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I had a set of tires put on my Yukon on 9/1/16 at Discount Tire in Mcdonough, Ga. I discovered late that evening that 3 of my chrome rim lug nut covers were missing on the left front side. I called on Tues. morning (we went out of town for the wknd) & spoke with John. John apologized for the issue & told me to bring it by so it could be taken care of. I brought it by on Wed. 9/6/16 & Josh got all of the information for the lug nut covers to be...
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Check yr tires they put all tires a 30 lbs ( saposed to be 51lbs. Damaged my corvette several times now ( cruched jacking points on all 4 sides ) and put car on lift and crushed my catalic converter and whole bottom of car. When you call they argue with you and claim its damaged already. Had 3" tare and tare had cords hanging out in tire and refused to replace it and said it was fine, no damage inside he said. Had to call corprete to get tire...
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h.kitchener I don't suppose they hire Somali's to do the work, do they?

Discount tire in Lubbuck, TX put new tires and wheels on my car. While driving 65 mph to Houston, TX the tire and wheel feel off. My friend and I were in the car, we pulled to the side of the highway. I was one mile from Discount Tire in Conroe, TX. I had at my expense the car towed. After all DT areas coordinated the fiasco, the issue ended up at Corporate. They are antagonistic and careless. We are 39 days into this. I have proved their fault....
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I liked
  • Friendly manager lubbuck tx
  • Local offices trying to help
I didn't like
  • Corporate handling of major issue
  • Lack of care responsibility or concern