Jerry W Kqf
map-marker Evans, Georgia

Poor work product and refusal to repair

This company made repairs to my roof that to date has not resolve the original leaking issues. I called Mr Paul Francis on April 3, 2019 and left a message stating the roof was leaking. I received no response. I called again on April 10, 2019 from a different number and left a vague message. Mr Paul Francis call back right away this time. I told him my name and said that the work performed on the roof of my home was still leaking in some of the original places. We are now starting the renovations to the house. I can actually see daylight through the roof. He told me to take pictures and sent it to him. I asked that he come out to see the extent of the problem himself. That way he could get the best prospective of the situation. Mr Paul Francis said if they came out I would have to pay again. I asked about the warranty of service we were provided. He stated despite what we may have paid. We would be required to pay for a roof repair again. I stated we were given warranty paperwork. He told me to read it. One of the warranty paperwork states it is fifty years. I asked once again for him to just come out to see the issues. I then asked if his company had pulled a permit for the roof work. He stated if the city comes out and see them working, they would then go pull a permit. He said he could not say one way or the other if a permit was pulled for my roof repair. He then stated some people are just a problem and I was a problem. He told me I should contact his lawyer then hung-up the phone before providing his attorney's information.
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Reason of review:
Bad quality

Preferred solution: Price reduction