Bad attitude rude disgraceful worker

I had a very disturbing experience at dII deal and discounts a few months ago located at 8701 4 the ave bklyn ny were a worker an older guy was very rude and disgusting to me. By telling a random customer to ride my back and not follow social distancing rules. Along with many customers not wearing their mask. Then he proceeds to get into a verbal confrontation with me telling me if I don't like it to stay home.which is stupid because without customers like me who shop there every day (not anymore) they would not be in business. So I do not go to stores to be verbally abused and insulted by trash. So my advice to anyone is to pick your spots.
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  • Hard to find closeout products
  • Bad workers bad customer service nasty attitudes

User's recommendation: Go to a different store unless you like bad attitudes and dangerous situations and or people