Olv

Damages due to negligence

I had the misfortune of becoming acquainted with D&Js Towing, and their owner Shady Brady, on June 22 when I called AAA for a tow. D&Js neglected to chain my car, consequently it launched down my driveway, through my safety barrier and down a cliff where it struck and destroyed trees on my property. Luckily my husband, who was standing nearby was not struck, he certainly would have been killed! Since the time of this neglectful mistake it has been a nightmare trying to get a fair settlement for the damages to my property as well as my car. Please look at my photos; they illustrate the condition of my car prior to a D&Js tow and the condition after. Unless you are ready to scrap your car and deal with a dishonest *** dude, avoid this place. Tell your AAA dispatch not to send D&Js! Also, this man has entered my property without permission and invited local contractors to enter without my permission, unbeknownst to them! BEWARE of SHADY BRADY
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Reason of review:
Bad quality