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*** Hannah Dealerships use Love and Trust propaganda to angle their scams. Subaru of America still hasn't offered anything more then a "We're so sorry...".

My second lease with Subaru. First of all, it was next to impossible to get any of the 5 dealerships in my Oregon/Washington border area to respond to work with me through email or anything else like they were supposed to. CARR worked with me (started to) but they didn't have a Premium Forester which is common inventory. I would've had to wait 2 months out or longer. I was leasing a 2016 Impreza Sport from when I worked at one of the Dealerships and because of my hip and back disabilities (chronic pain and fatigue) I was wanting to swap it for a 2018 Forester as it's larger and I sit UP. I was looking to start a new lease-to-buy as long as it wouldn't cost anything to turn in my Impreza. Long story short, I ended up at *** Hannah Subaru, found a sales associate I trusted there and everything was just great... going swimmingly. 2nd time I'd been there within about a week looking over vehicles and talking about upgrading. It was WELL KNOWN that the conditions for doing business and upgrading were based on it not costing anything to turn the Impreza in. My response every time: "Oh of course not... no..." So I agree the the ~$2600 figure leasing-to-buy. Wanted lower then $400 a month to lease initially and they knew that from the prior week; they even approached me like this. I actually went ahead and agreed to $399. So these amounts were all agreed to. I wanted to move it along and I was satisfied with the ultimate price. So after all of these repeat agreements on the contract and scurrying back and forth to the sales desk as well as having me move to a table closer to it, (front and center...) my trusted rep comes back with the contract for me to sign guides my eyes pointing down: "This is what you agreed to... (~$26K) and after you've purchased the vehicle down the road this is teh final price: $29K. I said: "That's odd..." He replies: "Oh that's Chase Bank's cut for financing..." I thought well that kind of sucks but ok. I had trusted this guy and worked with him in the past. Well turns out his Sales Managers put in 3K worth of fees concerning my Impreza as well as a TURN IN FEE and waited for me to be ready to sign on a different figure... had him come back with this thing, and guided me down it and blatantly lied to my face about what it was hoping I wouldn't re-check the contract. Which I did the following week because even though I trusted the guy (and even that level of deception is reaching... it's BOLD) I still was weird about that and pulled it back out to find all of that and even in disbelief that this happened I showed it to others who said: "no you're right they f-d you out of 3k; they lied to you like that...". At the very end they observed me and planned it meticulously and violated Subaru's customer relations policies. They go to ANY lengths and don't give a f@#$. Everything people say about this place is true. This is what happened to me. Don't trust Subaru's customer propaganda and customer relations policies because their rogue dealerships use it against you... even at insane levels like this. The guy even called me up because before I knew I gave him a perfect survey and he wished me a happy birthday and told me to ask him any questions I had... well I emailed him these concerns with a fat question mark and NO RESPONSE. Manager finally calls me when I start reviewing playing dumb like he has no idea what's going on. Bring all of this up and he ignores it then NO RESPONSE. Subaru of America has profusely apologized to my twice. It doesn't fix anything though. These people don't have souls. People like these and Subaru's advertising is a BAD COMBINATION especially to first time buyers, more virtuous types who believe it, older people and others of the like. These people are BOLD in their practices. And as far as I'm concerned until further notice, SOA condones their practices and backs them up because they have not really come to me with even a simple solution let alone condemned these practices. Which I can guarantee were recorded in the show room. My reviews almost weekly have a knack for dissapearing and I get mail stating: "I'ma business and cannot review concerning businesses on such-and-such site". So they're hard at work to scrub their HONEST reviews. So ya, avoid. Entirely. *** Hannah Subaru or Subaru in general, stay away.
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