I dont understand all of these negitive comments, its actually pretty sad that people feel the need to bash a very successful company, I have worked for a company like DJ Ent for a few years now and Im very happy with my pay, my co workers, and environment, i think people are just lazy and think that things shoud be handed to them you have to work hard in order to last in any successful company such as DJ, maybe the reason why most of you didnt last is because you didnt stay long enough to be able to make progress you have to be open minded and motivated. its pathetic that you sit here bashing something you were too lazy to take time to progress with.
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I was actually just there the other day for a service that I needed to have done and I too was very very happy coming and leaving. From the second I walked in, I was greeted by a very friendly and happy employee who provided me with excellent customer service, he was so friendly and attentive, ive yet to see such quality of service provided by many companies its actually very relieving to see such happy people!!

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DJ Ent in Concord, CA

In July I answered an add on craigslist offering "$2000/month to start, no experience necessarry." After a three weeks of working there I did not make $2000 as they promised, but I did receive $1600 in commission checks. So I guess that's almost $2000, but then again, I only worked 4 days/week for 3 weeks cause I had to go back to school. The whole experience was very educational. I learned a lot about marketing and how to deal with different ethnicities. The working environment was fun and professional. If you asked me "was it a good experience overall?" YES!! I always wondered how much money I would have made there if I was working full time for the whole month? My guess is A LOT more than $2000.
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Completely right I work there:)


DJ ENT Marketing INC is not a scam. You people who think its a scam don't know anything.

you worked there for 2 days. Its a sales job ***. I know people who make 5 grand a month there. Free trips to Vegas and other events.

They take care of you. Make enough sales they buy you a Rolex. DJ ENT Marketing INC is a remarkable business. Its just not for lazy people who don't want to work.

Go work for a fast food restaurant. Sales jobs are the most profitable careers around. How is it even a scam if all you did was take up space and didn't work. LOL.

You don't get paid for nothing. You work hard for you money.

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i just quit my job working for this sketchy company. if you see the ad for a factory outlet where you make 2000 a month, STAY AWAY! Th owner dan is a lying decieving man. ill try to explain how the scam works as clearly as possible. during training they lie to you saying you wil be working 6 days a week from 10:00-6:00. they also lie about he job. they say to make the 2000/mo., all you need to do is complete 60 demos a month. they say that as long as you show up six days a week, you are promised 60 demos a month. they lied straight to my face saying that someone will take care of setting up all the demos, all i have to do is go to the persons house and do the demo for them. i was fine with it sounded easy enough. well it turns out that no one sets up apointments for you, you have to go door to door for 12 hours a day trying to convince people to let you in there house so you can clean there carpet for free. they also said that all the people who have been working there for years, (the people in on this scam) just wear casual clothes because they kno what they are doing so they dont need to look professional. and all the new people, (the ones geting scammed) need to wear slacks and a tie because we dont kno what we are doing so we need to look like we know what we are dong. now since you need to go door to door trying to set these demos up by yourself, you can definately get some people to agree to let you do the demo, but looking like a salesman, no one wants you in there house because they know your gonna try and sell them something. this way, you are still running around advertising the product, but you cant set 60 demos by yourself loking like a salesman, so ultimately, dan doesnt need to pay you 2000 a month. now you just worked over 300 hours advertising this vacuum for free. now the people in on the scam wear casual clothes so that people dont think they are a salesman and they can get way more demos set up. and they make you work in the ghetto so that you ae dealing with people who dont have too much money, so of course they arent gonna buy it for 2795. when they say no to that offer, you call your boss and he immediatley knocks of 800-**** from the price. so now if you even sell it, he can pay as litle as commission as possible. than of course the people in on the scam go to nicer niegborhoods so that they can sell the vacuums and actually make some comission. so now your running around the ghetto advertising this *** for free, and if you sell one, dan makes all the money, not you. i also found it kind of funny that on the first day, he said if you dont like the job after a few days, (and he knows you wont like it cause he knows he lied to you about the job) just give it month and see after that. i thought he was just trying to tell us to give it a chance, but i later realized it was becuase he knows your not gona like the job, and you wont even notice that you arent gonna get paid *** until the end of the month comes around and you dont get any money. then you quit the job and dan goes on hiring a new round of people to do the same thing to. that is wy this ad is on craigslist 24/7 and they are always hiring. his company is based around lies and tricking unsuspecting people into doing free advertisement for this *** bag. *** you dan from dj enterprise. your fromer employee, taylor brandt
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Regardless if this is a scam, it is not cool to pressure people to come into their homes! It's a safety issue and I am not letting in someone I don't know.

I felt that it was incredibly pushy and even when I said no, the sales woman did not let up. Also, I am unsure of why they came to Las Vegas, but the phone number (and these posts) are from the East Bay, CA.


I recently got hired her. Along with my boyfriend and my friend/old employee.

During my interview he was staring a my *** (which were not revealing at all!!) and talking to me about I'm beautiful and perfect for the job. He was polite to my boyfriend until he asked of we were together. Then he began to be very rude to him criticizing how he hadn't been working for 5 months. In the end all 3 of us got hired.

Myfriend missed her first day due to her daughters pneumonia. He said it would be ok of she came back the next day but to ask him questions about the previous day in private with him. During the class she asked one question: How much does it cost? I answered $2,995.

He yelled at both of us, took us to a private "conference room" where he began to yell louder and degrade us. He was ranting about him keeping his personal life private and how dare we interrupt the class. The entire class could here every word down the hall and thru closed doors. Needless to say we stormed out and quit after such disrespect.

My bf still works there but has has the flu for a little over a week.

So I'm assuming he's not going to get paid for the work he will be doing the rest of the month. And by the way now the names are PJ/Pasha (owner Persian guy) & Mark (side short white crook #2)


First lets make this clear, I'm not interested in BIG WOMEN so don't flatter yourself thinking I'm staring at your whatever you called it>> LOL

2nd) why won't you just tell the truth? that you were in the parking lot in front of the business smoking pot on your 1st day of training??

blunt wrappers & all on the ground?? sending ur posse in the office wrecking like ***... wow taht's really professional.. did you tell them how you quit working at the post office because you use to litteraly cry for working a normal 8 hour shift???

lol lazy ppl always want to make money but not work...

3rd) your friend didn't call in she just didn't show up. & the whole reason why we went to the conferance room is because u guys were chit chatting & bsing, so when you got confronted OH IM STRESSED OUT??? lol

last thing how do you call in sick on your first day at the job??? if your really sivck are you going to say UMMM Im sick with flu so i need 10 days off ???

LMFAO so let me get this straight you want to call in 10 days when you haven't worked 1 day & you want to get paid???? typical lazy person, no wonder you havn't worked in 6 months & collecting the way you didn't storm out you three all got FIRED!!!!!!!





*** Kirbys i love em! just dont like workin for them haha.

them trip are hella hard to win but if you make it, than thats wassup, while i was there i enjoyed my time workin. it was hard but the people you meet there like taylor and ... sugabutta haha and all yall other *** ishella ***.

but besides that and goin hella places and just jokin around in the van and *** smokin hella cigs u kn0 the *** that happens behind the scenes that was fun but not getting paid after workin yo *** off a whole month in the blazin sun or in the rain thats not okay so im not hattin but i aint appreciatin either sincerly former employeee!!! Ellaine :grin


Well since everyone else seems like their 2 cents matters, I guess I'll put mine in.

First of all, Mr ............. I'll answer your question simply.

Why would a company like Kirby go out of their way to scam people? Hmmm.... tough question. Maybe cause they're *** everyone just like every other company out there?

One big headed *** bag on top of the company making lots of money while everyone else is getting raped by him. And plus, the kid or his mom or whoever it is has a point. They make you dress up in slacks and a button-up shirt with a tie to go sell $3000 vacuums? To poor people?

Sounds like a waste of time to me. And in my opinion, most sales positions, especially door to door sales positions, are worthless jobs unless you like lying through your teeth everyday.


Dum dum


DJ ENT Marketing INC is not a scam. You people who think its a scam don't know anything.

you worked there for 2 days. Its a sales job ***. I know people who make 5 grand a month there. Free trips to Vegas and other events.

They take care of you. Make enough sales they buy you a Rolex. DJ ENT Marketing INC is a remarkable business. Its just not for lazy people who don't want to work.

Go work for a fast food restaurant. Sales jobs are the most profitable careers around. How is it even a scam if all you did was take up space and didn't work. LOL.

You don't get paid for nothing. You work hard for you money.


Ok, I also was with the company when this kid was working, you showed up 3 days after training and quit, and had your mother call in to demand $500, who is Scamming Who?

Taylor didn’t write this, His mother did, She Never Worked Here!

Maricela, what’s your real name, or are you just posting to be a part of something? I bet you showed up for work on Monday after training and Assumed you knew everything so you never came back, sorry your first day you didn't see sales. If you actually got off paying only $100 then you’re a thief, and so is your mother. Probably stole that Kirby from a hard working person. I mean this is the person telling others not to work with positive, motivated people? How did Dan rip you off if you never worked more than a day? If someone is sarcastic with you, you might have a poor attitude? Whens The Last time You Had It Checked? TooSmart to have a job? People, look at the comments of our actual representative. All Positive. Scam Artist's My Foot.

Ask Anyone That Owns One!


The product is amazing. The owner FYI who's name is now "PJ/Pasha" is not meeting the standards of the product.

Whether want to admit it or not this is a scam because there are specific terms which he can control to make it so the employee does not receive any compensation for their time worked. That is a SCAM! The people who show up and do what they are asked, still get placed in situations preventing them from meetin "quota" and they never get paid. It's a scam!!

Suk it Tf ip and try running a respectable business and you wouldn't have everyone who's had the horror of doing business with you, putting the horrible truth about you onthe internet! And by the way! Only scams are online everyday with wording that literally has nothing to do with the actual position. I called about bing a "RECEPTIONIST"!

This is not a receptionist job. Sorry boo but you're bullshiit

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Sold a Kirby vaccum cleaner that we did not want

These people at DJ Enterprises in Concord Ca. just sold a vacuum to my daughter, a stay at home mom with two kids. THEY WOULD NOT LEAVE, even though they were asked several times. HIGH PRESSURE SALES, (Typical of KIRBY, we've all seen them. Then they don't have a phone number, just a fax answering calls. I wish they were close enough to get the Obama treatment, because something needs kicking there. I left a review with them to call me at home, so we can get the order cancelled. I will never recommend them or Kirby, we have a Kirby here, that sits in the closet next to the Hoover we regularly use. Lousy company, no service, no phone, pool or bets, just kings of the road!!!!
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Just send them a certified letter and if they don't come by within the 20 days allowed them then keep the Kirby and they can't do nothing :grin :grin :grin :grin ! Its not Kirby its the independent reps that sell Kirbys.

Go to and lodge a complaint with the manufacturer. Unfortunately Kirby is a great company and a great product but there are bad apples in all companies. You have rights and should exercise them!

Its the only way to protect yourself.


To Uncle Pat the reason why we are so pushy and forceful is we are out on the road for easy 9 hours a day and we dont get paid if we dont sell somthing.. i understand u being mad about your daughter being "preasured" into buying one but would you like to work over 9 hours a day all week for free??

the trick to get them to go away is just say I HAVE HORRIBLE CREDIT!!

its like kryptonite!! booya


I worked for that office in Concord for about a month and I sold about 7 kirbys all for about 2400 a peice ... and since I was starting out i was told i get 50% of anything i sell over 1400...

so if my bad math is correct that means i should get around $500 ... so $500 X 7 = $3500 ... right? well tell me why even though I put in WELL over and some would call SLAVE HOURS I was only payed $50 dollars off each one of my sales just because the poor people who ( i feel bad) I conviced to buy one of these over priced machines had low credit scores and i get punished?

What is up with that? and also .. Seeing as when i was there i was the only person with a Valid Drivers license and had to drive everyone around in the van(Which beats walkin the streets) but i only got payed $100 for a week of driving???

Its just pathetic... good riddens Kirby go Sap someone elses life away


No Statements on this were actually made by anyone working with our Office, until now; I agree with some of them (Fake "DJ"). I'm Confused by this "Scrooge" comment, aren’t we all trying to make a successful life?

Shouldn't we all have a little money motivation? What do you work for? What Charity's do you donate too? The Scam is people that buy things and don't pay for them.

Yes, some of us do have degrees, congratulations by the way! I am happy she feels it was resolved. Whoever called you dumb ("OMG YOU ARE SO DUMB!") obviously isn't clear with our policies either, I don't think either of you are dumb, she signed the paperwork. So I am not sure how she didn't want it?

;) Mericela, your posts were probably removed by the webmaster for spam/obscene remarks. Wrong # mike. =) These kids work hard for their Commission & Bonus's, why try to make them pay for your Kirby, $900? Ridiculous.

By the way, if any of you did work with us, I’m sorry you didn't reach the dream.

Try coming to work more than once.

Happy I can get a chance to respond a year later! No I don't own the place; I'm just an actual Kirby Rep that likes what they do.


Oh and by the way, while you are so busy putting me and my daughter down calling us names, we did get our money back. So apparently you are the ones that are dumb and idiots, that is the names you called us.

But I still stand by original comment that you guys are crooks, and every negitve comment on here I am sure has come from DJ enterprises.

I am sure my daughter is a lot smarter than any one of you guys there. She has a college degree do you?


Yes, I am finding it very interesting that the negative comments for DJ enterprises disappear and the positive for them apparently are from them. They are scam artist.

I have been through their high pressure sales myself. They are nothing but crooks, so don't work for them or buy from them.

My brother dated a kirby sales person and as soon as my mother bought a vaccuum from them she dumped him. They will go to any lengths to get a sell.


It's unfortunate when people honestly believe that they were forced to buy something. If she reaaaalllyy didn't want it and feels like its unaffordable than why did your daughter buy it?

Something in that moment of time impulses HER to pick up a pen and sign a contract. Our reps here are young and very low pressure. NOTE TO READERS: if for any reason you are unsure about purchasing this machine, just don't.

We'd rather save the trouble now than having to go online and read posts like this. :p


Its funny how Dj enterprise was good at removing my post!!! nothing but bad stuff to say about this company! dont buy a kirby from them and dont work there just keeping it short and sweet this time!


i worked there and if you want a kirby don't pay more than 900 dollars for one. they start at 2795 and befor thay walk out the front door they make you a last offer of 900 dollars.


If they suck! I'd rather leave you with your pigstye of a house than let you buy it for $900!

I'd rather go to someone's house that cares and wants it! Horrible salespeople sell on price and good ones sell them much higher and make a good living doing it!

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