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Ripped off by a judge

BEWARE OF JUDGE DOROTHY WILSON and the DISTRICT COURT OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE COUNTY I suggest that before having your case tried before this judge, read my following letter to the administrative Judge Wilson, who of course did nothing. There appears to be no accountability for unethical conduct for judges in Baltimore County. Your case will be decided at the whim of the judge. They could care less about justice. If possible, take your case to another court. These are awful judges and awful people. Pion failed to address my complaint, and ignored my evidence. He refused to answer any questions. This is just another example of an arrogant judge not providing justice. Wilson failed to acknowledge that Pion ignored my evidence. She could care less. Two awful judges and awful people! ANTHONY RAYMOND 973 Circle Drive Baltimore, Maryland 21227 (410) 247-**** traymond51@***.com ________________________________________________________________________ November 22, 2020 Judge Dorothy Wilson Administrative Judge District Court of Maryland for Baltimore County 120 East Chesapeake Avenue Towson, MD 21286 Case Number#: D08 CV2000**** Anthony Raymond, Jr. v. Tanglewood Road, LLC COMPLAINT ABOUT JUDGE KEITH PION Dear Honorable Judge Wilson: This letter shall serve as my complaint about my treatment by Judge Keith Pion. My case involved my payment to and work not completed by Joseph Shryock and Tanglewood Road, LLC. There were two issues. The main issue was the bathroom heater not repaired properly. The secondary issue involved his not finishing the doorbell repair. This year I got the doorbell repaired for $100. Consequently most of the $275 paid to Shryock was for the heater. Judge Pion stated that I could not prove the defendant promised to return and fix the doorbell. I asked him, Can I ask a question. He said I wont answer any questions from you and walked off of the bench. I wanted to ask him why he did not consider or address the issue of the heater. I presented to Judge Pion photographs of the doorbell which Shryock left in disrepair. I provided documentations by other contractors indicating the heater did not work and needed repair. I provided a copy of the check and my bank statement clearly indicated my check paid for services not rendered. Other letters from two agencies and Home Depot and Pro Referral were also included. Apparently not only were all of this evidence ignored, but I couldnt even get an explanation from him. Nobody likes to be scammed. My tax dollars should ensure that I receive justice and a fair trial. I believe that I should be entitled to ask a question from a Baltimore County judge. In our judicial system he and your District Court should be part of the solution. Instead, he is part of the problem. He should try dealing with people with integrity and ethics. Its pitiful the way he has treated me. I hope that you take measure to address this situation, and ensure that others dont waste their time and money in your court trying to have their case addressed properly. I am very disappointed as well as outraged by my treatment. Please have the court, or more appropriately Judge Pion refund my wasted court fees to include my process service fees. Sincerely, Anthony Raymond
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