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After submitting bills for a check up and cleaning which they refused to pay I decided to cancel.After a verbal confirmation they kept billing my card. After submitting numerous emails and several calls Its finally cancelled. They managed to squeeze 2 more payments out of me. WORST COMPANY EVER. Make sure you ask alot of questions about the so called spend down. It means they dont pat ANYTHING until you not only pay your premiums but all the...
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I am with an orthodontic office and this will be the 10th time I have tried to get paid on an orthodontic claim we submitted 2 1/2 YEARS ago!! I get transferred at least twice that would be another 20 to 30 mins of my time! Every time I get all claims submitted to expedited VP approval. They have told me every time that they have all the information they need to have this claim paid. But after two years of calling we still have not been paid. I have dealt with insurance companies for 30 years and Delta Dental...
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I had to sign up again for Delta Dental in 2016 as they dropped the plan I had been on for several years (the current plan is more expensive with less coverage). I submitted my application three times and talked with several employees on the phone but I still didn't have coverage after three months. They finally gave my family coverage, and then in the next month, told my dentist that only I was insured and not my family (even though I had...
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Delta Dental Medical Claim Review

Delta stole a whole year premium. The wait period was completely ommitted. I just got stuck with a $2000.00 bill, for a cleaning!! The dentists are in on this too. Dont be fooled!!
The worst in paying claims!!! Have group insurance thru the California Teachers Union Plan. Claims mysteriously disappear despite Post Office and e mail verifications. Two claims took 18 months to collect. Delta did nothing until a television consumer advocate was involved. Then requests for additional verification beyond was was requested in prior or subsequent claims. Rude supervisors who talk to insured as if they were ***.
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Paid for 18 months and now Delta claims I have another 6 months to pay.Even if I don't use it. Where does it state it is a two year contract when you sign up. I submitted a letter to drop after 18 months. Deltal claims I have to pay for 6 more months. The dentist recommends a procedure but Delta won't pay because of their guide lines. For cleaning every six months -- should be twice a year. The dentist should know best what to do to save a...
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