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Sold me a used car lemon and won't make it right

Don't ever buy a used car from Desert Sun Motors in Alamogordo!!! Three months ago I purchased a used car that turned out to be a real lemon: one headlight was out, the heater and air conditioner don't work, I rolled down a back window to get some air in the car and now the back window won't go back up, and now there is a ticking noise under the hood. I've made several attempts to get these items repaired and all I get is promises and/or excuses but no repairs. So I spoke directly with Desert Sun's owner, Bobby Martinez, and asked him to just take the car back and give me back my money - I've lost all confidence in the reliability of this and in their ability to keep their word and their ability to fix the car. Mr. Martinez told me he can't take the car back and refund my money because if he did, he'd have to take a loss. He would get the car back in the same condition it ws in when they sold it to me, and they could turn around and sell it again. And if he did take a loss, he could claim it as a business loss and write it off. I, on the other hand, am stuck with a broken piece of *** car that I can't even drive out ot town and no money to buy another car. I couldn't even sell this car to recoup my money. Talk about taking a loss . . . Apparently Desert Sun Motors only cares about making money and not about customer service or customer satisfation. I don't know about you all, but I work way too hard for my money to spend it at a company that has no regard what-so-ever for their customers!!
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map-marker Alamogordo, New Mexico

Replacement Part Warrenty

Had to replace a water pump on a 98 vette in 2007. Had work done through a GM dealer. In 2010, pump goes out and I take to another dealer. New dealer tells me they cannot honor lifetime replacement because it is not a GM part. Talked to the original dealer who tells me they are not one of the few dealers who honor that lifetime replacement part program yet they carry the GM and Goodwrench lable. How can a GM dealer who advertises Gm parts and the Goodwrench name install non GM parts and not tell the consumer as well as not honor GM's service warrenty programs
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As part of the franchise agreement between GM and it's franchised dealers, no GM dealer can use a Non GM part on a customers vehicle without consent AND it has to be clearmy identified on your bill. I wish I was at work, I would post the phrase we have to use.

I would call the GM number in your owners manual and complain. Not the dealership, GM customer service.

GM is very strict on this. Sorry that this happened to you, not all GM dealers do business this way and it is not GMs fault, it is the dealers.


Also, the Lifetime Service Guarantee (LSG) is the only GM warranty that is not required, it is elective. It is elective because although GM covers the part for life, the dealer absorbs the labor costs associated with the repair.

I believe it was designed to keep the customer coming back to the dealership. If it had a GM faulty pump a call to GM, not the dealership, could have cleared up the situation.

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