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War Horse cross stitch picture kit

The thread numbers & design chart does not match up. There is 31 different color of threads but not 31 of designs symbols
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User's recommendation: I dont recommend this picture

Linda R Jxc

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I need a replacement pattern for kit 21722

My mother lost the pattern at the beginning of getting dementia. I need a replacement color guide so I can finish it.
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Anyeli Ert
map-marker Sacramento, California

Problem with product

I have a set of quilt blocks and the pattern shows two different colors, one said 335 in the front and 2806 on the back of the pattern. I would like to know which one to use. I am trying to contact someone but no one is answering my question or phone call.
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Lowe's Rebate

ON 8.07.13 I purchased a washer and dryer from Lowe's based on the information given to me by the sales person. I was told that the appliances qualified for a mail in rebate. After processing my rebate on line (in order to have an electronic footprint), I received what appeared to be an advertisement from Lowe's. I opened the correspondence to read that my rebate had been denied. I called the number listed and was informed that the rebate only applied to appliances over $399 (Washer $377.43-Dryer $377.40). At the time of purchase, the salesman informed me that the purchase total needed to be over $399. My total receipt was $870.92. From my perspective, the entire rebate process set up by Lowe's is designed to make it difficult for the average person to redeem advertised rebates, starting with the web-site****_ Really?! Don't forget the three underscores and the + in the very user friendly URL address or you may loose the opportunity to receive a cleverly disguised rejection letter in the form of just another piece of junk mail and if you have enough fortitude and actually pick up the phone to call, be placed on hold for five minutes and speak to a customer service rep. who could give a rats A--; you may find yourself spending precious time which could be spent actually generating revenue for your business instead of exacting the only form of justice which can be levied towards the big box stores and that is posting on web-sites like this. Lesson here, don't purchase based on rebates! My next stop in the Lowe's Rebate Labyrinth is a visit to the store manager. An endeavor which certainly will end in another example of how not to manage time effectively. But yea, what the ***, why not ride this wave of emotion gifted to me by the fine folks of Lowe's upper management?
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while it appears that the lowes associate did in fact drop the ball on this , you too did as you clearly state the appliances $$$ cost was below the $399. the discounts like that are like that at most big box retailers and it's not TOTAL $399 it's $399 per appliance hence why you were denied the rebate.

that being said if you don't get it in writing from them I feel bad but I doubt you'll get anywhere unless you bring it to the managers attention.

if he refuses to do anything.

calmly and politely tell them ok then you are just going to have to take it up with their corporate offices.

most big box retailers HATE corporate customer care calls like this which is why many will do anything to keep them from being placed in the first instance. I know from experience having been working for one for almost 10 years.


I'm having the same problem

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Art for Your Home Not Museums

Mar 7, 2022

Art at home can add a special touch to interior design. In this video interview with Leonid Afremov Studio, we talk about art and the world-known artist, Leonid Afremov. Learn more about the unique technique that makes his paintings so special and how the studio is still in business.

David Afremov
David Afremov

David Afremov is a co-founder of Leonid Afremov Studio, where you can order original oil paintings, canvas, and giclee from the world-renowned artist Leonid Afremov.