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Ditech is absolutely hands down the worst customer service I've ever dealt with. The "representatives" that answer the calls are the most untrained employees ever. They don't even know what escrow is and they work for a mortgage company! I get frustrated, hang up, call back and I get another rep that is dumber than the previous one! Unbelievable that this company is still around. I refinanced and got away from Ditech thank god!.. but not the...
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My loan was sold from Greentree to Ditech after a divorce. Trying to refinance a home due to divorce and having more financial burden than I should, I became late on 1 payment. They were calling me all hours of the day, talking nasty to me, acting like I am a criminal. Reps are pushy and rude. They even call me from different numbers because I started avoiding their calls and then would transfer me to my account rep. My account rep told me to...
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Anonymous File a complaint with I filed a complaint because they are not crediting my account. They have charged me an extra 30-40 dollars per month for...

House sustained significant damage from a hail storm. Homeowners insurance sent a check for $13K+ made out to me & Di Tech. Mailed endorsed check & required documentation on 9/25/15, have since found that it is noted as being received on 9/28/15. Was supposed to receive 50% of $ in a check made out to me & contractor within 7 - 10 days. It is now 10/21 (23 days since they received package) and the claim is still being...
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Anonymous I had a fire at a rental property and sent a $25k check from insurance company, certified, with all the required documentation to Ditech. The package was signed for on 10/6/1...

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