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Non responsive!!!

Once they accepted my claim and got a hearing I called and left messages months before my hearing to update my doctors and perscriptions. Once I arrived qr my hearing my lawyer who wss contracted had none of the very important medical records I requested. Graciously the judge alowed a month for me to gather the records. This isn't my job. And once I called disability group they still requested the wrong records. I called the hospital and doctor to see if they had even requested them. And they didn't yet. It is now two weeks and I've been emailing and calling. If I could fire them so thwy didn't get a penny I would. The lawyer said disability group is going under so barely anyone is there to answer the phones. But that isn't my problem and I didn't hire them for me to do all the leg work
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Sally G Vzd
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Disability Group, Inc. is non responsive to questions

Updated by user Jul 02, 2012

My case is still pending and getting them to contact me is like trying to break your own arm.. so I would not recommend them if you want an attorney who keeps you informed.

Once again its been at least 3 months that they have contacted me and I was told every 4-6 weeks for up dates.

I sent them an email and no response again... run fast do not pass go or you will be waiting for ever!!

Original review Aug 02, 2011
Disability Group, Inc. I hired them to help me with my SSI claim. One reason I was interested in them was they kept in contact with me until I signed up with them. Then it was like pulling teeth to get a response and now I can not get them to answer any of my questions. I had even emailed them and told them I was going to be filing a complaint and still nothing. So I would not recommend anyone using this company to help them. You will be left in limbo with on one to help or answer any of your questions.
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I was wooed and was called to ask why I had not signed the contract for their services. I told them that I could not afford their fee should I not be awarded disability and they told me that was just a formality, that I would get back pay and everything would be okay.

I should have paid attention to that red-flag. They had Fed Ex come and pick up my signed contract then they dropped off the face of the earth. It is only through my diligence and hard work that I was awarded disability on appeal. Disability Group did not tell me that you were not eligible for back pay until 6 months had passed from your claim date.

They intentionally want to drag your case out at long as possible so you do have back pay so they can collect their fees. I was sent a statement for a whopping $500 plus tacked on administrative fees! :( You don't need a lawyer to file for disability. The Social Security Administration is glad to help you in your filing and you can call them directly to find out the status of your claim.

Don't fall into the same trap I did with this company.

I was totally duped. :cry


This is so true!! I used them and won only because I kept filing complaints with the BBB and even then it took them a month to contact me.

After 3 complaints to the BBB they assigned me to an attorney which we emailed back and forth.

Another problem is they assign you to a contact person which they never stay long and you get lost in limbo!!

They are awful the only reason I won is I did a lot of research asked a ton of question just before going to court!

They are great to contact you to get your business but then they forget about you, and really good to take your money and then bill you for more!! :(


Trying to find out how to file a complaint against them. I am fed up with them.

@Sally G Vzd

the firm is actually based out of los angeles california, if you really want to file a complaint you would contact the california state bar association and BBB.


You should file a bar complaint...seriously. I work there and you have no idea the level of incompetence that goes on. Do yourself a favor and fire them (us) if you haven't already.


Here at the Disability Group Inc., our goal is to help our client’s navigate the often lengthy Social Security disability process. Therefore, we have strict standards that all calls are returned within 24 to 48 hours and that every client gets a regularly scheduled update on the status of his or her claim. We regret any miscommunication in your case and we look forward to working with you on winning your claim.


That would be great if it were true but it is not!! I was a client and that never happened!!

Contact is hard to get from your company and I know that first hand! But you are quick to take the money and bill for more!!

So I guess your fast at something!! :( I am still thinking of filing a complaint and my case is finished!!


Your as incompetent at the company, I'm sure of it.

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