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I have shopped at this mall multiple times and have never had a problem. I'm not one to complain but the way my brother and I were treated on March 19th was unprofessional and absurd. While visiting this mall with my brother the security guards stopped us because my brothers pants were "too low". He had basketball shorts on underneath his jeans so it shouldn't have been a big deal to begin with; however, we did not make a big deal. My brother agreed to pull his pants up, and did so. We then tired to continue shopping but the security guard was following us around, watching our every move, and making our shopping experience VERY uncomfortable. We felt violated. The guard continued to harassing us about a non-existent dress code violation even AFTER the pants were pulled up to the waist. We were given a card that explained the rules of the mall. NOWHERE ON IT did it say they had a ban on the sagging of pants. In addition, nowhere posted on the outside of the establishment did it say "no sagging pants". When I brought this issue up to the guard, he refused to listen and kept harassing us. After the 3rd harassment, I voiced my opinion on the ridiculousness of the situation (I said, "Okay then, we'll leave. This is so ignorant."). I did NOT cuss, did NOT threaten, did NOT raise my voice. We then started heading towards the nearest exit. Yet again, we were followed like criminals to the door. Before we made it even 200 feet we were harassed AGAIN and the guard tried to make me go to their "back room" to see their supervisor. I refused. I know my right and I did not violate any mall policies. I was NOT violent or dangerous (I'm pregnant and 105lbs for Christs sake!), and I did not cause a scene. None of the other shoppers even knew what was going on! The request for this was not only inappropriate but HARASSMENT at it's finest. We continued towards the exit, and they continued to follow us outside and through the parking lot. We had to walk halfway around the mall to the parking lot our car was in. They told us we needed to "run or be arrested". I am 3 months pregnant, I can't RUN to my car in 85 degree weather. It was not only dangerous to me but also to my unborn child. As we turned the last corner to make our way to the parking lot where my car was parked, a security guard driving WAY too fast (at least 25 mph), took the corner WAY too far and nearly ran us over! We almost nearly had to dodge the car to get out of the way! I could not believe what was happening. The guard, again, told us to leave the property or be arrested. I thought this was excessive, and besides, we can't leave without our vehicle. We complied with everything they said and they STILL harassed us. The whole experience was just appalling! I have visited this mall plenty of times and never had an issue of this magnitude before. In fact, I have never been treated so poorly by anyone in my LIFE! I absolutely could not believe that they were allowed to treat innocent people this way! We got in our car and left, as every security guard on duty watched us leave. I sent in a formal complaint to the management of this establishment. Being related to a retired district attorney, I told him about the issue and he said that, in deed, we were being HARASSED. I did not want to threaten a lawsuit but I could not get over how dangerous that situation became to myself and my unborn baby. When I sent in my complaint I not only pointed out their rules to them, but told them that they need to CLEARLY post signs if they do not want customers with sagging pants. Again, THERE WERE NO SIGNS POSTING THIS ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING! I also told them that we would drop the lawsuit if they agreed to send us a formal apology. I have yet to receive an answer. I plan on going back in 15 days to file my complaint in person so HOPEFULLY I don't have to escalate this situation any further. I do NOT want to file a lawsuit, it wastes my time and energy; however, I will not let this go unnoticed. I do not want any other shoppers to go through the experience I had to go through this afternoon. The actions shown by the guards was inappropriate, unprofessional, dangerous, and offensive. We were treated as if we were criminals because of a pair of PANTS! I would NOT recommend shopping at this mall, for this reason. The security guards are obviously NOT screened and are NOT professional or trained. They don't even know the mall rules! I DO believe we were specifically targeted because of our appearance (we look like teenagers but are in our mid 20's) and this will NOT go unpunished. You absolutely cannot treat people this way. This mall has a responsibility to it's shoppers to provide a pleasurable shopping experience. This was far less than pleasurable, it was DANGEROUS and HORRIBLE! Harassment is never okay.
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:cry :cry :cry :cry :? :?



WOW, sounds like you (think) you know what your talking about, its funny how people like yourself dont realize what "private property" is .. maybe you should ask your district attorney relative, lol they could tell you leave because they dont like your make up, or your weave, or your shoes, hair color, get the point?, also the rules are posted at every entrance.

its clearly says " these policies can be modified at any point without notice",also in georgia its public indecency if your underwear can be seen.

I.E sagging.and keep in mind Discover mills has hundreds of ptz cameras covering every inch of the property, so im sure they had a reason to keep watching you, AND ON VIDEO, GOOD VIDEO, also simon owns that mall and im sure they have a FLEET of lawyers, good luck with the suit, too bad when you lose they will be suing you for the time wasted and lawyer fees,and lastly, allied barton is the contract with them, and im sure by looking at their record online they have plenty of training, AND FINALLY, IVE BBEN GOING TO THAT MALL FOR YEARS AND IT SEEMS LIKE THE SAME PEOPLE HAVE BEEN WORKING SECURITY THERE FOR EVER, so im sure they know what they are doing. your sad and pathetic, and maybe you need to see, your whole story sounds like a cry for help, alot of "harrassment" thrown out there, when maybe your the problem, "point the finger, three more point at you..AND I DONT WANT MY KID TO SEE SOME KIDS UNDERWEAR WALKING AROUND IN PUBLIC AND THINK ITS OKAY, MAYBE YOU SHOULD FEEL THE SAME BEING PREGNANT AND ALL..GROW UP.


I agree, saggy pants are not acceptable, but once the pants were pulled up, the people should have been left alone. The excessive "attention" they were given definitely sounds like harrassment and even dangerous! I don't like suit-happy people, but in this case, it sounds like it may be justified!


Neither are saggy pants ok you crybaby ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry :cry

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