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Bad Experience With Discount Mattress In St. George, Utah

Update by user Apr 03, 2014

Cont. Although I was not present when he had explained the tag and warranty issue with my husband, I was informed that the store owner did try his best to work with the manufacturer/distributor to no avail.

With that, it is my desire to offer my apologies to The Discount Mattress Store and the owner for my inappropriate behavior.

Considering what I had heard he had tried to do for us in this situation, it was above and beyond the scope of his duties. I sincerely apologize for my rude and inappropriate behavior.

Update by user Apr 03, 2014

I am writing to retract my previous post about this company. At the time, I was very upset about the situation and not being able to at least return my mattress for an exchange.

Although I am not satisfied with the bed itself, it was my own fault for having removed the manufacturers tags which include the warranty information for the mattress. I completely over-reacted and took my frustrations out on the store owner.

Original review posted by user Apr 03, 2014
My husband and I went to a Discount Mattress store near our home to help our daughter get a new bed. We ended up all agreeing on a Restonic Geneva set and purchased two sets from them. One the day we went in and one the very next day. We had purchased these sets based on the one that was on display on the sales floor. We picked up the first set the day we bought it for our daughter and it was exactly like the one on the sales floor. The very next day, we bought a set for ourselves and picked it up right away. When we got it home and set it up and tried it out, we quickly discovered that it was not like the one on the sales floor at all or like our daughter's which we had just gotten the day before. When we spoke to the store manager about it, he told us to walk all over it and give it a few days. We gave it a few months and when it was only getting worse, we contacted the store manager again. He said he would exchange it for a new one if I would find the tags and read them to him. When I told him I could not find the tags so it was possible I had removed them and would need to get my husband to help me find them. He said find the tags and bring me a picture of them. I could not find the tags nor could my husband even though we had saved the tags with the receipt which we couldn't find either. I went and took pictures of my daughter's tags , took them to him and told him I had obviously removed the tags and couldn't find them so I had taken pictures of my daughter's tags that were the same as the tags I had removed and couldn't find. Please know that he had been rude and abrupt when I had spoken with him on the telephone, he kept cutting me off and interrupting me while I was trying to explain the problem we were having with the mattress we got, even going so far as to snort and exhale loudly to show his irritation and annoyance with me for even calling to complain and find a resolution. He was not listening to what I was saying at all so obviously didn't hear everything I said. When I went to show him the pictures of my daughter's tags, he did the same thing with the same results. When we went to make the actual exchange, he saw for himself that the tags were missing so he refused to make the exchange despite having previously promised to do so. He accused me of lying to him, breaking the law by removing the tags, and trying to cheat him. He gave us no documentation or information about our warranty and gave us no warnings of what actions or conditions would invalidate our warranty when we bought it. He gave us a receipt and that was all. So we had no idea that removing the tags from the mattress, which was our right as the final consumer, would invalidate our warranty. He accused me of cutting up the mattress, when the mattress is intact with no cuts, holes or stains on it. It just doesn't have the tags on it, which I had carefully removed so as not to cause damage to our mattress. He then refused to make the exchange of the mattress he gave us for the one we had bought in the first place. When I sent him an email to let him know I didn't appreciate being lied to, lied about and cheated out of the mattress I was supposed to have gotten in the first place, I told him that I would let everyone I know, everyone I speak with and everyone I meet in the future, know about my bad experience with him, his store and his bad business practices. I told him I would do this by every means available to me, which is my right to do, and that I would do everything in my power to shut him down and prevent him from ever hurting or cheating anyone ever again. I, needless to say, at that point, was still very angry with the way he had treated us and was venting that anger upon the person who had caused it, rather than on anyone else. I have since moved past it because he's not worthy of my time and attention and certainly not worthy of any more of my emotions. Once he received the email, he proceeded to harass me by calling me repeatedly, texting me repeatedly and emailing me repeatedly over the space of a half-hour. During that half-hour, he called me at least six times, which I didn't answer, texted me several times, at which point I asked him to leave me alone and not contact me again. Then he emailed me several times after that. In his emails he called me nasty names, threatened me, saying he'd sue me for libel and slander if I told anyone about my experience with him and his store or about his bad business practices. He was trying to frighten and intimidate me into being silent about his refusal to honor the warranty, keep his promise to exchange the mattress he gave us for the one we actually bought and about his failure to give us the warranty information and warnings in the first place. He accused me of lying to him about the mattress and the tags, of trying to cheat him and return a perfectly good mattress for a brand new one, when the mattress we were trying to exchange was not the same as the one we had bought and paid for in full in the first place. He said it was no different than trying to return clothes that had the tags removed. That, of course is utter nonsense. Clothes can be shoplifted so not accepting clothes for return without the original tags and a receipt makes sense. A mattress, however, cannot be shoplifted. So not having the tags shouldn't matter since it was to be sent back to the company for destruction anyway, as is the law with such returns of defective merchandise. He knew exactly where we bought it, when we bought it and how much we paid for it, as he had been the one who sold it to us in the first place. So for him to refuse to make the exchange by implying that we had shoplifted it, which is what he did when he compared it to clothes, was ridiculous and ***. It is my opinion that even if it had still had the tags on it he would have still found a reason not to honor our warranty and make the exchange. It's my opinion that this constitutes bait and switch, which is a very bad business practice, and which may even be illegal in some cases. Whether this bait and switch was deliberate or unintentional, I don't know and I don't care, because the end result is the same. I did not get what I paid for. I did not get good customer service and I did get threatened and harassed by the store manager, for expressing my displeasure at being so badly treated, which caused me to feel cheated. Which, by law, I have the right to do. So, based on his actions in this matter, it is my opinion, that the manager of this particular store, is dishonest, dishonorable and lacks integrity and no one should ever buy anything from his specific store. Those that choose to do so, must do so at their own risk.
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I'm writing this in defense of the store the lady is talking about because I bought a mattress from them that day (we have purchased 3 other sets from them for my children already) and they were very proffessional and are very very kind people.

I was in the store shopping for a bed the day this lady called. I remember him answering and remember listening to his side of the conversation and thinking "poor guy, she sounds crazy".

I was halfway across the room and could hear her shrieking- yes, shrieking- into the phone at him.

She was loud enough that I could hear some of what she was saying. He was attempting to answer some of her questions, but she just kept talking over him and shrieking more.

He was very polite, and told her he would help her out as much as he could. When he got off the phone, I asked him what that was about and he said it sounded like it could be a warranty issue, but that he was going to help her out.

When I got nervous about warranties on mattresses, he said not to worry, because any bed that comes with a warranty is backed by the manufacturer and the manufacturer usually handles them, but if a customer needed help he was more than happy to help.

Anyways, I got my mattress set and came back today to pick it up.

We chatted for a minute and I asked how the "crazy customer" had fared with her mattress. He politely said that it had not gone well, and when I pressed him for details he finally said that she had become unreasonable and was now posting negative reviews about him all over the internet because she had not gotten her way. So I found this one, and now here I am, writing a positive note about this great store. The manager is a very nice young man, and yes Crazy Lady- if you cut the tags off of your mattress you void your warranty.

That's why it says DO NOT REMOVE! It's people like you that ruin the good name of good businesses. I heard you shrieking on the phone; you need to take your meds! And to the good people at Discount Mattress, Thank You for another wonderful bed!

We will tell EVERYONE how GREAT you are!

Oh, and we have not removed ANY of our tags! ;-)


I'm glad to hear that you had a positive experience with your purchases at this store. I have as well.

However, I know for a fact that the lady in question is a nice lady, she is NOT crazy and I was with her when she originally called this store manager about the problem they were having. She did NOT screech at him and in fact, did not even raise her voice to him. As to who was interrupting whom, that is not really for you or me to say but as I couldn't help over-hearing, I heard the store manager repeatedly interrupt HER, while she was trying her best to explain the difficulties they were having with the mattress on the bed. I could hear him speaking over the top of HER and ignoring what she was trying to tell him, so it doesn't surprise me in the least that there was some missed communications there.

As far as the warranty issue, I know for a fact that he gave them no warranty documentation or information whatsoever for the bed that they purchased and no warnings about what actions would negate the warranty on the bed. So she had no idea that removing the tags would be a problem. After hearing how badly this situation ended up being, I did some research into the company that manufactured the bed that she ended up getting. I discovered, just as she did, that that particular manufacturer refuses to ever honor their warranties and that they manufacture inferior quality products.

They consistently receive bad reviews. At least, that's what all the reviews I read said. So even if she had not removed the tags, which it was her legal right to do, even if she had returned the bed in pristine condition, the manufacturer would still have refused to honor the warranty, because that is just what they do. Which is what all the reviews that she and I both read, said.

Besides, if you've ever bothered to even read one of those tags you'd see that they say, "Not to be removed, under penalty of law, EXCEPT BY CONSUMER". Which is exactly what she was. So attacking the poor lady for exercising her legal rights makes no sense. Attacking her personally also makes no sense, because she has the right to an opinion of her own and to share that opinion with others.

If she had a negative experience with this store, she has the right to review the store and share that experience, just as you did and there are people out there who appreciate having both sides of a story, so as to make a better judgment about it. As American citizens we all have the legal right of free speech and the legal right to have our own opinions. (Thank God!)As such, she has the right to have her own opinion and express it, just as you did or just as the store manager does. This would be a bad place to live if it weren't so.

Every American citizen has the right to their own opinion and even when you might not agree with it, they still have the right to have it and to share it with others. To attack someone for exercising their rights just doesn't make sense. As for your personal attacks on this lady, well, I think that says a lot about you. She did Not attack YOU, so you had no reason to attack her.

You are, however, entitled by law, to have your own opinion and I would never take that right away from YOU, just because you happen to disagree with MY opinion. She is a good woman who just happened to have had a bad experience with this particular store and this particular manager. It could have happened to anyone. Just because she got angry and upset with the way she was treated and the way it all turned out, possibly over-reacting to the stress of it all, doesn't make her "crazy" and it doesn't make her a bad person.

So treating her badly only reflects on the person who is doing it. Since this incident occurred, I know for a fact that she and her husband have been threatened and harassed by this "very nice young man" and so, I think, that says a lot about him too. I wish it had not happened, I care a great deal for all involved here but it did. They both need to just let it go now and move on.

It has caused them both too much trouble already. I wish peace and prosperity to all involved and hope they can move beyond it now. (Come on folks, just let it go already.)I know for a fact that all she wants is to be left alone now and live in peace. It is the manager that is dragging this on.

If he was really such a "very nice young man" he would do just that.

Leave the poor lady alone and move on with his life and allow her to do the same. Peace to you all.

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