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Republicans (RNC) and the Democrats (DNC)

I am SICK AND TIRED & FED UP with the Republicans (RNC) and the Democrats (DNC), and here is why: • No action- all talk. If these ‘hired servants’ worked for a corporation, they would be fired instantly. They are destroying our nation. Our nation is dying. • Establishment elites: Elites (media and wealthy) controlling election process. We all feel it’s rigged. • Dynasty: Two families running the system for much of the past 35 years. • Murdering innocent children: We are killing babies (54 million in the past 30+ years) and no one cares. Government leaders stand by while organizations sell baby parts. It feels like a horror move, but its reality. Unbelievable! • 17 trillion in debt: Politicians are allowing our enemies to e own us. We are on the brink of financial disaster. • Failure: US Politicians apologizing for America as if we were the problem. • Negotiating useless agreements with terrorist nations that want to destroy us. Nations that go on record as wanting to destroy us. • Israel: Turning our back on Israel; our nation’s greatest friend, ever. We turned our back on a friend. • Socialism: Turning the greatest nation to ever exist in to a socialist country. America is dying. • Roman Empire, part deux: Our policies are ruining our country; we are in decay, just like the Late Roman Empire. We are on our last days unless we have an intervention. We need a leader and we need one quickly. • Too many Laws and red tape: Laws and legislation that tie the hand of the American entrepreneur. • American Dream is lost: Killing the dreams of many small business owners by making too many rules and laws that kill small business. It is my feeling that the Donald Trump phenomena (his Popularity) is due fact that a large majority of Americans are simply fed-up. They want an outsider that will change the status quo and shake things up. Americans are sick and tired of being sick and tired. It is time to fire the Career politicians that have ruined our country. We need a change. We need a leader with vision. I think Trump is that man. I think we need a man who will get results and do surgery on the broken bureaucracy we call America. We do not have much time left, this country is on the brink of financial and social disaster. This is a tipping point and we are close the edge of disaster. We need a Ronald Regan type, someone who will bring us hope, and ignite the passion and spirit of the American people. Donald Trump does not beat around the bush, he doesn’t kowtow to anyone. He is not a politically correct, ambiguous politician. He says what he means, and he does what he says. He is a driver, a go getter, ad a doer. He built a large real estate company in the most competitive city in the world. He is an elite business man who loves America. I believe he wants to save us from ruin. He is the medicine this country needs. The question is will the elite media sabotage him? Will the American people roll over and go back in to their comatose state of indecision? I liken America to a deer in the headlights, and there is an oncoming crash. I believe we need a leader that will truly do what is best for the country and is not afraid of making those really tough decisions America is on the operating table and we need an excellent physician. We have tired the establishment career politicians and look where that has put us. Ronald Reagan was an outsider. Ronald Reagan was hated by the media. Ronald Reagan was not afraid of his enemies. Ronald Reagan was put down, attacked and smeared, but he was arguably our best president ever. I think Donald Trump a man who could shake things up, change the status quo and get America back on its feet. I pray Trump gets in, because the alternative is really not good. Sincerely, A concerned American who love his country
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  • How they ruin teh greatest nation on earth
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Ruined our country

Democrats are destroying this country, I wish they would all move to a communist country.


Exactly, Trump 2016


Agree. People forget that the last 6.5years of job loss were landed right on top of the conservative middle class.

During the November elections, when we handed them the Senate, McConnell was in a fox documentary speaking with out of work Kentucky Coal Miners who had lost everything. They were in such ruin they needed to vote Democrat hoping to increase benefits but they bought into the lie again and he convinced them they would fight for their jobs. They didn't. We wont have another chance.

People had to give up beliefs for survival. We need to stand for them.

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