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About 17 of us went to ***'s Last Resort 2211 Lamar, Dallas, TX to celebrate my niece birthday. The company was great, but the food was horrible, salty and cold, and sadly to say the service was even worse. When adressed service to the manager he could care less and I then understood why the service was bad. Both just collecting pay and not giving service. We even had to request server to give receipts and collect money. My money was never... Read more

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I've read several reviews & complaints about this establishment. Now i have a complaint about the company in general. My boyfriend worked at the Newport Ky location from the time they opened til the time tbe closed the doors on Oct.31st. I can't understand how they can just close the doors like that without a warning what so ever. The owner was in the store with these ppl the day b4 h said nothing! Yea they're offering unemployment but we all... Read more

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We went to Dicks tonight at Mall Of America Bloomington MN. The experience was awesome and our waiter Sean A. Was so funny we had the time of our life. Now if you can't handle the heat stay out of the kitchen because it is fun and if you mess with the bull you get the horns!!! Thats all ill say about that. The only thing I didn't like is a waitress on the way out the door insulted my eight year old daughter and that was truly unacceptable, the... Read more

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The Newport location has some great servers and I like their online marketing. But the managers there are rude, the one was rapping about girls on his *** and how he smokes *** all the time. The girl at the host stand was big and she should probably wear a shirt that fits.

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Worst customer service ever! Insulted by the waiter and then had straws thrown to us for our water. Left without even ordering anything. I guess the name speaks for itself. Read more

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My husband and I spent the day at the inner harbor in Baltimore, and thus looked like a laid back enough place to eat. Self seating is fine; however, we sat there for almost 15 minutes and no one even so much as acknowledged us for a drink let alone a food order. This was on the deck at the pier, ridiculous, and I also watched 3 other couples and families leave due to the lack of service! Perhaps they should consider seating people so they... Read more

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Don't use ur debit or credit cards there apparently they have employees who copy ur card and go on shopping sprees with ur number. I did not know that this was even possible but apparently they sell the card numbers and either the manager is in on it or is just not screening employees either he should b fired too. They ran up 600 dollar in charges in a place I have never even been too. I have a legal team looking into but be ware don't use any... Read more

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So i have been going to dicks all week long and tonight a drunk employee tried to start a fight with me he starts accuse me that i was yelling at him in front of his friends im like i have never seen you thas when he threatened to kill me so i day ok probably not your best judgment but the rest of the staff come out and i tell the manager hes out here trying to start a fight i have never seen this guy before never talked to him and im to the... Read more

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So This was quite an experience we have never experienced a resturant like this and we knew it was going to be rude But i have to Say Our waitress Peacock took it too far from telling my child to shut up too throwing our silverware and even trying to be some one nice at the end of dinner to get a hundred dollar tip Dont get me wrong i wanted the experience but i did not enjoy the food or our waitress to voulgur for me Wont be going... Read more

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Sarcasm or rudeness may be fun but there is a limit. We order our food and the food was served without spoon/forks. When I asked the waiter for the same, he then got couple of to go boxes! And says go home and eat your food. WTF I'm not here to get insulted by some fu#$ing waiter and pay for that S#$T?? If you really want fu#$ed up then go to this place. It's f'ed place. The waiter also a hard core racist. I don't understand why they... Read more

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