Disney California Adventure - Disney Junior Show Staff handles toddlers rough
Very disturbing incident at the Disney junior show today at 12:30. A little boy ran up to the stage, I'd say he was about 4 years old, and rather than being stopped before getting to the top of the stairs he made it to the very top where a disney employee dragged him...
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Anonymous Disney is big corporation that. Hires. Many. . They should have control and training.. There are many customers but the mother should have control. And. what. should the ou...


Anonymous Sounds like the kid should have been on a leash.

Hello, I wanted to report an employee at the swing ride at California Adventure Park. Her name was Ellen and she treated my 4 year old son with such disrespect and made him cry. He was super excite to ride that ride. He is 41inches tall. I have doctor documentation. He...
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I liked
  • Birthday button for my 4 year old son
  • Most employees made son feel amazing except 1
  • Day 1 at disneyland
I didn't like
  • Abuse
  • Making son cry
  • Touching my son
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Short Review for December 24, 2016, Other

Got food virus, got sick had the pork sandwich , went to the Dr missed work for 5 days, need to do something about this or I will file a bigger complain