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I didn't sign up for direct energy I will not give someone that comes to my door my information, I have had my identity stolen before, today I find out some door to door person signed me up with out my permission and my bills have doubled, are they going to refund my money?

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I'm with you all the way work like a dog , lifting and stressed out from the poor neighbor, Boss's don't do their Job like Managing the store and departments ... Like fixing problems and broken equipment... I work The Deli, in Portland Or. SE area Steam shoots out of the pressure cooker in my face all daylong Think they care, Wait till I have 80%of my face burned. 4 years later same $13.00 dollars an hour Only favorites get raises ,also Union... Read more

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Never ever trust Direct Energy sales representatives, they're liars!! They will knock you at your door to sell their services and make unrealistic promise to fool you into their traps. It will charge you twice the price on your gas comparing to national grid, and it would still "promise" the gas price would be lower!! Ridiculous Company! And when you call to cancel it's service, it's still going to charge you another one or two months on their... Read more

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Caught them in a lie while they tried to get me to do phone verification. I believe they should be charged with criminal fraud when they say they represent your current service provider. They are lying about their identity directly for profit. If I did that at the local gas station or store I could easily walk out with free gas, or in handcuffs with a felony charge against me. If you have been scammed or know somebody that has it done to them... Read more

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I'm guilty of trusting Direct Energy Services LLC in Westerville, Ohio, my supplier of natural gas for my home in Cleveland. A few years ago I Got a knock on my door from their rep offering a great low rate, no commitments etc. so I said sure. My mistake was not keeping an eye on my bill. Somehow I was later put on a variable rather than the fixed plan. When I compared my rate $8.29 per McF to rates posted on their website of $3.99 per McF I had... Read more

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I was billed on budget billing every month since 6-2016 for $342.00 over several months the credit balance was not used toward the bill, so we amassed a credit of $1132.89. I have since canceled service with them, when i asked how this happened the lady on the phone said she was not sure. on top of it all i was charged service fees late fees and taxes on usage and money we should not have had to pay. i said to the lady on the phone that there... Read more

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Some third-party for direct energy signed us up for a long-term contract over the phone with a verbal contract. The only problem is they spoke to a low-level employee which had no authority to sign any contracts. Now they want many thousands of dollars in termination fees. Avoid them is my opinion!

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I am Venkatesh. Me and my wife moved to PA from CT 1.3yrs ago. After a month of moving, a sales man from Direct Energy came to our house when I wasnt even there at home. They said to my wife, like they spoke to my friends in next apartments. They just signed for this and you can also sign for this wonderful service, where you can pay very less (aprox $40 difference) from what you are paying. My wife initially said i am not at home please come... Read more

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Have tried to cancel Direct Energy service for three years. Every time I'd call, I'm told no problem we'll take care of it. Recently, I called again to cancel and was told I signed an agreement in April, which is when the current agreement would end. I stated that, "I would not sign an agreement for something I've tried to cancel for three years." I was then told they could cancel it but I'd be charged an early $104.00 cancellation fee. Then I... Read more

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I was a customer for a number of years, I always paid my bill on time, Most months it was approximately the same amount, About 4 months ago I received a bill for over 480 dollars. I called to complain. They told me they have not been charging me enough, I told them they are a dishonest company, A little more than a month later they sent me another bill for over 750 dollars. I called them to complain and they said they were not reading my meter... Read more

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