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Thought how bad can they be just trying to buy 60 plants an i live close to them. It was the worst i have ever been treated and was told order not worth their time Call and find out for yourself.

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I bought 5 of the 3-4 ft blueberrys from this company to see how they would do. They were not marked at all so I don't know which plant was which. There is still one that is living. I then went to North Carolina and bought beautiful plants for the same price and they were loaded with berrys and are doing quite well. Im looking forward to next springs crop. I bought 4 varieties and all are marked with tags so I knew how and where to plant them.... Read more

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I bought 5 of the $10 plants that were supposed to be mature plants. They arrived dried out and none were marked with variety so I had no idea which was which. I soaked them for 24 hours and then planted them. All but one died and I have no clue as to what that one is. I replaced them by buying in North Carolina for $10 and put them in the same ground. THey have grown almost a foot since spring. They were loaded with fruit when I bought them... Read more

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ordered blueberry bushes that was avertised ss nickel size i got pea size blueberries calked to complain this man was the on earth i would not advise anyone ti buy from this farm he is a *** and a samnmer stay far away from this farm Read more

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very bad customer services at this farm I came to purchase the bushes can't event spent five minutes to take a look because he won't let his Mexican worker tell me what kind blue berry I want he told the Mexican guys get back to work right away and not let me spend time to take a look at the bushes at all rushing me out the door and told me two bushes of berry I pay $50 is not worse for his employees spend five minutes with me to choose the... Read more

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I purchased 20 bushes from DiMeo. All were SUPPOSED to be "3 year-old, BIG BEARING-SIZE, Non-GMO, Naturally grown Blueberry bushes" of the 20 less than half survived despite all being cared for exactly the same. DiMeo's response. "That's your problem, not ours. We have no responsibility once they leave our farm". Nice way to do business. I had to call 4 times before I actually reached someone despite being told on the answering machine that my... Read more

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I have never been here but was fooled by the website and was planning to go. Thank you everyone for the reviews and thank goodness I saw them before I went! I do not live close to them and will be looking for a better place closer to me! I will not tolerate nastiness and an abusive business owner! Forget them!

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On 6/26/16 I went to DiMeo Farms to pick blueberries at $1.66/pint. This was my first and LAST time at this farm. I pick a LOTof berries at one time, (4-6 flats) and usually go to the pine barrens (North Branch Blueberries and others). I met Anthony DiMeo at his shed (the families old corn bin) and had a nice chat. He seemed like a good and honest man. I usually check the fields of places I go to see how heavily the plants are loaded before I... Read more

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I did a search for picking strawberries in South Jeresey and they came up first I called to see if it was seasonally the right time. The man was rude and condescending stressing the key word was Blueberry.. I will make sure I tell everyone I know not to visit Id buy from there..

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I called them asking if they had room in their parking lot to accommodate 40 plus people. I was told that for a group that large, they would require each person (even kids) to pick $20 worth or berries. I said ok, i would just need to talk to group. Owner started to mock me in my own voice saying that his fields weren't a playground for us to play school and 40 people at 3 pints a person was a waist of his time. he could have just told me... Read more

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