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They are all scammers and liars. Any class action law suite? they deserve to be closed and jail time

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If you are asked to go to the update meeting don't go. It is basically another way for Diamond to ***. They basically tell you what you paid $20,000+ is no longer good unless you buy more points to upgrade and the upgrades are just a ploy you get nothing worth the amount they get. I cant wait to get away from Diamond. This was the last straw. Whatever you do don't sign up for the "Sampler Package to see the new features of your current... Read more

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In November I attended an owners meeting mainly to learn how to use my points. I stated that I was a recent widow and didn't know how to use my ownership. By the end I had purchased more points. After I returned home, I discovered that I was lied to and feel I was taken advantage of as a new widow. I am in way over my head. So very disappointed in their dishonesty. Huge loss of trust. If I had been privy to all the correct details, I would not... Read more

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Very unhappy with Diamond Resorts after paying $6000 in improvements maintenance fees have increased from $600 to $900 a year and no one will answer my complaint! Had anyone else experienced this problem?

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The last communication i had with DRI was ridiculous. I contacted the BBB in Vegas with an in depth explanation of my complaint. DRI sent a reply wanting me to pay them $1700 before they would consider my request. I responded appropriately and promptly. I advised them again I own the property deed. I owe nothing be maintenance fees for a couple of years which I will not pay because I have no intentions of ever using DRI again. Besides Bent Creek... Read more

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Promise the Sampler Package would allow us to vacation in a Diamond Resort in Virginia Beach . The Sampler was $2995 / 15000 pets supposed to be able to stay a full month in nicecresort . Turns out it is a hotel room for no more than 2 weeks ! I can stay in a hotel for much less at the top of season . Total misrepresentation. Do not do business with Diamond Resorts !!!

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First of all WHO OWNES Diamond Resorts International? I have asked for the present Management to call me. I have tried to give back my ownership to DRI for three years. The maintenance fees have skyrocketed and I refuse to pay extortion money to a rotten company. I was lied to by the former management company. The last time I booked with this organization, they charged me TWICE the fees and I had to sit through another sales meeting. They... Read more

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There Are terrible!! They take advantage of people by lying to them during their sales pitch. Once you are in they present you with various forms to sign. We are now trying to pay off our balance and practically made a much larger payment. Our interest charges are around $107 per month. When they revived our large payment for November 2016 they took that patient and instead of applying it directly they broke it down ina very Stengel way to... Read more

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I paid for my "membership" in full after being to lied to about surrendering the deed I held from MGV. When they sold to Diamond and the HOA dues went so high as to be impractical and I didn't pay them in time, I lost a $25,000 investment. Now, all I have to show for it is a piece of paper that says "Certificate of Ownership". This is theft. Please let me know if there is any action at this time to join in a class-action suit against MGV or... Read more

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