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This training is about working on yourself. If you not help yourself, you cannot help others was the best thing I ever did.
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Cain Dwz

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Discover Leadership Training Program Review

Discover Leadership out of Houston, TX destroyed my marriage in a matter of a month. My soon to be ex wife and her mother and father fell for this ludicris program..

4 days of sleep deprivation and $5,000 later all I get is "it's hard to explain, you just have to go and experience it." Married 9 years she tells me she files for divorce on the way out the door to our anniversary dinner. 3 weeks home from this she moved in with mom and dad and never thought about turning around and coming back home.. They have made my life a living *** cause I chose not to attend and that kind of money for what? Leadership?

Leadership is obtained observeing other leaders and using that info and Using it.. Leadership is free and when she got home she says "yeah I got nominated as best hugger." I'm like why are you touching people if your down there for leadership? It's amazing what these programs due to people, families, and friends.. I have figured that if you are insecure or vulnerable, to stay away from these so called "self-improving""better your life" classes..

The deception these people live in is just amazing and there is absolutely nothing you can do because they have to recognize the issues for themselves and then admit that it is wrong. And I have experienced that my wife will absolutely treat me with no respect and argue about everything, but around friends and out in public put on a smile and act like everything's ok. It's like she was reborn, she tells me that she wants to keep all wedding photos and things that we've done in the past that made memories.. Kind of sick if you ask me..

She recently told me that she couldn't pick the dog up this week cause of appointments all week(dogs been with me for 6 month) and that's what she supposedly care s about so much that this is what she wants in the divorce. Come to find out she in Vegas and, which is fine but the lies that are flat out in of tony of one face are the truth and non-existent her eyes. The lies, not being able to respond to questions and just her thought process is far from normal.. They live in a reality where it's them only and the decisions they make only effect them, the repercussion of them are ok, you will get thru it..

I warn everyone to avoid these money scams..

And avoid them cause when one returns home it is a living *** they put you thru just to act like everything is great. Thanks

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If you want to better yourself, self improve, step out of your comfort zone, then just go for for it. If I’m looking for change, to help people, to help myself, I should be able to just walk in to a place like list and ask for that guidance.

Not be referred by someone who has already attended.. After being recruited, paying thousands of dollars, it’s now time to power partner up, sleep deprive me, not let me call my loved ones at home or any other outside communication while attending, & begin to learn about my new family.. seems like a trap for the weak, the vulnerable, the ones always look for a “fix” in life.. my ex wife’s father was gung *** on this thing he signed up the whole family..

then when I chose not to go, 2 weeks after returning home she left, a divorce then occurred, and her whole side of the had it out for me, running me thru lawsuits, trying to take everything from me, because I chose not to attend. Not saying everyone goes thru the same, but the person she was before she left vs. her return was quite astonishing. Some people go pick out the garbage and some can’t, for some they get something out of it, and others they get the wrong thing.

is this considered to be an LGAT, I don’t see why not. Be aware of these groups.To become a better version of yourself, to improve yourself, there are other resources and avenues available to those that are wanting to do these things.

You shouldn’t have to be referred so you can get accepted to improve yourself. When you hear the famous line “I can’t explain it, but it’s amazing, you just have to go to experience it” be aware, it could be a turning point you do not see coming for the worse.

Zaxton Xfh
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I wish I had researched it before agreeing to attend “Discovery Leadership” training program near Houston TX at the recommendation nomination behest of my 5 years steady girlfriend at the time. I had previously attended “Landmark Forum” and not had an overall positive experience in the large group, also finding the lead instructor as notably hostile and confrontational (a repeating attendee confided to me that she was a very different style instructor and his previous seminar “wasn’t like ‘this”).

My girlfriend heralded that ‘her’ Discovery Leadership program “wasn’t like that”, and began to press me to attend Discover Leadership’s Training where she had graduated and even completed advance subsequent training and returned as a volunteer support role assistant in trainings. I’m constrained by cult-like secrecy and a non-disclosure I was required to sign about Mike Jones’ Discover Leadership Training course program—but I CAN reveal that I relievingly withdrew at the end of the first day of the 3 day program as soon as I was able to get back to the hotel late the first night. The training campus is held in an isolated rural Texas property 20 miles into the countryside and my transportation was under the ‘control’ of the program. The training I experienced was abusive, highly confrontational, and seemed intended to be psychologically shocking and destabilizing.

I was belittled, verbally attacked, put down, intentionally found fault with, told to “stop resisting”, literally screamed at like from a drill sargent, and required to scream at top of my lungs all communication myself as well, in return like it was a military boot camp. Participants screamed in my ears so harshly and in such close proximity that I resorted to wearing OSHA hearing ear protection ear plugs i had from my airport job—which action seemingly displeased the instructors and seemed to make me a heightened “target” to them. The program did not give a process justification, or share a reason for the abusive manner of treatment or intentional psychological stress—and also misleadingly did not disclose any outline or outlook that the subsequent two remaining days would be anything different than more of the same harsh abuse and screaming confrontation and psychological belittlement. I remember thinking “a concerning fear” that the taunting and personal attacks were bordering on provocation that had potential to elicit a “kinetic defense response” and I was very concerned as to if escalating provocation might literally result in my spending the night in a rural texas Bubba Sheriffs jail cell for physical battery or assault should the near constant provocations and psychological personal attacks be responded to with defensive kinetic response to break off the attacking I was being enduringly subjected to.

My result was to remove myself from the environment where I was being subjected to this abusive attacking and intentional shock belittling, etc. Later developments after my departure eventually resulted in the short demise of my 5 year romantic relationship because of the situation and incident. I went into professional therapeutic counseling for the PTSD I experienced in the Discover Leadership Course. The Psychologist, a man well experienced in supporting Native American sweat lodge and spirit journey “programs” was greatly concerned at the irresponsible act it was for Discover Leadership to create an intentional hostile psychological environment as the method of their program with intentions to “break down” participants, etc; without having the services or any realistic program “safeguards” of a psychologist either present, or monitoring on staff.

I was kept in the dark about program components or what to expect (a cult-like secrecy) and went entirely on granted inferred trust in the program based on the credibility of my trust of my relationship girlfriend (who was also paying the hefty $1000’s of dollars tuition cost). That trust was very quickly violated and broken by the program environment and instructors behaviors.

I refrained from pursuing recourse or exposure of my experience, out of shame tactics and shaming factors, psychological embarrassment, the threat of the nondisclosure agreement repercussions, and that the fiduciary transaction was that of my girlfriend (it was not MY money purchase). However; after the fact, several disclosures were discovered including some negative review accounts online of some other participants’ experiences, a disclosure of a participant that was so motivated to withdraw that he actually WALKED the 20 rural miles through the countryside back to the safety of the hotel, and a disclosure that the new CEO (of the large corporation that had originally sent my girlfriend through the program), after taking the training himself, announced a policy change that the corporation would no longer participate or send ANY more employees through this training.


I totally agree Cain. I just recently completed the class and its a joke.

I was skeptical the entire time. I had read up on the sexual misconduct allegation against Mike Jones. They definately do not practice what they preach. To me the class had very little leadership instructions and more self help.

Only the weak is lead and need leading. Leaders will rise up and do not need to pay for this chump.

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No doubt his moral compass is jacked up. He is a con artist and manipulator.

Uses his skills to take advantage of people and does not give a *** about the damage he causes. He will end up in court some day and hopefully gets taken to the cleaners.

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I am sincerely sorry to hear about your marriage. The trainers say over and over again...DO NOT MAKE ANY LIFE CHANGIING DECISIONS until several months after the training.

I have to say that I ignored this recommendation and I am glad that I did. It had directly the opposite effect on me...I proposed to my beautiful wife while we were in the middle of the Communicatioms Class together! (This was both of our second time attending a DiscoverU program) We had been dating for 10 years and living together for just about as long. It helped me recognize how lucky I was to have such a great love of my life and face the fear of marriage and commitment.

We have been happily married for 10 years now. I honestly believe in their program and use my experience with DiscoverU on a daily basis , still...10 years later. I have a tremendous amount of respect for DiscoverU and Mike Jones and have sent several employees to their program, with nothing but amazing results. I also plan to several of my current employees.

As with everything, you get what you put into it, so there are bound to be different outcomes. However, it has been my experience that DiscoverU is nothing but an incredible program that has helped many many people become the best that they can be.

I love sitting back and watching the graduates come into work and see their new found enthusiasm, positive outlook, and focus. I am sincerely sorry to hear of your experience, but I just can’t say enough good things about DiscoverU.

Secundino Lic
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Good Info!


It sounds like you need to go to the training. I'm a master graduate of this program and it definitely has changed my life and my Outlook on things and the ability to help others.

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