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Dr.Deuk is the best! I had ACDF on 3 levels by Dr. Deuk. The operation was in his surgery center in Suntree. I was in at 10am and home by 6:30 pm the same day. No more pain, numbness, etc. No post-op problems at all. I'm so glad my family doctor sent me to him and not to someone else. His staff and the other doctors are very kind and show a lot of patience. Everyone there is always very polite and respectful. Dr. Deuk runs a tight ship and...
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Anonymous This is a bogus review.

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This place has the best neurosurgeon in the world.I'm not just saying this but I know for a fact. I've had 7 surgeries on my back by a institute in Tampa. They wrecked my back up bad. No one would touch me. Dr Deuk did what no one Else would. And he fixed by back pain for good.When every other doctor wouldn't operate on me he took it upon himself to fix another surgeons mistake. Love Deuk and Deuk spine
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