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Since I've had this multi-thousand dollar computer, there has been a design flaw regarding putting USB 2.0 Cards in the PCI-Express slot. It disables my keyboard until I go into Windows, I have to unplug all my devices from the card before rebooting or Post does not...
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Anonymous Was asked if my issue was resolved. Nope! I did manage to change a power-setting so that my computer reboots without unhooking all the devices from the USB card. But, my ke...

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On August 14, 2015, I made my third purchase Dell XPS 8700. What a disappointment to make purchases with Dell in 2015 and even more disappointing with after-sales service. Let me explain: 1. 2015-08-14 Purchase the XPS 8700 on the site with choice of French Windows...
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I sent my Dell XPS 15Z laptop to repair memory issue at Dell repair depot Mississuaga , but they refused to repair and said that my laptop screen is broken which is very surprise to me as when I sent the laptop , screen was completely fine . They refused to fix the...
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Purchased a dell in sept 2013 which system crashed in May 2014. After numerous calls they finally agreed to replace the computer. In June 2014 I got a New computer from dell under the warranty. Today march 14 2015 it crashed . Won't boot up. After 3 hrs talking to...
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